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Accepting Pre-Applications For Our Free Make Money Online Coaching Program

January 11, 2011

It’s 1/11/11 that’s a lot of 1s! We are looking for a few readers committed to becoming number 1 at making money online…

We are now accepting pre-applications for the free training program that we have been talking about. You should read our initial description of the program here and the followup post here before applying.

Like I said in those posts we are only go to accept a very small number of people into the program—think a maximum of around 5. If it interests you and you are willing to do what it takes to make a living online, then you need to go join the Can I Make Big Money Online Facebook fan page, by clicking like on our facebook page. Then click on the tab with the Pre-application and follow the instructions.

Please let us know if you have any question not covered in our previous posts, by commenting below.

Free Internet Marketing Coaching Program

December 16, 2010

Do you want personal free coaching to learn how to make money online?

In just a few weeks, Trent, Jill and I will be taking applications to be part of our FREE coaching program. We will be taking on a very limited number of quality individuals to train in running a successful Internet business. The three most important factors that will influence your chances of being chosen are:

1. Writing ability
Can I Make Big Money Online has always been about helping people learn. If you are accepted into the coaching program, we want to help others at the same time that we help you. So, anyone accepted will be writing 1 or more blog posts a month about their progress and/or things they have learned. Because of this, anyone accepted needs to be a proficient writer. That doesn’t mean you need to be able to write award winning copy or the great American novel. But you do need to write clearly, with some personality and with minimal need for editing.

2. Commitment To Follow Directions
Normally, I don’t require that our clients follow all of our directions. However, we are giving away free private individual coaching, so we can’t accept people into the program unless they are going to follow our directions and do what we ask of them.

3. Persistence
We need you to be committed to following our instructions for at least 12 months. Most people last about 3 months when they try to make a living online, then they give up. If you are a quitter, then don’t apply.

What you will get:
You will get monthly coaching from Trent, Jill and I to help you run a successful business. We will help you either improve your current business or start a new business from scratch that ideally suits your talents and skill.

What we expect in return
You will become an author on Can I Make Big Money Online so people can follow your progress and learn some of the things you learn. You will write at least 1 blog post a month to help readers learn from your experience.

Like I said, we are only go to accept a very small number of people into the program. If it interests you and you are willing to do what it takes to make a living online, then you need to go join our Facebook page, by clicking like on our facebook page. We will be posting the application and more details of the program on our facebook page in the coming weeks. The only way you can get into the free coaching program is by liking our fan page. Click here to visit the Can I Make Big Money Online fan page and remember to click the like button to learn more about the coaching program.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Business Success Secrets From Will Smith

October 31, 2010

Just found this video where actor/singer/song writer, Will Smith, shares his secrets of business success. The only thing I would add that Will left out is to ask for guidance from the Almighty. Otherwise, it’s excellent advice.

Kajabi And The Death Of Email Marketing.

October 14, 2010

There are two really interesting launches happening right now that I wanted to talk about.

First, Kajabi just launched and you can check it out here: (my affiliate link)

It should be interesting to you if you want to launch a membership site. It might be overkill for you, especially if you aren’t into video marketing (which you should be).

Next, the “Death of email marketing” is a really interesting read. I am going to be signing up for the program because it fits in well with my current business plans. Click here to download the book. (my affiliate link) It’s written by Scott Boulch who wrote the original “Death of” ebook “The Death Of Adsense”.

So if you are interested in launching a membership site using primarily video marketing, then check out Kajabi. If you are interested in finding out what technology may be replacing email marketing in the not so distant future then check out the Death of email marketing.

Have I Replaced My Salary Yet – Am I Making A Living Online?

August 9, 2010

It’s been just over a year since I was laid off from my full time job at Hewlett Packard Corporation. I was a JAVA developer there making a nice living which did make it hard to leave on my own. That said, my lay off didn’t come as a huge surprise since roughly 6 months prior to being laid off I told my boss that I wasn’t happy with the work I was being assigned, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay. So I was very blessed to get shoved out the door last July, because without that push it was going to be hard to leave that job despite being ready to leave.

Anyway, last July I started doing this “online thing” full time.

I know you might wondering:

So how has that worked out for you?

Have you replaced your nice regular paycheck at HP yet?

Well, yes I have!

Well actually it’s “yes we have”!

My wife Jill and I are running a web design and web marketing company, and we have fully replaced my salary. Now, mind you it’s a lot of work. We both put in about 30 hours of work every week, which amounts to a total of 60 hours a week between the two of us. So it’s not a cake walk by any means.

Right now, Jill handles most of the sales and networking, as well as managing our web design contractors and most of our web design client interaction. If that wasn’t enough, she’s busy becoming our social media expert. I’m in charge of the SEO, PPC, Internet marketing plans, managing our Internet marketing contractors, handling the business operations and the client interactions for our marketing clients. We do quite a bit of overlapping work when it comes to interacting with clients, acquiring joint venture partners and building relationships. It’s been working out really well for us, and the future is looking pretty amazing.

So, yes we have been able to make money online and so can you! In the coming months I will talk a lot more about some of the factors that have helped us build a successful business.

Before I Go!

Before I leave, I just wanted to say that I really do want to help you succeed, BUT everyday I get questions from people wanting FREE advice, and neither my wife or I have the time to answer everyone’s questions personally. If I answered every question I got I would have no time to run a business and no time to spend with my family. So, please don’t be offended if you email us and don’t get an answer in response.

We DO answer many questions posted in the comments in response to a post. We’ll also sometimes answer particularly unique questions in a blog post. And, of course, the content we create for this site is free. But if you have a pressing need for our expertise and want our personalized help in building your business, you can hire us for phone or in person consulting or training. Phone consulting is currently $200/hour (as of August, 2010), but we can help you save hours of looking for an answer online and trying to figure out things on your own.

If you’re anything like my wife, you’re probably thinking “Whoa, Nelly! $200 for the ‘privilege’ of speaking to one of the Mantys for an hour?” Let me explain how the process works. When you contact us to set up a phone consultation, you’ll send us 4-5 questions that can be answered in an hour (ranking them in order of importance, in case time runs out). We’ll then research the answers to your questions— we don’t charge you for that time. So, your “one hour” phone consultation may, in reality, take as many as four or five hours of our time.

Of course, if you have a business and are considering hiring us to design a website or for marketing services, we provide a one hour free consultation. However, that isn’t designed to be a time to answer all of your questions. It’s primarily a time where we can assess how we can best help you and which of our services are likely to benefit you the most. While you may get some useful hints and information out of it, if you want to “do it yourself” and just need direction, you’re much better off paying for a phone consult.

Anyway, we look forward to helping you succeed online and if you would like to see us build a step by step program on making a living online or any other type of program let us know in the comments below.

Do You Have the Online Money Making Mindset?

August 5, 2010

There is a certain mindset needed for making a living online. It can be the difference between becoming very successful and wasting your time and money for a while before eventually quitting. It’s not easy to make big money online and anyone who tells you differently is flat out lying to you! Therefore, you must truly know deep within yourself that you will never give up no matter what. You need a burning desire to becoming successful at all costs.

Too many people think that it’s easy to make money online or that they are going to get rich just by signing up for some program or buying an ebook. I can’t really blame them most of the time because that’s what they are led to believe by shady marketers and flat out scammers. But the truth is actually the complete opposite… It’s very difficult to make a living online!

Sure, you might be able to earn a little money without a lot of effort. But if you are looking to actually build a full-time income on the internet then you better be ready to do a lot of learning, a lot of hard work, and spend a lot of time before you get there. Having some money to invest into your online business will be very helpful as well. If it were easy then everyone would do it and nobody would have any money problems. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. So, you can’t go into it with the attitude of getting rich quickly or easily. It’s not going to happen!

What it really comes down is your money making mindset. If you truly believe you will succeed, and you are more than willing to put in the time and effort needed, and get up from all failures, you will be able to make a living online. Know that you will have to work hard to get there but it can be done. Nothing can stop you if completely you believe in yourself and never give up!

Main Street Marketing Machines Review

April 29, 2010

Jill here. Obviously, George and I haven’t had time to review the entire Main Street Marketing Machines program yet because it’s HUGE! But we got an email that they’re closing the doors Friday at midnight (Pacific), so we wanted to update you on what we’ve looked at so far so that you can make a decision if you’re on the fence. Look, I like to procrastinate as much as the next person, but do not wait until the last minute if you really want to get in on this and don’t want to wait months and months until it opens again. You’ll kick yourself if you forget and don’t get signed up.

This is what we’ve discovered so far. No offense to Local Business Money Machine, which has been a complete blessing this past year and really helped us get off the ground and headed in the right direction, but this is a MUCH better program. Of course, it’s about three times as expensive, so that’s something you’ll need to take into consideration. But, especially if you’re a “newbie”, this program breaks everything down into very manageable chunks. And the videos are incredibly professional (what else would you expect from the guys at Traffic Geyser) and even entertaining.

In fact, this program is broken down so well, that I am going to try my hand at some of the technical parts of it. I’m going to create a landing page myself and see whether someone who’s technically capable but completely unpracticed can do this. I won’t get it done in time to tell you the results before the program closes, but the fact that I’m willing to even TRY is a testimony to this program. Keep in mind that when I graduated from high school, I asked that my parents give me a typewriter instead of a computer, and I usually tell people that “I eat breakfast and talk to people, and George does all the work.” Perhaps I’ll no longer be able to say that šŸ™‚

What else have we discovered? We would have paid as much for the level of Traffic Geyser membership included as we paid for the entire Main Street Marketing program. So, even if you’re thinking about trying out Traffic Geyser, go this route instead. You’ll get not only the great video marketing training that Traffic Geyser includes but marketing materials for your new business; over 40 hours of video training by everyone from Mainstreet Marketing success stories (they really do tell you EXACTLY what they did to be successful, even role playing some of the client approach strategies they use) to Bill Glazer; planners; free report templates; fill in the blanks autoresponders… I really could go on and on.

Is this program for everyone? I would still say “no”. There are plenty of people who won’t implement the steps and won’t follow the program. If this is you (you know who you are), don’t buy this program. If you don’t like interacting with people, and you’re not willing to take on a partner who can handle the client interactions, this probably isn’t the program for you. I think, however, that it is appropriate for people with varying skill levels when it comes to internet marketing. You do need some degree of comfort with technology, in general. But if you’ve ever blogged at all or are comfortable with Facebook, then you should do fine.

Like Local Business Money machine, you’ll need some time to set aside for this. The Traffic Geyser trainings are pretty quick and easy. There are eight lessons in the Express Lane training. The longest lesson I’ve seen so far is about 15 minutes. Then there are assignments that go along with those, which I think will take a minimum of 30 minutes to a couple of hours. So, you’ll need around 15-20 hours, probably to get through those trainings. And then, of course, you’ll need to go through the Main Street Marketing steps. Plus, making the pages and acquiring your clients. In other words, don’t think you’re going to buy this and five minutes later start depositing checks in your bank account. But, really, if any of you HAVE discovered a system that works that way, you should contact George about writing for this blog because clearly you’ve found a way to make money grown on trees and a quick way to harvest it.

I do think that you should be able to get through enough training and start implementing the program and figure out whether it works within your 30 day trial. That is, of course, if you don’t wait until day 25 to get started. And that’s my recommendation to you. If you’re interested, buy the program. Work the program for the next 30 days (no excuses— just get busy). If you realize it’s not for you, there’s no way you’re going to do it, you haven’t even opened the files— for crying out loud, return the program! It’s risk free if you’ll just take that step if you aren’t using it.

So, in summary, are we abandoning Local Business Money Machine and switching to Main Street Marketing? No. We’ll do a hybrid of the two for our business model because we’re already making money with Local Business Money Machine. There is a lot of overlap in these two programs, as they both target Local Search marketing opportunities. However, there are some areas that are mentioned in less detail in Local Business Money Machine that we haven’t really pursued as much as we could have (including doing more direct marketing and, of course, video marketing). These are the areas where we’ll be using Main Street Marketing Machines. Do I think you can use Main Street Marketing Machines without Local Business Money Machine? Absolutely!! It’s a completely different model and will stand on it’s own with no problem.

So, take some time to think about it. Write down the pros and cons, where you want to be a year from now and whether your current path is going to get you there. Then, if you think this is a good match for you, buy it! I think you’ll be glad you did.

P.S. Oh, and if you have any questions about the program that you’d like answered before tomorrow, let us know. We’ll be checking comments for the next couple of days pretty regularly so that we can answer anything that will help you make a decision.

PPS. To get our Main Street Marketing Machines Bonus, please remember to use our affiliate link by clicking here. Then send an email to info @ mantywebdesigns .com with a copy of your receipt. Once we have verified that you purchased through our link we will contact you to set up a one hour phone consultation with us to answer any of your questions after you have used the program for at least 30 days. Also, we will follow that call up with an email to check on your progress.

Please, let us know if you have any questions about our Main Street Marketing Machines review.

Yet Another Chance To Join The Local Business Money Machine

January 19, 2010

In case you missed it the last several times that it opened up to new members, it looks like there will be another chance for you to sign up for the Local Business Money Machine.

If you want to see our review of the program check it out by clicking here. And, yes our local Internet marketing business is still doing very well.

We will still offer you the same bonus if you sign up through our affiliate link.

If you buy the program, we’d like to help you use the program successfully. We’re offering you a Quick Start Blueprint— the parts of the program that we felt were the most critical for getting started, including our most successful networking tips and the tools (both paid and free) that we’ve found the most useful. And when you finish those trainings and have had a chance to get your feet wet, we’ll give you a 60 minute phone consultation at the end of your first month where you can ask any questions you may have.

To get our bonus for the Local Business Money Machine follow the steps below:

1. Click here on our affiliate link and sign up for their email list. Then when it opens sign up for the program (before it closes).
2. Email your receipt for the program to us at info @ with the subject line “Make Money Online Blueprint”.
3. After we have verified your sign up using our affiliate link then we will contact you about the blueprint.
4. After you have been in the program for 30 days and are ready to ask us questions, set up your free phone consultation.

How I Went From Disgruntled Chef To Freelance Superstar

November 4, 2009

I do admit the title of this post is a little on the ‘heavy side’ but I’ve chosen it for a good reason. Today (4 November 2009) is the day I’m launching my first ever paid-for info product Freelance Superstar.

Freelance Superstar is a step by step guide for newbie freelance writers or those existing entrepreneurs who currently struggle in their business. It is a labor of love and seasoned with plenty of hardship as everything I had to learn in order to run my own successful business is contained within. Basically, the Freelance Superstar guide will save you weeks of frustrations – guaranteed.

My early days:

When I first got started as a wannabe writer I had one thing going for me – passion to reach success once and for all or face another 20+ years in a job I absolutely hated. This drive was pushing me to work long hours and sacrifice many weekends in order to succeed.

In hindsight I have to say that every single tear I shed, every dollar I spent and every ‘not so lady-like word’ I ushered was worth it.

I got my first long term client while answering an online ad for a paid blogger job. By the time I saw it it had early been published 6 weeks and I figured ‘oh well, what have I got to lose by applying for it.’ So I did. Interestingly enough I got the job!

And guess who my first client was – yep, it is no other than my current partner in crime for the Freelance Superstar product – infamous online ‘guru’ Gobala Krishnan. Gobala employed me as a staff blogger on one of his sites which later lead to being the editor in charge on a couple of his blogs. Plus it also brought me several big name marketers as new clients.

The rest as they say is history – I wish.

My seven months journey to freedom and success:

From that very first job I landed with Gobala it took seven months for me to earn a full time income. Those seven months were perhaps the toughest ever for me because I spend hours online in order to brand my name and my business with my blog and social media. It was extremely time consuming but also very rewarding because by the time I quit my offline job for good (January 2008) I never had to look back.

In fact, from January 08 until March/April 09 I was fully booked at all times without having to seek one single client. You could call this the honeymoon period I guess. Life was perfect.
The suddenly I realized…

... that I had priced myself out of the market. When things started to slow down in those early months of 2009 I didn’t know yet that the GFC had already crowded my style. Only when I got an increased ‘lack of replies’ to my quotes I figured something was seriously wrong. My business was still rolling nicely but the cracks were slowly starting to show due to having bigger gaps in my schedule.

It was time to take action once again:

The first thing I did was to take down my rates and customize them for every single client. This has worked a treat for me ever since. Only later did I make the connection between this sudden loss of bookings and the global recession.

Luckily for me I did act on it immediately and only had to experience two slowish months.

I also realized that unless I got into the info product market I could keep writing forever and never achieve true time freedom. So I wrote Freelance Superstar to help newbies find their feet in the industry.

The supercharge formula:

A lot has happened since and while I normally never talk about my income I can proudly say that I had my first $700 day late last month. Naturally not all days are this crazy but my income has doubled from September to October this year already and things are looking good for the future.

My personal supercharge formula can be accredited to the power of outsourcing. Outsourcing is the way to go in this industry and I will talk about this in detail if you head over to my new site Writing Pod. That site is dedicated to take a freelance writing business to the next level and only my list subscribers will find out how I did this because it isn’t for the faint-hearted or the person scrambling for their last dollar.

What it takes to reach success in business:

If you want to be widely successful in your own business you need to be dedicated to your success. Expect late nights, weekend work, last minute orders from clients and a whole heap of time consuming tasks.

You also need to be passionate about what you do, otherwise it will never work out for you. The magic word is to take massive action day in and day out. Even after you reach acceptable success levels you have to keep on pushing. I’m happy to say though that it beats the alternatives for me every single day.

I LOVE my business, I LOVE my clients and best of all, I really LOVE my life. Do you have it within you to be the next Freelance Superstar?

In success
Monika Mundell

Another Business Oppportunity To Make Money Online With Local Businesses

October 18, 2009

As you know, Jill and I started a houston web marketing and design company that helps local businesses make money online. Well, Jeff Walker just released a cool video about a new training course he is going to launch that teaches local businesses how to make a ton of money with product launches. This sounds like a great business opportunity.

I am personally very interested in the course because I think it would be a great service to offer to local businesses. It fits really well with our current business. If the price is reasonable then it will be hard for us not to invest in the training.

Anyway, Jeff is giving away some good free information in his videos about the course, so I recommend you click here to check it out.

Note: All the links in this post are affiliate links and I will make money if you buy something after clicking on them.

How To Make A Living Online By Helping Local Business Owners

June 25, 2009

Recently, my wife Jill and I started a new business that helps local businesses make more money by properly marketing their websites on the Internet. The new business has gone extremely well. We have picked up 4 clients in the first 2 weeks and we have several other very strong leads. It has been VERY COOL!

I am not sure if we could have done it this quickly without the help of a training system that we discovered when it was first released. It is called the Local Business Money Machine and the system is absolutely amazing. The training reveals how to get ideal clients quickly, how to make winning proposals to those clients, how to run your business, and how to market your client’s local businesses on the web.

Going into the training I already knew a TON about online marketing, however there are some cool things I have learned about marketing local businesses on the Internet that I wasn’t aware of prior to the training. For me the really valuable part of the training has been the “getting clients” part of the program. The system for getting clients is well suited for my wife Jill, so she has been taking care of most of the client acquisition (sales) process, whereas I have been doing the online marketing and project management part of the business. It works great for us.

Who is this program for?

I think this program is best suited for those who have been doing some online marketing and/or have some experience getting clients but have not found that perfect system for running a successful business. People who are complete newbies (less than 6 months trying to make money online) are going to find the learning curve a bit more difficult and will need to take things slower than we are. You can still use this system if you are complete newbie, but it is going to take a lot more time than those who have some general Internet marketing knowledge. The good thing is that you can do the training at your own pace and the training is very well organized.

To see a free webinar that teaches the basics of what we are doing click here.

Today the program goes live again. I am not sure how many people they are taking this time. Last time it was 100. You can see the page to sign up for the program by clicking here.

If you do join the program using the link above, then let me know and I will keep in touch with you to help you out with the program and to potentially partner with you on some projects.

Sneak Peak At Our Houston Based Web Marketing Company

June 1, 2009

Life has a funny way of forcing your hand. I’ve been playing around at this online thing for several years now and have made some decent money at it, but never really committed to it. I’ve talked about doing it full time. I’ve dreamed about doing it full time. But I haven’t been DOING it full time. Then a month ago I was laid off from my job as a JAVA developer. I spent some time putting together a resume and talking to recruiters before realizing I didn’t really want another job working for someone else. I wanted to work for myself. Full time.

So, after a series of events unfolded (which could be the focus of a later post), my wife and I decided to take the plunge and start our own business. So, I am very pleased to introduce MantyWeb Designs (, a full service web promotion and web design company. We will be specializing in helping local businesses with underperforming websites turn their websites into a valuable part of their marketing plan. I’ll be focusing on helping people increase traffic and improving conversion rates. My wife will be concentrating on sales.

While we are based in Houston, we’re available to help people all over the U.S. So, if you’re in need of assistance, contact me. You can leave all well wishes in the comment section.

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