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Main Street Marketing Machines Review

April 29, 2010

Jill here. Obviously, George and I haven’t had time to review the entire Main Street Marketing Machines program yet because it’s HUGE! But we got an email that they’re closing the doors Friday at midnight (Pacific), so we wanted to update you on what we’ve looked at so far so that you can make a decision if you’re on the fence. Look, I like to procrastinate as much as the next person, but do not wait until the last minute if you really want to get in on this and don’t want to wait months and months until it opens again. You’ll kick yourself if you forget and don’t get signed up.

This is what we’ve discovered so far. No offense to Local Business Money Machine, which has been a complete blessing this past year and really helped us get off the ground and headed in the right direction, but this is a MUCH better program. Of course, it’s about three times as expensive, so that’s something you’ll need to take into consideration. But, especially if you’re a “newbie”, this program breaks everything down into very manageable chunks. And the videos are incredibly professional (what else would you expect from the guys at Traffic Geyser) and even entertaining.

In fact, this program is broken down so well, that I am going to try my hand at some of the technical parts of it. I’m going to create a landing page myself and see whether someone who’s technically capable but completely unpracticed can do this. I won’t get it done in time to tell you the results before the program closes, but the fact that I’m willing to even TRY is a testimony to this program. Keep in mind that when I graduated from high school, I asked that my parents give me a typewriter instead of a computer, and I usually tell people that “I eat breakfast and talk to people, and George does all the work.” Perhaps I’ll no longer be able to say that ūüôā

What else have we discovered? We would have paid as much for the level of Traffic Geyser membership included as we paid for the entire Main Street Marketing program. So, even if you’re thinking about trying out Traffic Geyser, go this route instead. You’ll get not only the great video marketing training that Traffic Geyser includes but marketing materials for your new business; over 40 hours of video training by everyone from Mainstreet Marketing success stories (they really do tell you EXACTLY what they did to be successful, even role playing some of the client approach strategies they use) to Bill Glazer; planners; free report templates; fill in the blanks autoresponders… I really could go on and on.

Is this program for everyone? I would still say “no”. There are plenty of people who won’t implement the steps and won’t follow the program. If this is you (you know who you are), don’t buy this program. If you don’t like interacting with people, and you’re not willing to take on a partner who can handle the client interactions, this probably isn’t the program for you. I think, however, that it is appropriate for people with varying skill levels when it comes to internet marketing. You do need some degree of comfort with technology, in general. But if you’ve ever blogged at all or are comfortable with Facebook, then you should do fine.

Like Local Business Money machine, you’ll need some time to set aside for this. The Traffic Geyser trainings are pretty quick and easy. There are eight lessons in the Express Lane training. The longest lesson I’ve seen so far is about 15 minutes. Then there are assignments that go along with those, which I think will take a minimum of 30 minutes to a couple of hours. So, you’ll need around 15-20 hours, probably to get through those trainings. And then, of course, you’ll need to go through the Main Street Marketing steps. Plus, making the pages and acquiring your clients. In other words, don’t think you’re going to buy this and five minutes later start depositing checks in your bank account. But, really, if any of you HAVE discovered a system that works that way, you should contact George about writing for this blog because clearly you’ve found a way to make money grown on trees and a quick way to harvest it.

I do think that you should be able to get through enough training and start implementing the program and figure out whether it works within your 30 day trial. That is, of course, if you don’t wait until day 25 to get started. And that’s my recommendation to you. If you’re interested, buy the program. Work the program for the next 30 days (no excuses— just get busy). If you realize it’s not for you, there’s no way you’re going to do it, you haven’t even opened the files— for crying out loud, return the program! It’s risk free if you’ll just take that step if you aren’t using it.

So, in summary, are we abandoning Local Business Money Machine and switching to Main Street Marketing? No. We’ll do a hybrid of the two for our business model because we’re already making money with Local Business Money Machine. There is a lot of overlap in these two programs, as they both target Local Search marketing opportunities. However, there are some areas that are mentioned in less detail in Local Business Money Machine that we haven’t really pursued as much as we could have (including doing more direct marketing and, of course, video marketing). These are the areas where we’ll be using Main Street Marketing Machines. Do I think you can use Main Street Marketing Machines without Local Business Money Machine? Absolutely!! It’s a completely different model and will stand on it’s own with no problem.

So, take some time to think about it. Write down the pros and cons, where you want to be a year from now and whether your current path is going to get you there. Then, if you think this is a good match for you, buy it! I think you’ll be glad you did.

P.S. Oh, and if you have any questions about the program that you’d like answered before tomorrow, let us know. We’ll be checking comments for the next couple of days pretty regularly so that we can answer anything that will help you make a decision.

PPS. To get our Main Street Marketing Machines Bonus, please remember to use our affiliate link by clicking here. Then send an email to info @ mantywebdesigns .com with a copy of your receipt. Once we have verified that you purchased through our link we will contact you to set up a one hour phone consultation with us to answer any of your questions after you have used the program for at least 30 days. Also, we will follow that call up with an email to check on your progress.

Please, let us know if you have any questions about our Main Street Marketing Machines review.

Free Internet Marketing Videos

October 23, 2008

I just found out some very cool news…

Search Engine Journal ,in conjunction with Search & Social and TrafficBlend, announced the launch of, a site dedicated to multimedia for Internet Marketers.

If you are looking for free videos on Internet marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, and other topics that will help you make money online then go check out

It also looks like a great place for us Internet marketers to post our own videos to help promote our products and services for free. Essentially it’s a YouTube for Internet marketers.

I am going sign up for my free account now…

I’m Starting to Like Video

August 4, 2008

I must tell you, I’m really starting to like making digital videos. I’ve learned a lot about how to do this from, and if you have the money, you should look into taking the complete course there for yourself. The information is invaluable.

Once you know what you’re doing, making digital videos isn’t at all hard. Time-consuming, yes, but not hard. And while I’m not going to replace my other efforts with video, I’m most certainly going to start adding video marketing to promote my sites and projects now. They’re just plain fun, and with some work, effective besides.

Granted, making fancy and beautiful videos is more expensive than say, a viral ebook. However, getting what you need to do it isn’t so hard or costly as you might think. All sorts of stock clips, music, equipment and voiceovers are available, and it still won’t set you back thousands to get started unless you want to buy everything on the high end.

Just to warn you though. If you use stock footage, voiceovers, music, or other things of this sort in your videos, make sure you understand the extent of the licensing first.

So, what can you do with videos?

  • Drive traffic by putting them on YouTube. It’s within their Terms of Service to do this, as long as you meet the restrictions on things like copyrights.

  • Put them on top of your sales letter page to sell your products or services. You can see an example of this on the Butterfly Marketing web site.

  • Bundle how-to videos with your ebooks or software products! If you think demonstrating something is the best way to go, make a video manual and add value to your products that way.

Internet Marketing is trending towards video. While I’ve made sales and opt-ins without it, I’m certainly not going to overlook its potential now that I can make them for myself.

Seriously, how do you make a beautiful, sellable ebook? Find your answers today with The Ebook Walkthrough!

My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m one of the co-authors of Can I Make Big Money Online.

Video Learning Online Is The Clear Cut Winner

July 23, 2008

In my last poll, I asked the question:

What is your favorite way to learn new things?

Here are the full results of the poll:

Video (36%)
Doing it myself (30%)
Online Articles (15%)
Ebook (11%)
Audio (3%)
Other (4%)

Video Wins BIGTIME!

I was surprised by the results. I expected the results to be a bit more even, because I personally prefer to learn via audio. I love to grab mp3s, put them on my ipod, and learn that way. It’s a real convenient way for me to learn, without being tied down to a computer or TV. However, most of you preferred video learning to any other type of online learning.

I am definitely going to start using video more in my business. I joined Web Video University to learn more about producing quality videos. It’s a four week course and so far it looks pretty cool. I will do a full review when I get through all the lessons. You can click here to check out Web Video University for yourself.

Besides video being such a big winner, I was also surprised that “doing it yourself” got so many votes. I learn by doing also, but I was surprised by how many people chose that over the other methods.

Anyway, the bottom line is that if you are doing any online training (especially in the Internet marketing niche) you should definitely provide online video training to your customers.

YouTube and Your Web Site

July 20, 2008

My first thought about YouTube is that I visit it far too much.

It’s easy to get addicted. You can surf for hours through the home videos other people have made. Some of them are so good at it they even have subscribers. I can enjoy my favorites, leave comments, and otherwise spend far too much time there when I should be doing something else. So do a lot of other people, and this is where your web site comes into the picture.

You can make videos of your own and put them on YouTube. If they become popular, you can use them to drive traffic to your site. Now, while I’m not going to go into a dissertation on this, the basics are pretty simple.

  • Make a video. You’re promoting your own commercial interests when you drive traffic to your site with this video, so it should be original. Using other people’s clips, music, or artwork for commercial purposes without their permission is a giant no-no and can get you into trouble.
  • Put your site’s URL at the end of the video, then allow people to post or embed it on their own sites. You’ll get traffic from YouTube, but you could get more if someone uses it on their site if the link is in the video.
  • Plus, to drive traffic straight from YouTube, put your link in the comment section that comes with every video there.
  • This can result in a traffic spike, and if you have some means of traffic capture like RSS, opt-ins, sales, or subscription sign-ups, you can put that traffic to use.

Internet marketing is starting to trend towards video, so if you can make them, you can most use them. It’s worked for other people, for better and worse (i.e. “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!”), so if you do make your own video, don’t wear raccoon mascara and have a nervous breakdown.

On the other hand, if raccoon mascara has worked for you in the past, feel free to comment. I’d really be interested in hearing about it.

Seriously, how do you make a beautiful, sellable ebook? Find your answers today with The Ebook Walkthrough!

My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m one of the co-authors of Can I Make Big Money Online.