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The Importance of SEO In Online Reputation Management

June 14, 2012

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a useful method of writing and web design which can have a dramatic impact on more than just a website’s rankings among search engine results. As the integration of the worldwide web into everyday life for consumers and voters has broadened over the years, it has become easier for people to malign the online reputation of various individuals. As a result, people who have suffered attacks on their character have used the Internet to defend themselves through online reputation management.

Why Is Online Reputation Management Necessary?

Due to the unenforceability of libel and slander laws in the lawless environment of the online world, it is easy to create a website dedicated to harming the reputation of any one with whom you disagree. It is even easier to simply place a comment or a series of comments on a forum or message board which confuse people about the character and motives of a particular person.

Prior to the Internet, it mattered very little of a few people spoke harshly about someone in their own private circles. However, it is very easy for a few careless comments made on a public forum to go viral and suddenly get repeated all over the web. This does more than just cause hurt feelings. It can have a drastic effect on the injured person’s livelihood and business. When it affects the owner of a large corporation, it can damage the earning power of thousands of employees as well.

How to Remedy the Situation

People who find their reputation under attack have a range of options available to defend themselves. They can create their own blogs or websites dedicated to asserting their honesty, reliability or whatever character trait has suffered damage. Maintenance of a presence in social media forums is also important.

Many individuals choose to hire writers or firms of writers to accomplish this for them. These writers use SEO techniques to create websites that dominate the rankings of any search for an individual’s name. The websites need only to contain neutral or positive information about the client. As long as a sufficient number of them are created and they appeal to search engines properly, they will shove negative postings so far down in the page rankings that they will never be found. Such writers also visit blogs and other forums to respond positively to negative comments made about their client.

Guest post written by Barry Woolley, a social media expert dedicated in writing articles related to social media, internet marketing, online reputation management, blogging and other internet related topics. He always wanted to share his knowledge with people interested in the same field.

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Google AdWords Quality Score – How To Improve It

May 30, 2012

Improving Google AdWords quality Score is one of the ways through which you can ensure that your Ads perform better. Remember that the aim of Google is to produce search results that are relevant to the queries that the users use when searching for information online. Because of this, your Ads and the keywords that you choose are only likely to be found if they fall within the category that Google presumes that their users are looking for. In order to increase your fortunes through AdWords, you have to structure the words in such a way that they are most relevant to the Ads.

The following quote from the Google AdWords help centre explains Quality Score:

“The AdWords system calculates a Quality Score for each of your keywords. It looks at a variety of factors to measure how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user’s search query. A keyword’s Quality Score updates frequently and is closely related to its performance. In general, a high Quality Score means that your keyword will trigger ads in a higher position and at a lower cost-per-click (CPC).”

The Google AdWords Quality Score illustrated here, exemplifies the importance of various factors which influence the effectiveness of any PPC campaign. These factors are not always weighted equally and differ depending on the account or campaign. Much of the Google AdWords Quality Score model is logical application of basic concepts such as “relevance” and can therefore be applied to other PPC platforms such as Yahoo!

Many people whose Ads do not perform better fail to understand the reason behind it even after they work so hard to make things better. The answer to their questions is simple; improve the quality if your AdWords and everything will be fine. However, not everyone knows what is required in order to make the situation better. Here are some of the most important things that you can do to improve Google AdWords quality score.

Be Relevant

Using key words that are most relevant to what the users are looking for will tell Google that you are closely related to the solutions. For example, if you have the words in your URL or title of your Ads, you can be sure that Google will be attaching the words to it. You can go ahead and make it more relevant by including it in meta descriptions and All the headers. Having the words will automatically send a message to Google algorithm that your page is relevant to the specific words and is therefore likely to improve your score and in turn, make you more successful in your efforts to make an income through this method.

Work On Your Click Through Rate

Click through rate is the rate at which people click and find your Ads through links. When there are many people clicking through to your Ads, you can be sure that Google will identify it as being more relevant to what the users are seeking. They will be satisfied that you have the answers to the questions that the users are looking for and will therefore improve the quality. This is likely to increase your quality. In fact, if you can work on your click through rate and get many people to your site, it will be your best way of improving Google AdWords Quality score.

There are many ways through which you can work on your click through rate to make it better. For example, you can use any method that you think will make your Ad to stand out from the rest. It could be using punctuations such as question marks to ensure that the headings of the Ad sounds like a question or just including anything that you like.

Do Away With Non productive Keywords

You can only be successful if you choose key words that produce results. There is no point in insisting to work with those that cannot appeal to the people you are directing them to and which are adding no value to your site. Unfortunately, many people stick with unproductive keywords because they think that they one day will turn around their fortunes. However, this is not always that case because many of such people often end up struggling to improve the quality of their AdWords. Some of the key words can create an impression on people but end up producing nothing. The problem that comes with keeping them is that they reduce your click through rate.

Use Outbound Links That Are Relevant

When you include an outbound link on the landing page of your Ad, make sure that it links to a websites that is reputed. For instance, you can choose to link to websites that are known to offer accurate information about that specific Ad. By linking to an article on such sites, Google algorithm will know that you have more information for the users. This is one of the little tricks that you can easily use to improve Google AdWords quality score without having to work too hard for it. Remember than the score improves, your Cost Per Click reduces.

Guest Post By:

Ivan Dimitrijevic is an Senior SEO/SEM/Social Media Consultant, contributing to many blogs, including Dejan SEM Australia – Advanced Search Engine Marketing Solutions, writing about various Google Advertising and SEM features.

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Is Your Defense System Strong Against Negative SEO?

May 23, 2012

When you think of negative SEO, you can’t ignore the negative or black hat techniques in it. As a matter of fact, companies adopt black hat techniques to rank well in good books of Google. But the harm this negative SEO inflicts on search experience of users. But Google is strict on this point. It is not in a mood to pardon who climb the ladder of increased ranking via spam and other unapproved techniques. Google strikes down on the sites that use strategies not listed in Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

Before assessing whether your defense system is strong against Negative SEO or not, it is important to know more about negative SEO.

Negative SEO: Ignorance is Misery and Knowledge is Bliss

It is not an exaggeration to say that knowledge about negative SEO is the only way you can stay shielded from its wrath. Purchasing links in order to increase website rankings via aiming at rival’s site is the essence of negative SEO. Even excess of reviews on the competitor’s site is done intentionally. It will look paid and the site that has these reviews will be penalized. These are just some of the tactics that are judged as negative SEO. There are other similar techniques that are intended to harm rival’s site ranking and thereby improve own.

Defense System Against Negative SEO

After you know that there are no defined tactics used for negative SEO, your task of saving your site becomes all the more difficult. A website bent on doing this kind of SEO will search about your site’s flaws and use it to its own benefits. You need to know the following things to remain safe from it:

• A reputed site that is having robust domain authority might not be affected from negative SEO techniques.
• Getting involved in negative SEO is something very dangerous. It is a better deal to stay away from it.
• Google applies some systems to assess which site has faced the wrath of negative SEO.
• There are some SEO techniques that are easy to alter and affect the rival’s site. You need to have a clear view of these techniques.

The superior defense mechanism against this foul SEO is to constantly monitor your website’s ranking. In this way, you will easily be able to spot out any sudden change in it. Google is pretty serious on cracking a whip on paid links network.

You have to be cautious about not engaging in paid links activity. If you are into purchasing links then the search engine giant will not be able to distinguish whether you have been hit by a nasty competitor or are engaged in these activities on your own. You will attract penalty in any case. This means it is better to stay away from these activities and indulge in white hat SEO.

Guest post by: Cleo is working for seo-peace. She shares knowledge on latest in the SEO field.

Feast & Famine: What to Do with Your Money in the Financial Extremes

April 26, 2012

Especially for those new to investing, but even for those with more experience, there is one basic, fundamental question that is formidably difficult to answer: What do I do with my money?

It might seem like a simple question, but the simplicity of its wording actually hides the complexity of thought that its answer requires. Knowing what to do with your money is the central challenge of investing, and is in fact what keeps most away from investing in the first place. The financial world for many is a foreign one that looks like a minefield from afar.

While there is no easy answer to the question of where your money should be going, there is one factor that will have more influence over the answer than anything else — and that is how much money you have available.

In broad strokes, you either have a surplus or scarcity, or you don’t. Meaning that you are struggling with money, you are in an average situation, or you recently had a windfall — most people fit more or less into one of these three categories. And it is these categories that will help you determine how to invest what you have. I am going to focus more on surplus and scarcity, as there are already a wealth of articles on personal finance for those in average situations.


There are fewer people in this category than either of the other two, for apparent reasons. Not everyone has the luxury of a surplus of cash. Whether you won the lottery, inherited money, save a large sum while serving in the military or anything else, having a large sum of money to work with puts you at an advantage, but also brings new challenges.

Cash is best used for emergency situations or short-term spending needs, such as groceries, entertainment, and so forth. Financial planners generally agree that an ideal cash savings equals 12 months of your regular monthly expenses combined.

If you are sitting on more cash than that, you’re in a great position, but are sacrificing an enormous opportunity to grow your money. In the current market, you don’t want to throw all your money into stocks or other long-term investments at once because you will be more likely to lose more of it, but you should have a long-term investment strategy planned.

Michael Kitces, a commentator on the financial-planning industry, recommends that you move portions of your cash into the market a little at a time, over a period of three, six, or even 12 months.


Another word for scarcity is “debt.” They are both scary words, as anyone with a substantial amount of debt knows, and certainly words that introduce doubt about the future into your life.

No one will contest that investing for the future is an important part of managing your finances, but if you are drowning it debt, it doesn’t make sense to be regularly contributing the highest amount possible to your 401(k) every month. Instead, you should be trying to wipe out your debt as quickly as possible.

J.J. Montanaro, a certified financial planner, points out that “if you make an extra payment on a credit card balance that has a 15 percent interest rate, that’s equivalent to earning a guaranteed 15 percent return on your money — a promise the stock market can’t match.” In other words, the more quickly you pay off your debt, the more you’ll save in interest, and the more you’ll have to invest later.

Of course, if it’s possible, you should make contributions to your investments where you can, making sure that you have your priorities in line. Most families are saving for retirement and for a college fund for their children at the same time; if you are struggling with money, it is always a better idea to put the college fund savings on hold, as there are numerous ways to pay for college, and very few ways to pay for retirement.

In addition to rearranging your finances, you might want to start thinking creatively about how to generate more income, and not just cutting back on expenses. Renting out a room in your house or getting a second job are great ways to help pay your debt of more quickly, so that you can get back to investing in the future.

Guest post by: Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about online colleges. She loves receiving reader feedback, which can be directed to

Signs That You Are Just another SPAM Blogger

April 2, 2012

...Or How to Repent from Your SPAMMY Ways!

The following is a public service announcement from yours truly. It is a somewhat satirical rag on SPAM bloggers. And, even if that doesn’t apply to you, and I hope that it doesn’t, there is a lot to learn in the following post for just about anyone involved in blogging.


Oh, please forgive my lack of manners; I just came from my psychologists office. He suggested that I work on saying it how it is instead of sugar coating everything. I’ve chosen, you, SPAMMY bloggers, to be the brunt of my newly found freedom to say it like it is – because, well, you deserve it.


Yeah you know who you are, but if you don’t, here are a few signs that you are just another SPAM blogger.

The List:

• You don’t really know much about the main subject of your blog, and you never really intend to learn about it either
• Your blog is called something like Hemorrhoid-Medication-Reviews dot com
• You don’t have an “About” page because you are just like the “man behind the curtain” in the Wizard of Oz – not real
• You have an “About” page, but the name and picture aren’t really you
• You paid someone five dollars on “Fiverr” to get you 100 fake facebook “likes”
• You think that the Panda is dangerous

Fix Your SPAMMY Ways

Forgive me for getting all preachy on you, but I just want to tell you that the time has come to fix your SPAMMY ways. The end is near. Seriously. The end of poorly constructed purely for SEO, content is near.

Really? Really!

Since Google’s PANDA update search engine rankings have been falling for SPAM producers. And just recently Google shot “Build My Rank” to the ground. For anyone that hasn’t heard of it, “Build My Rank” is a link building service that, like so many others, artificially increased their clients websites rankings through SPAMMY backlinking. The party is over for them, and they admitted it. It’s just a matter of time before the rest of the superstar SPAMMY back linking services get blasted too.

But That’s Not All Folks

The search engines have their eyes on blasting your SPAMMY blogs to smithereens too.

What to Do About It

The good news is that it may not yet be too late, here are some things that you can do to convert your blog from SPAM to the real thing:

• Include an about page – it gives your blog an element of being personal
• Include a “terms of service” page – makes any site look more legit
• Stop spinning SPAMMY backlinks
• Create fantastic content that real humans will “like” and “tweet”

I feel better after getting that out of my system. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your awesome blogs.

Guest Author’s bio:

Rachel Walker is a FastUpFront Blog contributor and business consultant. Fastupfront offers business loan financing solutions based on business cash flow.

Are Users Happy with Their Google Search Results with Google+ Integration?

March 30, 2012

In January of 2012, Google announced Search Plus Your World, a major search enhancement that integrates activity from Google+ into the search results. So for example, when logged into the social network, if you type “skiing” into the field, you may see the photos you recently uploaded of yourself and friends from last year’s ski trip. While some users are finding the feature to be incredibly useful, others find it unnecessary and intrusive. Needless to say, the reception of Google+ integration in the search results has been a mixed bag of sorts.

Another Controversial Move By Google

No matter the opinion of individual users, most will at least agree that Google Plus Your World is nothing short of impressive. In the past, Google has tried to index content from its two main rivals in the social space, Facebook and Twitter, but things just didn’t work out. While both have refused to provide access to fully crawl their sites, Twitter has been the most cordial. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that we were seeing updates from the microblogging service being displayed in Google’s real-time search section. That stopped in the summer of 2011 when the two sides failed to renew their agreement.

Seeing how ugly things turned out, it was not all that surprising when Twitter came out and voiced its displeasure about Google integrating Google+ activity in the search results. In a statement made not too long after the launch of Search Plus Your World, a representative from Twitter said the update would make it harder for users to find information in the listings. This statement was presumably made because the enhancement ranks the activity from Google+ above the standard results. The other part of it relates to Twitter’s content specifically being pushed further down the page. Google didn’t seem very broken up about this as it replied by basically saying Twitter only had itself to blame.

Impact on SEO

Google’s decision to complement the search results with content from Google+ has some pretty big implications, especially from an SEO perspective. Initially, some were even concerned that Search Plus Your World could potentially spell the end of SEO. Search engine optimization will continue to be important as long as people rely on search engines to find content on the web, but the enhancement did cause some marketers to rethink their strategy. With the update in effect, more brands have come to realize that being active on Google+ could be vital to increasing their search visibility.

Due to all the fuss that has been made over Google’s Search Plus Your World, it is easy to lose sight of one of the most important components of the update, which in this case, refers to it being an optional feature. If a user wants to receive personalized results fueled by Google+, they can turn the feature on, and easily turn it off whenever they have a change of heart. This control alone probably made a lot of users happy.

Guest post by Edith Li – A freelance writer and a consultant for an online provider of email templates.

Top 5 Ways to Stay Focused While You’re Working from Home

March 15, 2012

You can make a lot of money working from home if you stay focused. Unfortunately, staying focused at home is a little more difficult than staying focused in a structured office environment. Your dogs, kids, and TV can all be major distractions. Plus, your nice, warm bed can be a temptation that’s sometimes too difficult to resist, especially if you’re sleep deprived. If you’ve just started working at home, the transition can be tough. You have to develop new self-motivation skills that you may not have needed to have in the past. Here are some tips to help you stay focused, productive, and successful at home:

1. Don’t abandon your daily morning ritual.

It’s tempting to just roll out of bed and start working in your pajamas. However, it’s better for you to maintain some kind of structured morning ritual. Taking time to get ready for your day will help get you in a productive groove. So, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, and be sure to eat some breakfast to get your energy levels up.

2. Put on some headphones.

Listening to music and tuning out the rest of the world while you work can keep you motivated and focused on what you’re doing. Listening to music does, however, distract some people. If you know it will distract you, consider putting in some earplugs. The point is to tune everything that’s going on around you out.

3. Take short breaks.

If you try to work non-stop for eight or more hours, you’re probably going to burn out and begin to feel unmotivated. So, take a ten-minute break in the morning, take some time to eat lunch, and take another ten-minute break in the afternoon. You’re probably used to taking breaks at work, and you’ll find that they’re very beneficial when you’re working from home. Your brain can only handle so much, so give it some time to rest each day.

4. Sit at a desk in an office chair, if possible.

Slouching on the couch isn’t going to keep your energy levels up. It’s going to make you want to take a nap. It’s a better idea to sit in an office chair at a desk, if you have these things. And it’s generally a good idea to try to sit up straight. Having good posture helps keep you alert and more focused on the tasks at hand.

5. Get some fresh air and sunlight.

For an hour or two every day, you should consider working outside (if you have a laptop you can take with you outside). Being able to work outside is one of the major perks of working at home. Exposing your body to some fresh air while you work will help keep your brain working optimally. Plus, sunlight will help keep your mood high, and being in a good mood is always good for productivity.

Author’s Bio: Carolyn is a guest blogger who often writes about working at home, small business management, and inventory management. In her spare time, she likes to research ecommerce trends and the stock market.

21 Expert Small Online Business Start-Up Tips

March 14, 2012

Are you thinking about starting an online business? Here are 21 online business start-up tips to get you started on creating your own online business.

1. Choose the right structure for your business. Deciding whether your business will be structured as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation is one of the most important decisions you will make. The business structure determines how you will pay taxes, so choose carefully.

2. Choose a name for your business that will help customers find you online. A good online business name describes what the business does.

3. Spend time on your business plan. A business plan is a fluid document, so revisit it periodically and make changes as needed.

4. Visit for information on starting and running a business. The Small Business Administration has a lot of information and resources that are helpful to people starting an online business.

5. Define your target market. Once you decide who you want to sell your product or service to, you can focus your advertising on that specific demographic.

6. Realistically calculate your start-up costs. Online businesses naturally cost less to start than brick and mortar stores. However, there are still advertising and website expenses.

7. Order professionally designed business cards. Business cards are important, even for online businesses. They convey professionalism when you give them to people you meet in person.

8. Invest in professional web design. Your home page is the first impression visitors will have of your business.

9. Set up accounts for your business on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Post to these accounts on a regular basis.

10. Set up a blog on your site. A blog is a way for you to interact with customers through your website. Blog posts are personal, between the business and the customer, so they add a human feel to an online business.

11. Choose advertisers wisely. If part of your business plan is to make money from selling advertising on your site, make sure the products that are sold are in line with your business model.

12. Learn SEO. The key to getting new visitors to your online business is being recognized by the search engines.

13. Use a reliable web hosting company. The web host should be able to handle the amount of traffic you want to have on your site, even if you don’t have that much traffic yet.

14. Be patient. Success doesn’t normally happen overnight.

15. Set up a mobile website and an app. Most people access the internet from their smartphones. If you do not have a mobile site, they may never find you.

16. Make your site interesting with videos. Like a blog, videos add personality to your online business.

17. Get involved in your community. Businesses that are active in their community, sponsoring events or donating goods or services, get free advertising.

18. Keep your business finances separate from your personal finances. Invest in good accounting software. This is a general business rule, but it is especially important to remember if you are working from home.

19. Choose the right business for your skills and experience. Many people convert their hobby into a business. However, if you do not have a lot of experience in the field, spend time learning about the market before you open your virtual doors.

20. Know your competition. There are a lot of online businesses and some of them may be courting the same customers as you. Analyze these businesses to find out what they are doing that is and isn’t working.

21. Get a mentor. If you do not know someone who can help you, contact SCORE. A mentor can provide invaluable advice and encouragement.

That should get you in the right mindset to get your business up and running! Good luck!

3 Unusual Online Money Making Methods That Work

March 6, 2012

There are a number of ways to make extra cash online. Whether you are interested in starting a new small business or want to get ahead on your car or mortgage payments, you can earn money easily. It is important to set goals and have a place to save up the money you earn utilizing these methods. If you have a goal to follow, then you will be better organized and can monitor progress so the funds go to the right place. The following three methods are simple and can help you achieve your financial goals!

Method 1: Auction Off Your Unwanted Belongings On Ebay or a Similar Site

Thousands of internet users have bought or sold items on auction websites like eBay. This can work for you as well. Some online auction sellers manage ongoing web stores that restock items. You don’t have to work with a supplier or make a product to sell. Instead browse your home for items you have not used in a long time. Anything that you haven’t needed in the last year or two can probably be safely unloaded.

Remember to check for similar auctions to get a feel for a realistic starting and/or buyout price. An item priced too high won’t sell. A cheap item might sell faster, but you could be losing out on the transaction. Also read through the user terms and all associated fees for the site and the payment service. Services like PayPal tack on a small fee when you withdraw or transfer funds. You can save up extra money while clearing out the attic, shed or basement!

Method 2: Get Involved with a Crowd-sourcing Website to Fund Your Goals

Crowd-sourcing has become a big deal on the web. Many projects have been completely funded by loyal followers. The term refers to a fund-raising effort that is focused on other people contributing a small amount. A few dollars here and there can quickly become hundreds or even thousands. Crowd-sourcing websites have been popping up everywhere and provide an easy way to manage your fundraiser. Some also ask the person receiving donations to give something back, such as a small gift or reward related to the project or goal. This is left up to you.

This method works best for anyone who has a goal they don’t mind sharing publicly. Some sites offer general crowd-sourcing, so you can work towards funding just about anything. You must have a single goal in mind and be willing to share details and promote your fundraiser online.

Method 3: Try a Hassle-free No Fax Cash Advance to Cover Debts

The no fax cash advance is a third option that is better for anyone who doesn’t have a larger public goal in mind. If you need some extra money to pay a bill or cover an unexpected expense, like a car repair, then this is a good way to go. Before taking out a cash advance, make sure you can pay the amount back when the time comes. Doing so will keep you in good standing with the lender and make it easier to obtain funds in the future. A no fax cash advance can help you avoid late fees and a lowered credit score.

5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

February 23, 2012

There are several ways to increase the number of actions that the visitors to your ecommerce website take. The following will discuss some of the best ways. There is strong evidence to show that these techniques work and are very likely to help increase conversion rates of your online business website.

1) Offer Live Chat

Live chat allows the opportunity to provide good customer service. It is the equivalent of approaching a customer in a store and asking, “Can I help you?” Live chat is personalized and makes it easy for customers to ask any questions they have about your ecommerce products. Providing a live chat service has been shown to consistently result in a significantly higher conversion rate compared to providing other support channels, such as email. Some online commerce websites have reported increased conversion rates of as much as ten times, as a result of live chat implementation.

2) Publish Amazing Content

Providing quality and useful content is great for users and help tremendously for SEO. Users are more likely to take action if they can see that you have strong content to offer. Search engine are looking for unique and quality content to differentiate your site from others. This content can be in the form of user reviews, ratings and blogs. This content should aim for quality rather than quantity and it should be considered a resource that people want to keep coming back to. This helps to develop a following and establishes you as an authority. This increases the trust from your audience and directly leads to conversions.

3) Email Marketing

Even though email isn’t the newest or trendiest form of reaching out, it can be the strongest. Email marketing just works. This is because your subscribers are your targeted audience and they are on your list because they are already interested in what you are offering. There are a number of ways to maximize your email marketing effectiveness. Email frequently keeps you in your audience’s mind and keeps the communication flowing. Write great content in your emails and make it as interesting to read as possible. Offer a promotion to provide the incentive to make a purchase. Offer a gift or something for free. This makes your audience take notice of your and arouses attention. Email marketing has been reported time and time again to increase conversion rates for ecommerce stores.

4) Offer Internal Search

Offering search functionality within a website increases conversion rates. This is because search makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for rather than navigating through predefined categories which users usually aren’t familiar with. Internal search also allows you to analyze if there are particular products that customers are searching for. This provides the opportunity to shift the most searched for products to a more prominent position. If there are many searches for products that you don’t offer, this could be strong indication of which products you should potentially be offering.

5) Beautiful Web Design

If the investment is made to create a professional looking web design, visitors are more likely to convert for online commerce sites. Just like a physical store, if a website is cluttered and unclear your audience will be turned off. Visual design reflects quality and users are more likely to trust the website as being professional and trustworthy. Traditional marketing, online marketing and other techniques used to convert visitors will not be as effective without strong visual design of your website. This is a very important aspect of your business and your visitors will quickly judge your business based on how the website pages look.

Guest post by written by Mitchel Xavier, an expert in Magento Commerce and provides web design services for e-commerce businesses in Sydney, Australia.

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