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Marketing Tips and News From the Net – 2/2/2007

February 2, 2007

Here are some interesting Internet Marketing articles that I read this week. The first post by copywriting guru Michel Fortin is a MUST read for bloggers. Not only does he give good advice, but he offers to rewrite one of your blog headlines for free!

Are Headlines Tangling Your Readers?

Don’t Be The Best… Be The First!

Thinking outside of the box

What ProBloggers Can Learn from TechCrunch 20

Google Stops Google Bombs

Campaign to Reduce Wikipedia’s PageRank to Zero via (jazzcatseo)

Best Blog Post of 2006

January 17, 2007

In 2005, the best business blog post that I read was this post from Alice Seba.

In 2006 there were a lot of excellent business related blog posts. However, at the end of 2006 Anik Signal (aff) posted what I considered to be the best blog post of 2006. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you go check it out. In fact, I highly recommend that you read it more than once.

Internet Maketing Review – Instant Web Profits Sytem

December 29, 2006

One of the things that you told me in one of my polls is that you want me to review more Internet Marketing products. So I have decided to give you what you want…

A few months ago, I purchased a new Internet Marketing course called “Instant Web Profits System” by Dan Lok. Dan has created a niche for himself in copywriting as “The Website Conversion Expert”.

For starters, I get a really good vibe from Dan Lok. His staff has always given prompt answers to my questions and they were always very upbeat and positive. Dan strikes as me as someone whose truly desires to help people make money online.

As for “Instant Web Profits Systems“, I wanted to start by letting you know what this course is not:

  • It is not a course on blogging

  • It is not a course on making money with Adsense
  • It is not a course on Affiliate Marketing

  • It is not a course on making money without raising a finger

The purpose of this course is to reveal how to increase the online sales of your products and/or services.

I SO wish I had this product when I was starting out. I know it would have made a HUGE difference in the success of the first product I created.

The one thing I don’t like about the course is Dan’s occasional use of colorful language. However, many times in the course it did help him get across the importance of the message he was conveying.

For the most part, it is NOT a step by step guide. With one exception…

The step by step CD that gives you the 11 steps for creating a winning sales letter. I can see how following the 11 steps that Dan reveals in this course can produce an awesome sales letter. I will certainly follow them the next time I need to create a sales letter.

There is a lot of excellent business and Internet Marketing advice in the audio CDs, much of which you can use even as an affiliate marketer or blogger.

What is included in the Instant Web Profit System?

It includes:

  • 4 audio CDs that reveal 101 Ways To Make Your Website SELL Like Crazy!
  • 2 audio CDs that reveal How To Avoid The Deadly Mistakes That Can KILL Your Online Business!
  • 1 audio CD that reveals 11 Steps To Creating Killer Web Copy!
  • 8 CD Roms that show Dan Lok making over other people’s website sales letters (this was my personal favorite part of the package).
  • 6 Audio CDs with uncensored Interviews with some of the world’s top Internet Marketing experts!
  • Plus a 1-hour “private” mentoring session with Dan Lok.

While Dan covers many topics in this package, the topics that are hit the hardest are copywriting and website conversion. This product shows you how to write better copy and how to convert your visitors into customers.

My favorite part of the product is the 8 CDs that contain video of Dan transforming underperforming sales letters into sales letters that sell. I found these videos to be worth the price of the whole package. I have seen free videos on these topics that don’t come anywhere near the quality and depth that these videos go into. I strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn how to sell a product or service.

The audio CDs were sprinkled with some Internet Marketing advice that I haven’t heard too many people talk about outside of products that you have to pay for. Here are some (not all) of the main topics discussed in the audio CDs:

List Building
Increasing Website Traffic
Ezine Creation
Joint Ventures
Writing Ads
Website Conversion
ebook Authoring
and more!

This a solid product, that I believe will really help you convert your visitors into customers. It is an excellent product if you have a product or service to sell. Go sign up for his free newsletter by clicking here and you can learn more about Instant Web Profits System and Dan’s other products.


3 Top 5 Lists That Can Help You Make The Right Choice

November 28, 2006

I came up with several lists the other day to make sure my short term business direction is correct. I decided that in order to make sure I was focusing on the right sites and/or blogs I would make three lists that answered the following questions:

  1. What are the top 5 sites that I own that are easiest to get traffic too?
  2. What are the top 5 sites that I own that make the most money per visitor?
  3. What are the top 5 sites that I own that I enjoy working on the most?

I am not going to go into details on my lists, except to say that there were two sites that I own that fit into all three categories (this blog wasn’t one of them). This blog was on 2 of the 3 lists. It didn’t make the first list, because I find it much easier to grow traffic on most of my other sites and blogs. It can be done, but it is much more difficult and time consuming.

Anyway, I thought I would share that with you, because it might be helpful to make lists like these if you have multiple websites. It might also be helpful when choosing a niche for your next website.

If you were using these lists for choosing a new niche you might instead ask the questions:

  1. Which niche site will be easiest to get traffic too?
  2. Which niche site will make the most money per visitor?
  3. Which niche site will I enjoy working on the most?

Asking and answering questions like these area a great way to help you reach your goals faster, not only in business, but in other areas of your life.

Internet Marketing is NOT DEAD!

November 14, 2006

Just so you know, I really like Mike Filsaime’s new free ebook.

However, I think the title is misleading. Obviously, Internet Marketing is NOT dead. If it were then Mike would be quitting and he is not.

There is a ton of money to be made on the net with all kinds of sites (blogs, wikis, forums, download sites, affiliate marketing, Adsense, ebooks, services, copywriting, seo, web design, software, games, membership sites, Internet Marketing, drop shipping, etc). There are all kinds of statistics out there about how fast the Internet is growing and how much money consumers will spend on the net.

So if you are trying to make money online, don’t worry. There is plenty of money to be made on the web and just like Google Adsense, Internet Marketing is NOT DEAD!

I just wanted to make sure I was clear about that.

That said, “The Death of Internet Marketing” is still a good read.

My Review of The Death of Internet Marketing

November 14, 2006

I finished reading “The Death of Internet Marketing” by Mike Filsaime. Here’s what I think about the book…


There was a section of the book (starting on page 39) that provided one of those “ah ha” moments for me. What’s great is that my wife Jill recently gave me a bunch of ideas that fit right into what Mike talks about in that section. Jill sure is blessed with a good head on her shoulders.

Anyway, suffice it to say that I really, really, like the book.

“The Death of Internet Marketing” is well worth the read, even if you aren’t planning on making money from it. Some of the concepts that Mike talks about really hit home for me.

Have you read it yet?

If not, you can download it by clicking here.

Then come back here and let me know what you think of it.

Jill has a new blog – Natural Product Reviews!

November 6, 2006

This weekend I set up a new blog for my wife Jill and her friend Laura called Natural Product Reviews.

I have been putting this off for at least 6 months, but it didn’t take long at all to set up. Jill bought the wordpress template for their blog from template monster. It’s really nice and professional looking. We were originally going to try a free template, but we stumbled across the paid templates and decided to go with one of them. I made a few changes to it and have a few more changes left to make.

I think in the long term it will be a really good blog for Jill and Laura, because using natrual products is something they both have a big interest in. Also, they are both very passionate about using natural products, so their passion will show up in their blog posts.

Another good thing about their new blog is that it is a more focused niche than Natural Family News, which I think will make it easier for them to get regular readers.

Also, it should not be too hard for them to establish some initial traffic to the site. So many of our friends are also into natural products, which will give them some good word of mouth traffic to the blog. Plus, Jill and Laura already have a small community built up with their Natural Family News blog, most of whom will be interested in their new blog as well.

The last thing I wanted to say about their new blog is that at this point it is monetized with Adsense only, but once it is established they may find other ways to monetize it.

Final Chapter of Rich Schefren’s Internet Manifesto

October 17, 2006

Rich Schefren released the final chapter of his Internet Manifesto the other day. I have only just started reading it, but it looks like an excellent read.

One thing that really jumped off the pages so far for me is when Rich says:

Just like you wouldn’t decide that you want
to get married, and go find the most
desperate person and propose – you shouldn’t
decide you wanted to start a business and
find the most desperate market and set
up shop…

Go check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Free Teleseminar Monday that Might be Fun

October 7, 2006

Monday, October 9th at 7 pm EST Joel Comm will be a special guest on Mark Joyner’s Simpleology Live Learning Event!

They will be discussing how to earn passive income online. It’s a topic I am always looking to learn more about, so I am going to sign up to be on the call right after I post this.

Anyway, you can sign up for the free telesiminar by clicking here.

Added some free Internet Marketing eBooks

September 13, 2006

I have been ill this week, so I haven’t spent much time blogging (or anything else). Anyway, I was going to send this out Sunday, but my blog caught my cold.

I added some free Internet Marketing ebooks by Dan Lok to my website. I am going to be doing a review of Dan’s product Instant Web Profits Systems fairly soon, but since I like the information in his free ebooks I thought I would go ahead and add them to my site.

I really like Instant Web Profits Systems, but it’s not for everyone! You should only consider buying it if you are selling a product or service. It’s not geared towards affiliate marketers or bloggers. It’s all about coverting website visitors into customers. I will tell you more when I do a full review of the product (probably in two weeks after my wife’s family reunion).

Also, I am strongly considering doing away with my week in review and just posting through out the week on various things I am doing to make money. Let me know what you think about that.

Whether or not you are interested in marketing a product or service I think that reading through the last two free ebooks (107 Killer Traffic Conversion Secrets and The World’s Greatest Marketing Stories )is well worth while, because there is some good free marketing advice in them. In fact, I learned something in The World’s Greatest Marketing Stories that is bound to impact the direction of my online ventures.

Special Note: I am not thriled with the “screw the golden rule” traffic conversion secret from 107 Killer Traffic Conversion Secrets, but I understand what Dan is saying. As with all ebooks, websites, etc. that I link to, I may not agree 100 percent with the auhtors.

PS. I am scheduled to go out of town on Friday, so you may not hear from me again until next week.

Building Anticipation for a Product

September 6, 2006

Monday I was sitting down at the computer with two of my younger children (I have five in all) and they were playing a game on called the “12 Dancing Princesses” game. They were showing me the game and telling me about it when they got to this page that had missing princesses. Hannah (our 6 year old girl) told me how every week a new princess appears. When all the princesses appear then that means the new Barbie movie “The Twelve Dancing Princes” will be out. If only you could see the look of excitement on her face.

While Matel’s marketing did bring to mind the question of the ethical nature of marketing to kids, it also brought up the fact that “anticipation” is one of the best marketing tactics I have ever seen motivate people to buy a product. You see it all the time with all sorts of products. There have been some movies that I have anticipated so much, that practicaly nothing anyone could say about it was going to stop me from seeing it.

Over the last few years, I have seen anitcipation used more and more in online marking. In fact, Internet Marketing gurus have become excellent at building anticipation. A great case in point was Rich Schefren’s Internet Manifesto and how much anticipation he brought for his coaching program.

Well, not only Rich, but people like John Reese (famous for the million dollar day), Yanik Silver, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime and other marketing gurus had a lot of help creating that anticipation. They were consulting with someone named Jeff Walker on their product launches.

Jeff has a product called the Product Launch Formula, which reveals all the techniques that the gurus use to create tons of buzz around the launch of your product or service.

If I ever decide to create a new product Jeff’s Product Launch Formula is the first product on my list of marketing products to buy. I will probably buy it pretty early on in the product creation cycle, so I can be planning ahead.

What are your thougts on building anticipation for a new product? Is it manipulation or just good marketing?

Questions, Questions, Questions

August 2, 2006

Questions are an invaluable tool in life. I learned a long time ago that asking the right questions help us greatly improve our day to day life.

We should all be asking the right questions about our business.

Some of the current questions I am trying to figure out the answer to for our business are:

How is our business going to be different than everyone else?
What is our greater cause?
What will we provide that other people don’t provide that will cause people to want to work for us?
How can Jill and I use our strengths to create a business that is unique and that other people will want to be involved in?

What questions are you asking about your online business?

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