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Make Money Money Online With No Investment – No Product – No Expertise?

January 28, 2009

A friend of my wife asked me the other day:

The question I have—and this probably won’t be in an organized form—is:

Do you have any tips, advice, suggestions, recommendations, etc. for someone in this scenario?

An at-home mom who did not have a professional job before having and staying home with her kids. The economy is tanking, and maybe her husband has been laid off or had his hours cut back a little or a lot. She really doesn’t want to dump her kids in daycare to go get a job because any job she could get would just about cover the daycare and other job-related expenses. She’d love to work from home, but doesn’t have any ‘expert’ knowledge about anything that she could turn into a marketable enterprise; she doesn’t have the know-how to teach people to make money, so making money by helping others try to make money isn’t an option. She makes no products, therefore has nothing tangible to sell. She doesn’t have the money to invest in the hundreds upon hundreds of ‘I will teach you how to make money’ programs out there.

Is there anything online that she could do, or in this case would dumping the kids in daycare and hoping for the best be pretty much the only hope?

I get questions similar to this all the time. Before I can answer this question in detail I would need to ask quite a few questions to give the most relevant answer that I can.

The first question I would ask is…

Do you have absolutely no money to invest or do you have say 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 100 dollars, 200 dollars, 500 dollars, 1000 dollars, or more?

The answer to this question will greatly influence what options you have.

The more money you have to the invest, the easier it will be to make money online.

If you have enough money to pay for a domain name (about 10 dollars/yr), then I suggest getting your own domain name. If you have enough to invest in web hosting (about 50-100 dollars/yr), then I suggest you get a web host, if you have enough to get an autoresponder (about $200/yr with Aweber) then I suggest you get an autoresponder or sign up for SiteSell. If you have more money then you can do other things like spend money on an Internet marketing education.

If you have absolutely no money to spend then it’s going to be harder, but still possible.

I have no product to sell, how do I make money online?

Well, there are a ton of ways you can make money online when you don’t have a product including creating a new product. Also, you can do affiliate marketing, get advertisers for your site, sell services, etc. But before we go into the details, let’s explore some of the other questions…

I have no expertise what I can do to make money online?

I seriously doubt that people who are smart enough to ask this question aren’t good enough at something to have some level of expertise in it. While you may not consider yourself an “expert” at anything you probably have more expertise in some things than other things. For instance, if you do the laundry without ruining your clothes you definitely have more of an expertise in washing clothes than I do.

Legendary direct marketer, Dan Kennedy, has a great quote that does a great job of answering this question. Dan says,

“In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!”

You don’t have to be the best to be an “expert”, you just have to know a little bit more than the people you are teaching. In fact, you only need to know ONE thing about the topic you are teaching that your students don’t know in order to be an expert to your students. Do you know more math than a two year old? You can put up a site that teaches kids artithmetic. Do you know how to wash laundry (the right way), then you can teach me:)

So How Do You Make Money Online With No Money, And No Products To Sell?

For the sake of argument let’s assume that you are working with absolutely no money and no products.

There are still many ways to make money online in your spare time when you have no money to invest. Some of these ways don’t even require you to have a website. Let’s start by talking about the ways to make money online without a website.

How do I make money online when I have no website?

1. Online Tutoring / Coaching
If you have any expertise at all you can set up a tutoring or coaching service. Do you ever help your kids with their homework? If yes, then you can help tutor other kids online.

One easy way to do this is through There are many other places looking for tutors (like with expertise . Just do a search on your favorite Search Engine for those types of work at home opportunities. There are a lot of them.

2. Web Writing
If you can write decently (not necessarily like a professional) then you can get work as a freelance web writer. You don’t have to be perfect either. There are a lot of people who will hire you if the price is right. You can get jobs writing for blog posts, web articles, forum posts, comments, ebooks, etc. A good way to find people searching for writing jobs is to sign up on a site like or Another way to find writing opportunities is to use your favorite Search Engine and search the Internet for things like “blog writing jobs”, etc.

If you can write you could also write for sites like Squidoo that will pay you for writing pages on their site. You have to learn how to set up the Squidoo pages, but once you figure that out, it’s pretty easy to create new Lenses. Every month that you make a certain amount of money Squidoo will send you money for a part of the money they made from advertisements on your Lens (Squidoo page). There are other sites that do this as well, like Hubpages.

In order to make decent money from Squidoo you are going to need to write a lot of popular Lenses and you are going to learn how to promote Squidoo Lenses and make the most you can from them. I haven’t reviewed any products on making money with Squidoo so I can’t recommend anything. If making money on Squidoo interests you then you can search for information on it. You can read my personal thoughts on how to make money with Squidoo by clicking here.

3. Selling Photos
If you have a digital camera and you can take half way decent photos then you can just take photos of everything you see and start selling them on a site like There are other things you can do with the photos, but those require a website of your own, which we will get to later.

4. Ebay
There are a lot of things you can sell on ebay or other auction sites. You don’t have to sell expensive/unique/insane items to make money on Ebay. You can sell simple items that people buy all the time.

You don’t even have to own anything to sell on ebay. You can simply find companies that are known as dropshippers and sell their stuff on ebay. Drop shipping is a technique where you sell products from one or more suppliers who take care of shipping the products directly to the customer. All you do is take the order and get the money from the customer, then you send the order details and and part of the money that you charge to the supplier. You make profit on the difference between the suppliers price (including shipping) and the price you charge the customer. This is essentially running a wholesale business without the inventory, although you will usually pay somewhere between true wholesale and retail prices for the goods.

When selling products on ebay you obviously need to buy them low and sell them high. One example of something people successfully sell on ebay for a profit is used books. Used books sell pretty well on ebay. What you can do is go to flea markets, garage sales, etc. to find good deals on books and sell them on ebay. To increase your profit margin, you can buy a software that turns your PDA or cellphone into a scanner that you can take with you to scan the books ISBN number and then find it’s price online (see for an example of this type of service).

That way you only buy books at a price that you know are going to make you money.

4. Job Recruiting
Help your friends, family and others find new jobs. There are several sites that help you start a recruiting business of your own without any costs on your part. They pay you to find other people jobs. Essentially they enable you to run a job recruiting business from the comfort of your own home. A few examples of job recruiting sites that you can earn money from are ReferEarns, Bohire and WiseStepp.

5. Connect Business Suppliers With Buyers
Much like recruiting where you connect employers with employees, you can now connect business suppliers with businesses that need their supplies. Several companies that you can do this with are Salesconx, InnerSell and uRefer. This is actually a lot like affiliate marketing.

6. Other Freelancing services
People will pay you to do all kinds of things online. You can moderate forums, write articles (which I mentioned earlier), design websites, be a virtual assistant, etc. There are many ways to make money online even without having a website. Do a search on your favorite Search Engine to find other great freelancing opportunities online.

How Do I Make Money Online With A Website

Making money online with a website is what most people think of when they think of making money online. If you have no money to invest in web hosting you are going to need to find a free website host.

Here are a couple that I recommend you check out for starters:
Blogger is a free blogging site that allows you to create your own blog and unlike many free blogging services you can put ads on your site. Blogger integrates really easily with Adsense ads, because Google owns and has made it very easy to make money from Adsense with blogger blogs.

Google Aps – Google Sites
Google Sites lets you create websites that you can add advertising on etc. It is an easy to use system that can give you an online presence for your website.


Weebly is a very easy to use free website creator. They also have built-in support for adding Adsense on your Weebly sites. It’s another good option for those who can’t afford to pay for web hosting.

There are other options for free web hosting as well. Check around, just make sure that they can be used for commercial purposes (many of them can’t).

Once you have a website there are a number of ways you can make money from it. Most of these require you to be a decent writer (not great, but decent).

If you can’t write then skip to number 3.

1. Content Site
There are many ways to make money with a content site. You can put affiliate ads on content sites, you can put up ads from Adsense (or similar services like Kontera, Chitika, etc.), you can make money selling advertising on your site, you can market products as an affiliate, and you can even make money on content sites by having private content that only subscribers can read.

If you are trying to make money with a content site, I highly recommend you first read my article on choosing the right niche, then read the free ebook called “The Affiliate Masters Course”. You can use the same techniques outlined in the ebook on your freely hosted site. I use similar techniques to what is outlined in the ebook, the only difference is that I use multiple methods of keyword research (including my favorite keyword tool for Adsense sites Keyword Country).

2. Blogging
Blogging is really just a sub-type of a content site. What you need to do is:

1. Set up a blog on
2. Get links to the blog.
3. Put up advertising.

Probably the easiest way to make money with a blog is to set up a blog that has the sole purpose of reviewing other websites. There are a lot of websites (,, etc.) that will help match you up with people willing to pay you to review their website or product. Some people make pretty decent money this way.

3. Splogging

I hate to mention it, but it is a way you can make money online without any money, any expertise and any products. What you would do is get free content from article directories and repost the articles on your blog. Another way you might get your content is by scraping other people’s websites. There are quite a few ebooks about how to make money splogging, and I would prefer not to spend time on all of these techniques. Just search for things like “make money splogging” “blog and ping” “make money with scraper sites” and you will find plenty of resource to help you out with this.

4. Photo Site
You can set up a site that displays your photos and let people use the photos for free as long as they link to your site. You make money by putting up advertising, Adsense ads, and/or affiliate links on the site.

5. Selling ebooks
You can set up a site to sell ebooks for free, but it’s going to mean you have to be able to write the ebook yourself. If you have a little bit of money to invest you can buy a Private Label Rights ebook to sell. Private label rights (PLR) ebooks are ebooks that you buy the rights to sell as your own. Most PLR ebooks have slightly different terms that spell out what you can and can’t do with the ebook. I prefer to buy Master Resale rights where I can do anything I want with the ebook, including being able to sell other people resale rights on the ebook. If you buy a PLR ebook or product to sell, be sure to know exactly what you can and can’t do with it. Another way easy way to create an ebook is to find an expert in something, interview them by asking commonly asked questions in their field of expertise. Then sell the interview as an ebook or audio or both. You might need to split the profits with the expert or work some other deal with the expert (allow the expert to promote their products or services in the interview, etc.).


There are actually quite a few other ways to make money online if you don’t have money, products, or expertise. Some of these ways (like selling people’s email addresses, spamming, etc.) are not good ideas in my opinion, so I didn’t cover them here. Some of them like taking paid surveys don’t usually provide enough income to make them worthwhile.

If you do have money to spend then you can spend it on various things to speed up the process. You can buy Private Label Right Products that you can then turn around and sell. You can pay for web hosting, writers, web designers, etc. The more money you have to invest the easier it is to start a successful business. However, as I have already shown it is possible to make money online starting with no money, it’s just NOT as easy.

For further research you might want to read my getting started article called “Ways To Make Money Online”.

Ways to Make Money Online

October 14, 2008


There are many ways to make money online. I like to group them into three main categories:

  1. Making money selling your stuff

  2. Making money selling other people’s stuff

  3. Getting paid to do something

Let’s talk a little more about each of these categories…

Way #1 – Making money selling your stuff
When most people think of starting a business they think of selling their own stuff. Here are some of the ways that people sell their own stuff online:

  1. Selling products
    When I started out online my intention was to create educational software and sell it online. Like myself, most people that start a business online start off with the idea of selling a product. Almost every product imaginable can be sold online. Arguably, the easiest to create are information products.

  2. Selling Services/Freelancing
    One of the quickest ways to start making money online is by selling your services. You call sell all kinds of services online. Some of the more common online services being sold are web design, freelance writing, coaching/teaching, virtual assistants, copywriting, traffic generation, and software development.

  3. Domaining
    Domaining is essentially the process of buying and selling domains. While I own quite a few domains, most of them were bought with the purpose of developing them at some point in time. Although, I would be willing to sell some of them. For example, when John Reese bought I wish he had contacted me about buying one of my domains, since I am not sure I will develop the idea I had for it when I bought it several years ago.

  4. Website Flipping
    Website flipping is a very tempting business model to me. Flipping websites is a lot like flipping houses. You buy a website with the sole purpose of making it better so that you can turn around sell it. Much like house flipping, you should buy a website with good potential that is not properly monetized and/or not properly designed and marketed. After “rehabbing” the website, you can sell it at a much higher price. This process sounds like fun to me, except that I would have a hard time parting with the site after fixing it. I am more likely to buy a website, fix it up, and keep it for the residual income.

There are other ways to make money selling your own stuff, but the ones listed above are the most common.

Way #2 – Making money selling other people’s stuff

  1. Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, and I will be discussing it in much more detail in a future series (or a free mini-course). Essentially, affiliate marketing is revenue sharing between online advertisers/merchants and online publishers/salespeople, whereby affiliates(publisher/sales people) are paid based on performance measures, typically in the form of sales, clicks, registrations, or a combination of methods. In layman’s terms, it means you get a percentage of a sale when you sell someone else’s stuff or cause someone to take an action that might sell someone else’s stuff. It is currently my primary method of making money online.

  2. Advertising Income
    Many websites make money by selling advertising space on their site. This is most commonly done on content sites. Advertising income can also be gained through other methods like selling ad space on website templates and selling ad space in newsletters.

  3. Drop Shipping
    Drop shipping is a technique where you sell products from one or more suppliers who take care of shipping the products directly to the customer. All you do is take the order and get the money from the customer, then you send the order details and and part of the money that you charge to the supplier. You make profit on the difference between the suppliers price (including shipping) and the price you charge the customer. This is essentially running a wholesale business without the inventory, although you will usually pay somewhere between true wholesale and retail prices for the goods. I have seen a lot of people run drop shipping businesses on ebay.

  4. Retail commerce
    Retail commerce is where you buy products at wholesale prices from wholesale distributors, carry an inventory and turn around and sell said products. Many of the ecommerce shops you see are doing this. This model is similar to drop shipping. The advantage of this method is that you can make a higher profit margin then with drop shipping, the disadvantage is that you store the inventory and you handle the details of shipping the products.

These are the most common methods for selling other people’s stuff online, although certainly not the only ones.

Way # 3 – Getting Paid To Do Something

  1. Paid to sites (Paid to surf, Paid to take surveys, etc.)
    With “paid to” sites you can make a little extra money online every month. You can’t really use these sites to make a living online (at least not that I’m aware of), so I won’t be devoting more space to them here. If you’re interested in a little extra cash, and this method appeals to you, there is plenty of information available on the internet. And if you ARE making a living from these sites, and you’d be interested in writing a series on the topic, contact me.

As you are considering how YOU want to make big money online, this list should prove a good starting place . In my next post in the getting started series, I will be wrapping up with a list of resources to help you continue your quest to make money online.

Make Money with Scratchback

December 17, 2007

Guest post by Matthew Henrickson

With the big hand of google coming down on bloggers, there has been a void left for making money. Paid to blog services especially have received a lot of attention for google penalties. Scratchback has hit the make money scene just in time.

Scratchback is Perfect for Bloggers

Scratchback is a widget you place on your sidebar that is similar to a blogroll. In the widget advertisiers can pay to display their no follow link. You can select to have 5, 10, 15, or 20 spots.

There are different options on how long you want each link to run for as well as how much you want to charge.

Benefits for Advertisers

Even though the links are no follow (that don’t pass page rank) it can still be beneficial. Some bloggers charge as low as 1$ for a link. For a dollar you can definitely get your moneys worth if you can find a blog with traffic.

At Blog about your Blog we only charge 2$ for our top spots. Our blog gets about 400 unique hits per day. With only 5 other spots displayed you are sure to get bang for your buck, or two bucks.

Scratchback Features

Scratchback is still in beta, but has made strides in becoming even better. Scratchback currently pay out 90% of what you earn. On top of that the payouts are easy, via paypal. You can also purchase links the same way.

For bloggers with little traffic, they have also made it easier for them. They have just rolled out the Scratchback Directory, which makes it easier for advertisers to find you.

In about two or three weeks in using scratchback I’ve earned 17$ and that’s only on one blog.

Make Big Money Online Winning Contests

August 6, 2007

Guest post by Matthew Henrickson

In my last post, Create Buzz for your Website with a Contest, I mentioned that you can really drive traffic, build links, or get RSS feed readers for your website with a contest. Its fun, simple, easy and most importantly it works.

Because it works so well, many bloggerss have been hosting contests, and some prizes are really appealing.

To make contests successful they really have to be easy. Bloggers are giving away large sums of money and prizes, and making it easy to win. There isn’t much of a reason NOT to enter when the reward is so high.

Win Money Entering Contests

By spending very little time entering in contests, I have personally won well over 100$ and smaller prizes including a very nice MP3 player.

In most of these contests it does take a little bit of luck, but if you enter a contest everyday, you are bound to win something. Even if it isn’t something you exactly want, you can turn around and give it away on your own blog.

Big Prizes to be Won

Blogs like INVESP are doing huge cash prize giveaways. There is 400$ up for grabs! To win that contest you must subscribe to their RSS feed. Sometime in the month of August, they will post a ‘secret word’ in their RSS feed. When you see the word you email it to One lucky person who sends the secret word to that email will be randomly selected to win. If you win, make sure you are a member of their mybloglog community, so you can receive the full 400$.

Not Every Contest Can Do That

Not everyone can afford to give away 400$, but say you win the contest. You can turn around and re-invest 100$ of that money on your own contest. If you can market the contest right you can expect quite a few linkbacks and RSS Feed Subscribers.

Everyone likes free stuff, especially free money.

Can I Make Big Money Online?

June 21, 2007

Guest post by Matthew Henrickson

This blog poses the question, Can I Make Big Money Online? It’s very possible to make money online, but big money is another subject.

Many bloggers are starting to use other sources, than just blogging, to earn money online. They have multiple revenue streams.

Multiple Revenue Streams

The golden rule in blogging, when it comes to making money online, has become “Don’t put all your eggs in the google basket.” Monetize your website or blog in other ways. Experiment and try new things, they just might earn you some money.

Take that rule one step further, don’t put all your eggs into one website. There are other things you can do to earn money.


I just finished writing a post about making money online with surveys. “Big” money can’t be made here, but it is an option. If you add the 30-100$ per month that could be made here to the total of your monthly earnings, you may be earning “big money”.

Multiple Blogs

I have more than one blog that I can earn money on. Blog about your Blog is getting pretty popular, and after the google rank update, I think it can be a real money maker. Blogging Addiction has become a personal blog for me, where I can do a number of sponsored posts. Finally, Fantasy Football N’ Stuff is a hobby of mine. I am really into fantasy football and the NFL, this has potential to be a money earner.

Online Stores

I have yet to really get into this, though I have seen several bloggers open up their own online stores. At the Million Dollar Experiment, he is ‘experimenting’ with free online stores. In his article, he states he spent 5$ on advertising, and made 12$ in sales. If those figures stay true, he could go bigger and spend 25$ and earn 60$. If he wanted to make BIG money online, try 500$ and 1200$!

To successfully continue to make money online, you need multiple revenue streams. A website that you count on to make money could close down. Or the online store you use isn’t getting sales. Or the blog you run isn’t getting any advertisers.

This post was guest blogged by Matthew Henrickson. You can see which blogs I write for in the body of this post. Please visit them, and I would love comments on this post.

Modern Day Approach: Finding Success With Adsense

June 5, 2007

Introduction: Who Is Garry Conn?

Successful Blogging Tips Hello. My name is Garry Conn. I have been following George’s blog for quite some time now. I own and maintain well over 100 various dot Com ventures. However, my heart and soul gets spilled into my personal blog. I enjoy helping people. I hate to see people down on their luck. And when people, especially bloggers, who work so hard to achieve a goal but can’t succeed, I totally feel for them. I want to see people achieve success. I want to see people reach their goals. And I know from experience what it feels like to be down on your luck and I don’t wish that upon anyone.

Agenda: Why Am I Blogging Here?

George and I have known each other for over a year now. We communicate back and forth between our blogs and through email. George and I have a lot in common and I am here to provide some breathing room for him. We all know how busy of a guy he is… and I am too for that matter. However, in May of 2007, I have set a goal to venture out and make guest appearances on other successful blogs. And after talking with George about this, he invited me to come on board and help pull some of the weight here on his wonderful and highly successful site. It is a privilege to be here, and I want more than ever to see George lead the way in teaching thousands if not millions of people about the many different ways you can make money online.

A Modern Day Approach: Finding Success With Google Adsense

I spend quite a bit of time visiting other blogs. Typically these sites are authored by bloggers who share a very similar interest: Making Money Online. However, on so many of these sites, when I contact the authors and get to know them better, they typically say the same thing: “I want to make money online, I have joined and participate in many programs that are supposed to make money, but none of them do!” 

Because I am such a caring person, I really feel their pain and in most cases I spend time with them and show them what they are doing wrong and provide solutions to help them gain success. The most common rant that people talk to me about is their failures with Google Adsense. And with that being said, this is what my first article is about here on Can I Make Big Money Online.

The root of most failures with Google Adsense is caused largely by the fact that most people who participate in the program also roll out and launch the program on their sites that attract readers who already know about the program. Think about it… when was the last time you clicked on a Google Adsense ad? Granted, it happens, and I click on a few here and there as well. But because I know about the program, it is human instinct for me not to click.

...When Was The Last Time You Clicked On An Adsense Ad?

Why Don’t I Click On The Ads? Well, I am not sure what your reasons are, but for me, the main reason why I don’t click very often is because I know that they are advertisements. They are sponsored links that have nothing to do with the owner of the site. Yes, they are relevant… but they are ads that link to pages outside from the site I am visiting. I don’t do this on purpose… it’s just an instinct or habit.

How Do I Find Success With Google Adsense?

I find success with Google Adsense simply for the fact that I author and maintain numerous dot Com websites that attract people who don’t know about the program. The fun part of this is the fact that most of my sites don’t even generate over 100 visits per day. But because of the time I invest into each of my sites by providing creative, unique and strategic writing, I generate extremely relevant ads. Having all this coupled with well thought out and very strategic placement of the ads in addition to highly micro-managing my content and incoming/outgoing links, I produce an unbelievable click through percentage. And to be honest… I have only been doing this for a few months now. On the flip side, it has taken me three years to discover what I have learned. I have participated in many programs on the Internet that make money online. However, Google Adsense has been my golden brick. And three months ago, the blind was removed from eyes and today, I know how to be successful using Google Adsense. I stand by the program 110% and now that I know how to use the program, I am now starting to reap the benefits.

Successful Blogging Tips Again, my name is Garry Conn. I write primarily about successful blogging tips. I am a guest writer here for my friend George who runs a very successful, useful and informative blog. If this is your first time visiting the site,  or if you are a regular reader and haven’t already done so; I strongly recommend that you subscribe to his feed. Sit back and join the fun and witness George Manty archive his goal of making big money online. He wants to make $1000 dollars a day! This blog documents his progress and also draws you a map so you too can make money online and follow along the way!

The Bottom Line – End of the Make Money Online Series

August 28, 2006

Originally, in this series I planned on reviewing various ways of making money online. I was going to include surveys, selling on ebay, selling products and services, using Adsense, blogging, forums, informational sites, drop shipping, ecommerce, affiliate programs, and the like.

I have decided to cut this series short, because what most of you have told me in a previous poll is that you are interested in making Big Money.

You can’t expect to make big money online with some of these things. In fact, making big money online almost always takes hard work and a unique business idea. So with that said, I am going to drop this series and instead focus on other things like reviewing products that will help get both you and I to the point where we are making Big Money.

To start things off, here is my list of the top 10 things that I believe you and I need to do to make Big Money Online:

1. Be Remarkable!
2. Be Remarkable!
3. Be Remarkable!
4. Be Remarkable!
5. Be Remarkable!
6. Be Remarkable!
7. Be Remarkable!
8. Be Remarkable!
9. Be Remarkable!
10. Be Remarkable!

I have mentioned in the past Seth Godin’s book, the Purple Cow and how important it is to be remarkable. While there are many ways to monetize a site:

1. Adsense
2. Affiliate Links
3. Products (Software, ebooks, etc.)
4. Services
5. Various Pay Per Click services like Chitika, etc.
6. Selling advertising

The way I see it, you have to find a way to make your online business stand out over the long haul to make big money online. Whether you create a blog, website, wiki, etc. The bottom line is that to make Big Money online you have to be remarkable.

Start thinking of ways to make your current website or a new website remarkable, make it stand out from the crowd. That’s my current plan for making big money online. I will let you know how it goes…

Making Money from Google Adwords – Ways to Make Money Online Series

July 26, 2006

When I first started out I set up a website that had a store and had various affiliate programs from Linkshare, shareasale and commision junction. It did ok, but nothing extraordinary at first. Then one day I came across this system called Google Cash.

After learning that system, I started making money online from eBay’s affiliate program.

Here is what I did.

I ran Google Adwords ads using my affiliate link. After Google changed it’s terms of service so that only one affiliate ad for the same domain could be run per campaign, it became much more difficult to make money from this and since I was already making money from other things I changed gears and started working on the other ways to make money. However, for a good 6-12 months I did make some decent money doing this.

When you do this you need to keep in mind the following things:

1. Run your ads for the lowest cost you can
2. Keep a close eye on the campaign, make sure you are making money and not losing it.
3. Be sure to write good and relevant copy for the campaign.
4. Target focused keywords, rather than general keywords.
5. If you decide to promote ebay, use eBay’s flexible destination tool to create a direct link to the products you are running the campaign for.

I no longer make money using the Google Cash method. However, I may purchase the book sometime and try it out again. It provided a pretty good stream of income.

It is a lot of work. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. You are likely to lose money at the beginning (I did). That said when I tried this, I did not have a book to guide me. I may buy the book sometime and test out the recommendations in the book. Maybe I will see more immediate and better results that way.

Learn how to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

June 14, 2006

The first method that I ever learned how to make money online with was affiliate marketing.

The first really good book I ever read on affiliate marketing was SiteSell’s Affiliate Master’s course. It is hands down the best FREE affiliate marketing guide you will find.

I suggest that every beginner start by reading this free guide. After reading it you can learn more about affiliate marketing from various sources (including this blog).

Here is a short list of my favorite affiliate marketing resources ranked by my personal order of importance:

  1. SiteSell’s Free Affiliate Master’s course

  2. Free Affiliate Classroom Magazine

  3. Allan Gardyne’s

If you know of other good affiliate resources let me know and I will check them out.

Both my wife and I use the techniques that we learned from SiteSell’s affiliate marketing guide to make most of the money we make today from affiliate programs.

In my next post in the “Ways to Make Money Online Series“, I will describe the first method of affiliate marketing that I ever made decent money from.

Getting Started – Ways to Make Money Online Series

May 31, 2006

How do you get started making money online?

I plan on presenting various methods of making money online in this series. I can tell you from experience that there are so many choices it can be a little bit overwhelming.

So what is my first piece of advice for someone trying to make money online?


My first piece of advice is to make sure that your first online business venture be related to something you enjoy doing! It could be offering a service that you enjoy doing for people or it could be writing a book about something you enjoy, or it could be writing a blog about something you enjoy doing or it could be filling out surveys (if you enjoy doing that), etc.

Whatever you choose for your first online business, make sure it is something you enjoy!

The reason that this is so important, is that you are MUCH more likely to stick with it. Quite frankly making money online takes persistence and patience. In fact, many studies have shown that the one thing all extremely succesful business owners have is Persistence.

Choosing something you love doing will help you to be persistent with it. That’s why you must, must, must do what you love!

The Key to Making Money Online

May 10, 2006

Here is a simple formula that I have seen work for my websites in regards to making money:




In other words, the more quality content and quality links that my websites have recieved the more traffic they have recieved. The more traffic my websites have received the more money they have made. Therefore to make money on the Internet you need quality content and quality links.

Pretty simple formula for success on the Internet.

Making Money Online Series

March 24, 2006

I plan on starting a series of posts that will discuss different ways to make money online and what I think about them. In case you can’t wait for the series, I thought I would let you know that my favorite way to make money online is Affiliate Marketing. In particular using the techniques that I learned in the book:

The Affiliate Master’s Handbook by Ken Envoy.

Additionaly, I love Google Adsense. It is great! For those of you looking for good Adsense keywords to design a website around you will want to check out these two websites:

1. – Free tool to search for high paying adsense terms.

2. Keyword Explosion – Database of 2.4 MILLION high paying niche keyword database. It is a great resouce for people looking for high paying keywords to profit on.

Anyone who has success with a particular system/book/training/etc. feel free to tell me your online succes story and we can discuss using it in my upcoming series about making money online.

That’s it for now…