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Local Business Money Machine Review – Opening its Doors Again

September 15, 2009

Hi, this is Jill, George’s wife. For a bit of a change of pace, I’m going to offer the update on our experience with Local Business Money Machine.

We started with the program in June. As you know, George has been involved with internet marketing for quite some time. In spite of his grasp on the subject and the success of this blog, we’ve never found that one thing that works best for us as far as actually making money. So, after George was laid off, we came across Local Business Money Machine and thought it seemed like an excellent opportunity. And it has been. The program has opened twice now— once when we joined and again about 6 weeks later. Now, they’re opening their doors once again.

Let me start by saying we have made back every penny we’ve put into the program. We haven’t yet replaced George’s full time salary, but I think it’s realistic to expect that we’ll be able to do that by early next year, if not earlier. The program does talk about making a full time salary in three months, but I think that’s pretty aggressive.

First, it depends on what you consider full time. After 20 years of George working as a software programmer and with six children, our idea of a “full time” salary is most likely a bit higher than someone in their twenties. Second, I think it does depend somewhat on your existing business network. To get those first clients, it’s nice if you already have some inroads. The program provides lots of information on finding your first clients, but our experience has been that some of those take a bit longer. We’ve got some seeds we’ve been watering since July that we expect to finally bloom in the next couple of weeks. We started with practically no useful local business contacts, so we had to start from ground zero in that regard. Even under those circumstances, we’re in a good place for a three month old business.

As George wrote in his first post on this topic, we’re not sure about how effective this program would be for the absolute novice. I think there’s enough information there for a complete newbie, but I think it might take a bit longer to implement. However, the information provided is very clear and comprehensive. My college degree is in theater and, other than being married to George and listening to him talk, I don’t really have a technical background. The material in Local Business Money Machine has been very accessible to me. I’ve had no problems following the content and even communicating it to others.

There is a LOT of material in the program. You’d probably need about two weeks of consistent time set aside listening to the trainings to get started (a couple of hours a day, I’d say). And then you’ll need weekly time set aside to listen to the ongoing trainings, visit the forums, etc. But there’s no program out there that is going to give you a full time income just for purchasing it (run away from any that promise that). Local Business Money Machine will train YOU to be a money making machine, but it’s not going to do the work for you. It provides solid principles for getting started in a real business offering traffic services to local businesses. But it’s up to you to implement the training.

So, in summary, if the recent economy has you thinking about starting a new business full time or adding to your income by working part-time, and you enjoy this blog and learning about internet marketing, I think the Local Business Money Machine is a great blueprint for getting started in a business that is interesting, absolutely needed by local businesses and only going to grow in the future. There is a money back guarantee, so if you get it and decide it’s just not for you, you’re not stuck. If you do decide to get it and then return it, email George and let him know why. We’d be interested in knowing who the program DOESN’T work for, as we already have a good idea who it DOES work for.

If you buy the program, we’d like to help you use the program successfully. We’re offering you a Quick Start Blueprint— the parts of the program that we felt were the most critical for getting started, including our most successful networking tips and the tools (both paid and free) that we’ve found the most useful. And when you finish those trainings and have had a chance to get your feet wet, we’ll give you a 60 minute phone consultation at the end of your first month where you can ask any questions you may have.

One last thing, when you sign up for the program you’ll have the opportunity to add on a 4-Pack. We highly recommend it. The Million Dollar Presentation, alone, is worth the cost. As the networking/sales member of our team, I have used it several times, and it always wows people. I used it to do a 20 minute presentation at our local Chamber of Commerce, and the next day at another networking event, I had people who weren’t even at the presentation tell me that they’d heard it was great from other people at the Chamber. It really set us apart as a business that knew what we were talking about.

Thanks for reading. We’re really excited about our future with the program, and we’re very thankful for the opportunity it has given us. Go watch the free videos about the program and decide if it’s the right opportunity for you.

To get our bonus for the Local Business Money Machine follow the steps below:

1. Click here on our affiliate link and sign up for the program (before it closes).
2. Email your receipt for the program to us at info @ with the subject line “Make Money Online Blueprint”.
3. After we have verified your sign up using our affiliate link then we will contact you about the blueprint.
4. After you have been in the program for 30 days and are ready to ask us questions, set up your free phone consultation.

Get Keyword Anchored Backlinks to Make Money Online

January 25, 2009

The best way to consistently make money online is to get to the top of the search engine results (mainly Google) for the top keywords related to your website. And the best way to get to the top of the search engine results is by having a lot of keyword anchored backlinks pointing to your website.

This has always been the case but most people have forgotten this simple fact because they are too busy trying to get traffic from social networking sites. The problem is that the traffic you get from social sites is either completely worthless or very close to it. How much money have you actually made from traffic as a result of social site? I bet it’s very little! Now compare that to the people who own the sites in your niche at the top of the search engine results who are making a ton of money every day.

Let me ask you this question…

Would you rather work your butt off every day trying to get a bunch of traffic from social sites and make a little bit of money from it, or work your butt off for a few months to get high search engine rankings then sit back while you make a lot of money every day?

I will assume you picked the latter unless you enjoy working 24 hours a day!

Let’s say your website (or blog) is about making money online. You will want to be ranked on the first page of Google for several keyword phrases related to your niche. For this example some of the main ones would be:

- Make Money Online
– How to Make Money Online
– Ways to Make Money Online
– Making Money Online
– Make Money Online Free

You can use the free Google keyword tool to find as many as you want.

Now, that isn’t exactly the best example because it’s very difficult to get to the top of the search engine results for make money online related keywords. However, it’s not so hard in smaller and less competitive niches. I just chose MMO because it’s an easy one to use as an example.

How do you get those rankings?

You get them by having a lot of keyword anchored backlinks!

A keyword anchored backlink is a link pointing to your website with your main money making keywords as the text of the link. A good one would be from a high quality, high ranking, high page rank website related to your site, but almost any keyword anchored backlink is better than none.

You can get these links a lot of different ways… link exchanges, guest blogging, forum signatures, directories, article marketing, do follow blog comments, some social bookmarking sites, testimonials, contests, and several other ways.

I won’t go in-depth about any of these link building methods because there is plenty of information out there about them already and this post will be way too long if I explain them all.

Honestly making money online is not very complicated. All you have to do is rank at top of Google for as many keywords as you can, add ways to make money to your site, and watch the money roll in. It takes hard work to get there but it’s definitely not complicated.

So, make this the year you really break out and start making the kind of money you always dreamed of. Get started on gaining backlinks right now so you can dominate the search engines!

Dedicated to your success, Trent Brownrigg

Owner of a highly successful internet marketing business and a popular online home business blog.

Can You Really Earn A Full Time Income Working Two Hours a Day?

December 18, 2008

Guest Post By Hendry Lee

Believe it or not, that is our industry. Thanks for the overzealous marketers who promise the sky in their sales letters, people actually believe that it is possible to setup a lousy site or blog, choose random affiliate products and make money overnight.

That’s also the reason why people jump from one opportunity to another. Starting a project is easy, but finishing it is a challenge because they begin to think everything that takes time to produce results is good for nothing.

To answer the question in the title, earning full time income working two hours a day is possible, but at the same time too unrealistic, especially for newbies.

Before I get hate email and comments below, please allow me to elaborate.

The Truth about Making Money with a Blog

A few years ago, it used to be that professional bloggers started 10-20 blogs at the same time, trying to maintain them at once. However, nowadays you will notice that all of them focus only on one or two that they are either interested / passionate about or niches that have been working well.

Creating valuable content and promoting it takes a lot of time and work. People may laugh at bloggers who are producing great content because they aren’t making money as much as others who are spamming the search engine indexes.

The truth speaks itself but I’d still recommend that you focus on the long term. Why? If you’ve ever noticed a spammy site in the search index one day, try to come back a few months later. I’d bet the page is no longer there. Building your business by producing low quality and auto-generated content in the hope that search engines will grant high rankings is like building your house on sand.

Spam sites may make a small fortune, but they have to constantly come up with new techniques to win over the search engines—which have hundreds of smart people working to improve their products every day. It will only get harder.

A business is not supposed to be successful overnight. That has always been true. As long as you provide value, you are going to make it in the end.

In most cases, bloggers who are able to make full-time income working two hours a day have the following advantages:

  1. They have experience under their belts. Being Internet savvy, for instance is just one example. If you are able to learn how to use new services, capture screenshot, edit photos, use Skype and Twitter to communicate, etc. you can work faster than others. The list of these skills go on and on. It probably takes at least twice as long for average people to do the same thing.

  2. Experience comes from hard work. And they have earned it. They worked hard, sometimes 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week for years. They reach the level where they know how Internet works specific to the niche they are doing business on.

  3. They have resources. As they have been around for a long time, they know people who are able to help them, even though they work alone. Networking is a critical component of blog promotion.

Obstacles You Have to Overcome

First off, making full time income by blogging is possible by working part time but it is not for beginners.

Don’t believe me? Depends on your content and traffic strategy, just take an example that you are going to create a piece of really good linkbait to be submitted to Digg.

Just browse around Digg to see which the characteristics of articles and contents that have successfully got into the front page. How long does it take for you to create such a piece?

Many bloggers would spend 4-6 hours, some others have to work on it for a few days, just to create a really good content. If you only allocate two hours a day, perhaps you should scratch Digg out of your traffic strategy.

Even if you only write average posts and focus on consistency, you need to use article marketing, guest blogging and other low cost and less time consuming strategies to get traffic. Two hours a day are barely enough to update content on your blog and promote it, let alone handling technical and administrative work.

Be prepared to work more hours at first, at least until you have loyal audience, who is going to promote your blog for you every time you update your blog.

If you are just getting started, set a more realistic goal. If you have not yet earned your first $100 online, perhaps you should do that first and go from there. As you invest more effort into it, you will be able to work faster and become more efficiently.

Patience and focus are two key factors. Blogging can be very rewarding. It allows you to work on your own schedule, writing whatever you want, and still build a business from it. For most people, that is still very worth pursuing. Some readers write me back after I revealed these truths to them, feeling discouraged about the possibilities to build a business online.

Don’t be. In fact, if you don’t buy into these myths and work toward your goal, you will reach your goal faster than if you are trapped in those fictitious believes. To tell the truth, this is something I hope others have written years ago when I was getting started.

Hendry Lee helps bloggers overcome strategic and technological challenges in starting and growing their blogs. He also blogs about tips and strategies on how to make money blogging on his blog Blog Tips for a Better Blog – Blog Building University. While you are there, download your free eBook and subscribe to the blogging e-course!

Have a Twitter account? Follow Hendry on Twitter (@hendrylee).

Maximising Your SERPS Listing

April 28, 2008

Guest post by Jonathan Dawkins

Search Engine Results Pages are a critical means of ensuring more visitor traffic to your website or blog and yet they are often one of the main areas that are badly neglected by site owners.There are thousands of great articles on link building strategies, how to boost your page rank, blogging for links and the latest paid advertising approaches to get your site seen by a wider online audience, and whilst this is excellent and very valuable there is little point if your site fails to sell itself in Search Engine Results Pages once you break into the top 10.

Let me highlight my point with an example. Below are two descriptions that could be displayed in SERPS for a search on the phrase “Make Money Online.”

Description 1

Make money online with proven techniques from Internet marketing experts. Learn how to make big money online with integrity.”

Description 2

“People enjoy it when they have the opportunity to use the internet for many different purposes including making money online, I’ve often thought that when individuals…” It is pretty obvious that the first makes full use of the description Meta tag to actively promote its business whilst the second has neglected this aspect and is vague and uninviting. It is important to remember that if you don’t insert a description for your page, Google will automatically generate one for you, but this is normally poorly organised and disjointed and mostly likely accounts for description two above. The question you have to ask yourself is who is the best person to sell your site YOU or a third party?

So how can you make your site more attractive in SERPS? This advice is mainly directed towards the Google search engine which is by far the best on the internet, but the general rules apply to other directories like Yahoo and MSN

1. View SERPS As A Sales Directory.

Too often Search Engine Results Pages are viewed by online users as information pages, when in reality they are not; they are a global sales directory. If you feel uncomfortable with writing good sales copy then delegate this to someone who can, or employ a professional copyrighter to create some short, catchy tags. Ideally you need to keep your site description to around 24 words in length as this is the approximately the maximum amount displayed in SERPS.

2. Take Your Time

Google is very upfront about its use of site description tags. It makes it clear that it DOES NOT, use the description tag to index pages in Google, but some people have interpreted this as meaning that the description tag is not important. Exactly the opposite is true. To use an analogy, description tags provide the “shop window” for your site. If your shop window looks cluttered, unorganised and unattractive, who will want to visit your site even if you have the best online content inside? So take your time and ensure that each web page is optimised for that specific tag.

3. Avoid Duplicate Description Tags

Each page description should reflect what is on that page. You should never use generic description tags for the whole of your site. Think about it, if you have a page of content about Making Money through paid surveys, what has that got in common with another page about eBay drop shipping? Tailor your page descriptions to each page, that way online visitors get the most relevant content and are more likely to click through to your site.

4. Repeat Keywords

If you have a keyword and/ or phrase for your page, then you should seek to include it at least twice in your short description. This is because when an internet user conducts a search, Google automatically highlights the keywords in bold in the results page to make them stand out. The more times your keyword is repeated the more it will stand out to an online user as a suitable page.

So we could make description 1 that we referred to early even better in the following way;

Example: With one keyword in description meta tag;

Make money online with proven techniques from Internet marketing experts. ”

With two keywords in description meta tag; Make money online with proven techniques from Internet marketing experts. Learn how to make big money online with integrity.”

With three keywords in description meta tag;

“Want to make money online? Make money online with proven expert techniques and learn how to make big money online with integrity.”

Now you may feel that using three keywords is excessive and that would be understandable. However, can you see just how the bold keywords will make this description stand out in Google Search Engine Results Pages. Remember that your short description tag is not trying to communicate everything about your site, it’s just there to entice online visitors and three keywords makes it more eye catching and gives the perception that your site has more relevant content. In addition we’ve added a short question right at the start to hook visitors and encourage them to read more.

5. Combine With A Good Title Meta Tag.

If you want your site description to really stand out in SERPS, ensure that you treat your title tag in the same way, as this will make your search results even more tempting to potential visitors;

For example:

Make Money Online – Make Money Online With Integrity

“Want to make money online? Make money online with proven expert techniques and learn how to make big money online with integrity.”

The combination of the use of keywords in the title tag and repeated three times in the description meta tag make this site stand out and is a powerful marketing tool for your website or blog.

So how about spending a few hours doing some housekeeping this week on your site and ensuring that you make maximum use of your description meta tag. My experience is that it has increased visitor traffic to my site by between 15% within 1 week of doing this. Let me know how it works for you and if you notice a difference by leaving a comment on this post.

Finally, a big thanks to George for letting me use his meta tag description for this blog as an example for illustrative purposes.

5 Advantages Of Becoming A Guest Blogger

March 31, 2008

Guest Post by Matthew Tutt

You have just created one of the best blogs that the Internet has ever seen. But now what?

How do you expect to get anyone to notice this site?

It may well be the best site ever created, or it may contain the meaning of life somewhere on the page, but can you expect anyone to notice it in the first place?

This is one of the trickiest obstacles to overcome when you first set up your own website or blog. You can’t expect instant search engine traffic or get good SERPS for your site because it is still brand new. Unless your domain name is one which is randomly typed by Internet users, you can’t really expect to get any kind of traffic at all.

One of the best and easiest ways of getting your site (and yourself) noticed on the Internet is by becoming a guest blogger. This is simply when you have some kind of a deal in place with another already well-established blog and you agree to write interesting, related articles in return for a link back to your own blog or website. The blog owner is getting free (hopefully) unique content and you are receiving free publicity for your own blog. Everyone is happy.

Here Are Some Of The Many Advantages Of Becoming A Guest Blogger:

  1. You Can Get Your Website/Blog Noticed For Free Nearly Instantly
    It costs you nothing to write an article, but will obviously involve a little bit of your time. This should be time well spent though, and guest blogging probably gives more advantages to your site/blog then by paying for some kind of advertisements. Also once you have written the article and have submitted it to the blog it is ready to go live on the site (might take a few hours for the blog owner to check it through and then submit it). This means that you can get almost instant traffic to your own site/blog.
  2. You Can Tap Into Related Markets
    Say you had a blog which contained dog training advice. You wouldn’t then find a blog about financial advice and ask to become a guest blogger. Why would the readers of the financial advice blog want to read your articles about teaching your dog how to stop biting people? You should find a blog which is in the same niche as your own blog/site, and then ask to become a guest blogger. Then the articles that you create will be of interest to the blog readers, who in turn will be much more likely to visit your website as it is related to the same subject, which is obviously of interest to the reader.
  3. Show Off Your Skills And Mark Your Authority On A Subject
    Perhaps you feel you are highly talented at writing on your blog, or perhaps you are highly knowledgeable of a specific topic. This is all very well, but if no-one goes to your site then no-one will ever notice you. This is why guest blogging is an excellent way of showing off your skills or your authority on a subject. As a guest blogger you are instantly in touch with the readers of a blog, so you now have a direct chance of impressing the readers of that blog – who should appreciate your work, and may in turn feel inclined to visit your own blog/site.
  4. Free Backlinks For SEO Purposes
    If you are guest blogging on a site which as a good PageRank and which has good SERPS, you will be gaining some powerful backlinks to your own site. As a guest blogger you should be allowed to place a few links back to your site/blog from within the blog-post you have written, and the search engines will see these links and this will hopefully improve your search engine position. A higher position in the search engines will obviously result in more visitors to your pages.
  5. Improve Your Writing Skills
    Although many people may not really care about their own writing skills, it is still an important aspect of guest blogging. As a guest blogger you will get (hopefully) a few chances of impressing the visitors of that blog, so you have to make your blog posts interesting and exciting. If your writing is poorly constructed or boring to read then chances are no-one is going to bother taking a look at your blog/site. You should adapt and improve your writing when it comes to guest blogging as you will only have a limited space in which to show off your skills, and if you don’t impress then you won’t gain much from becoming a guest blogger.

Where To Start And How Long To Get There

March 24, 2008

Guest Post by Chris Johnson

In keeping with George’s idea of helping newcomers to the make money online club, I thought I might give what little advice I can on the subject.

1. Choose what you’ll do.
This seems harder than you’d think. The trick is to pick a vehicle that you know you’ll enjoy, so that promoting and working on it will be a labor of love. Whether it’s blogging about a subject you know, setting up lenses and hubs on Squidoo or Hubpages, writing articles on Helium or selling items through eBay or another webstore like Zlio, make sure it’s something you enjoy.

2. Choose what you’ll promote.
If you have your own product, that should be primary. If not, then choose products from sites like, Clickbank, and Commission Junction. Make sure to position them so that you have them in strategic spots, but that they don’t have the effect of disrupting your content. Speaking of content, in-text advertising like Kontera (who has a decent payout) will help you to monetize your everyday content.

3. Choose how you will promote your site.
Social networks are key for this, but developing relationships with site owners who support your content is also key. Reciprocal links are almost a must, and cross promotion on your site shows you care about their success, too. Don’t forget to include a link to your site in your emails, on any articles you write, and every profile page you have.

4. Control costs.
Choose your hosting service carefully to insure the quality of service they provide is worth the cost you pay. Make sure your merchant processing software’s fees are competative and that they have monthly fees that are reasonable. Go with cheeper variations of your site’s name when you register a domain name, but try to stay in the .com standard.

5. If you know something about a niche area, like horse training, make your own site about it and charge a reasonable fee for your expertise.
One option to definately explore for the non-HTML’ers out there is the Seamonkey Project at This is a great program for building professional looking web pages. It is a little limited in what you can do, and some HTML will be needed, but hey, it’s free so you can’t go too far wrong.

6. It WILL take time to get off the ground, so keep your head up.
I’ve been doing this for a couple of months and I am just starting to see what could be construed as “income”. Every post on every blog by every make money online guru I’ve ever read has said it takes time. But once you get off the ground and get some readership, the possibilities are endless.

Can you make money online for free?

February 20, 2008

Guest Post by Chris Johnson

There are a lot of paid programs out there that you can try out to make money online, but many of them end up badly. While reviewing a forum on such oportunities, I checked into some of the programs they mentioned. The disproportionate amount of screens appologizing for the program closing, it was never their intent to have any one lose money, etc was staggering.

So, can it be done for free? That depends on how much work you want to put into it. Sites like, Hubpages, and Squidoo will pay you for writing articles and pages about what you know, and some will pay you to play games like and uVme. You can also try blogging for money by writing reviews at places like Blogvertise. Or if you have talent with a camera, try your hand at There are plenty of free resources out there, but the trade off is that it takes longer.

This is where the number one skill of any webpreneur comes into play. Patience. If you expect to start a venture and within a week be rolling in the dough, think again. It takes time to build your blog or website’s reputation up through networking at places like Blogcatalog, Linkshare, and Linkreferral. Many social networks also help in spreading the word, but as they are SOCIAL networks, you need to participate and show the rest of the community that you take it seriously.

Some paid services will be unavoidable. You will probably need a domain name, and some advertising is necessary. But is fairly inexpensive, and sites like ScratchBack allow you to spend a small amount of money, called “tips”, to appear in another blogger’s “Top Spots”. They can also pay you for the same privilege. Adwords is also a possibility, but you’ll probably want to wait untill your readership will justify the expense. Just remember, persistence and patience are the most important tools that you possess. Keep at it and you will realize the benefits.

Chris Johnson is a regular Joe, living in West Virginia, who dreams of making money online without spending money to do it. If you’d like to follow along with his quest, check out

You Should Make Money Online Outside of the MMO (Make Money Online) Niche

February 4, 2008

If you are reading this then I am going to assume you are interested in making money online. Either you already make money online and are trying to find ways to increase your income, or you are struggling to get started making money online. It doesn’t matter which of those categories you fall into because this post is for both!

There is one near fatal mistake that most of us make when we try to make money online. What is that mistake? It’s trying to make money online in the make money online niche! You are almost certainly setting yourself up for failure by trying to do this.


Well, first of all, it’s one of the most competitive niches on the internet and it’s very hard to compete with the people who have already established themselves at the top. You are fighting one heck of an uphill battle trying to beat them out.

Second, those in the niche already know all the marketing tricks and strategies internet marketers use to make money online. Therefore, it is damn hard to get them to purchase your products. And getting anyone in this niche to click on an Adsense ad or any other advertisement is almost impossible.

Finally, the profit margin in the make money online niche tends to be quite low compared to many other niches. Your target market is mostly broke and looking for ways to make money themselves, so they don’t have much extra to spend. It’s hard to make money when your market doesn’t have any to give you.

So, what can you do to make money online? It’s a simple answer…

Build your online business in niches outside of the MMO niche!

There are virtually endless niches that you can tap into and make money online. A significant portion of these do not have all the barriers and downfalls that the MMO niche has.

All it takes is a little research to find a profitable niche. You are mainly looking for quite a bit of demand with not a lot of competition. You also want to make sure it’s a market that has money to spend and are willing to spend it. Then, build upon it just as you would if you were trying to tap into the make money online nice. Except this will be much easier!

There are people you will never hear of who are making tons more money online than any of the internet marketing gurus you hear about everyday. And they are doing it in these smaller niches that you and I have probably never even thought about.

So take some time to find a few smaller profitable niches and you will be making money online outside of the MMO niche in no time.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Owner of the free home business tips blog and one of the top make money online websites.

How To Make Big Money Online As A Lottery Syndicate Affiliate Member

January 24, 2008

Guest Post by Matthew Tutt
Before I start, it is worth noting that due to US gaming and gambling laws it is not possible to become a lottery syndicate member or affiliate if you are located in USA.
First, this way of making money online involves joining an online syndicate for the UK National Lottery and the EuroMillions lottery. A lottery syndicate is basically a group of people that team up to buy lottery tickets. Obviously, with lots of tickets, you have far higher chance of winning the lottery, although any winnings are divided equally amongst each member of that syndicate.

Lottery syndicates are always very popular and in demand. Not only can you increase your chances of winning a big prize on the lottery by up to 3600 percent, but as an affiliate you can also get to play the lottery completely free (and can make money as an affiliate if you refer more than 5 members). Therefore, it is a very lucrative and popular market to be involved in – millions of people play the lottery, and I’m sure you would have no problems in finding people to join the lottery syndicates. 1 in 4 Lottery wins are won by syndicate members, a very persuading fact.

As an affiliate of the e-lottery syndicate website, you earn money by referring new people to become members of your syndicate. The minimum membership fee you can pay as a syndicate member is £5 a week, or £240 a year. Although you have to be a syndicate member to be an affiliate, the potential earnings for affiliates are very impressive. If you were able to refer just 5 people to the e-lottery website, you get to play the lottery free every week (you will have covered your £5 weekly fee). It works out that you earn 20% from your referrals, so if you refer 100 people who are paying the minimum amount of £5 per week, you will be earning £100 a week, which isn’t a bad amount, I’m sure you will agree.

As an affiliate of the e-lottery you can also earn money from the people that you refer who also go on to refer more people to the site. You will be earning 5% of any subscriptions that your referrals can manage to receive. Also, if you refer someone who goes on to refer someone else, and so on, you will still be earning money up to the seventh level. So just by referring one person who then sets off a chain, you will be in a great financial position. This allows a greater amount of money to be earned by targeting people that are already in a good position to get new people to sign up.

Becoming an affiliate of the e-lottery syndicate website is a great way of earning a lucrative and residual income, not just online but also offline. If you are able to refer people who will then refer more people you will be in an excellent position to earn a large amount of money from an already very popular and established market.

Link To Join The Lottery Syndicate Website

Make Money with Scratchback

December 17, 2007

Guest post by Matthew Henrickson

With the big hand of google coming down on bloggers, there has been a void left for making money. Paid to blog services especially have received a lot of attention for google penalties. Scratchback has hit the make money scene just in time.

Scratchback is Perfect for Bloggers

Scratchback is a widget you place on your sidebar that is similar to a blogroll. In the widget advertisiers can pay to display their no follow link. You can select to have 5, 10, 15, or 20 spots.

There are different options on how long you want each link to run for as well as how much you want to charge.

Benefits for Advertisers

Even though the links are no follow (that don’t pass page rank) it can still be beneficial. Some bloggers charge as low as 1$ for a link. For a dollar you can definitely get your moneys worth if you can find a blog with traffic.

At Blog about your Blog we only charge 2$ for our top spots. Our blog gets about 400 unique hits per day. With only 5 other spots displayed you are sure to get bang for your buck, or two bucks.

Scratchback Features

Scratchback is still in beta, but has made strides in becoming even better. Scratchback currently pay out 90% of what you earn. On top of that the payouts are easy, via paypal. You can also purchase links the same way.

For bloggers with little traffic, they have also made it easier for them. They have just rolled out the Scratchback Directory, which makes it easier for advertisers to find you.

In about two or three weeks in using scratchback I’ve earned 17$ and that’s only on one blog.

What You Must Remember About Making Money Online

December 11, 2007

Guest Post by Trent Brownrigg

In the beginning of your quest to make money online you will most likely find yourself more frustrated and lost than you ever have any other time in your life. You will spend all your spare time doing everything you can to start making money with very little results. You might even come to hate yourself for ever getting started, but you decide to try just a while longer.

Something you must remember about making money online is to…


Why is that?

For most people trying to make money online there is a very steep curve and you should not expect yours to be any different. Your internet income will probably be very little or maybe even non-existent for many months, then it might increase slowly for a while. Then, seemingly out of nowhere it can take a sharp turn upward and continue to increase rapidly.

When it all comes together and all your hard work has finally paid off, the frustration you once felt will seem like nothing more than a bad dream.

That’s when it starts to get really exciting! You can now build on your experience and knowledge to find even more ways to make money. Your business will continue to grow and your income will increase. At this point you will probably be making enough money online to quit your day job.

It’s tough to start making money online; there is no doubt about that. However, most people give up without actually giving it a true effort.

In order to find success online you need to:

1) Always Keep Learning.
The internet changes so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up. What works today may not work tomorrow. You must keep learning.

2) Continue to Work Hard.
Just because you work for yourself does not mean you don’t have to work hard.

3) Develop Your Skills.
Keep ahead of the curve by continually developing your skills to make money online.

4) Ask Questions.
No matter how long you have been around there will always be things you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to ask.

5) Apply Your Knowledge.
There are countless people with all the knowledge they need to make money online but they don’t apply it. Knowing is only part of the battle. You have to take action as well.

Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a get rich quick opportunity! You must put in a lot of time and hard work to make money online. But it sure beats working for someone else, doesn’t it?

So, what was the one thing you must remember?


It won’t be easy but you will get there. Many people fail only because they didn’t realize how close they were to success when they decided to give up. This will never happen to you if you keep at it!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Make Money Online

The Easiest Way to Make Money Online for Free

November 26, 2007

Guest Post by Trent Brownrigg

Important Update:
It appears that this method of making money with ebay might be against the Terms of Service of eBay’s affiliate program. From, what I recall you are not supposed to use spam to promote affiliates in the CB TOS and this process could be considered spamming. The post was also written several years ago so the method may be outdated by now and no longer work.

I am about to show you an incredibly simple way to make money online. Ok I admit that it might not be the absolute “easiest” way to make money online as the title suggests, but it is pretty darn easy. And it’s completely free!

This is actually part of a chapter out of my “Craigslist Profits Guide” that I wrote earlier this year. It has sold hundreds of copies and I’ve gotten many rave reviews from it, so you can be sure this is something that does work.

Before you can use this method, there are a couple quick steps you need to take…

1) The first thing you need to do is sign up for the eBay Affiliate Program if you are not already an affiliate. It’s very easy to do and it’s free.

2) The eBay affiliate program is run through Commission Junction, so after you sign up you will be sent an email from them. It will contain your log-in information and there will also be a form attached to the email that you MUST mail or fax to them. DO NOT forget this part because it is required. More details will be in the email.

You will also be sent an email welcoming you to eBay. Save that email because it gives you some links and information you will find useful.

Once you have done the two steps above, here is how you can easily make some extra money…

Go to and find the “wanted” ads. They are under the “for sale” section in the middle of the page. You can do this in your area or any other city/state you want.

Once you are in the wanted section you will see all sorts of different ads that people have put up looking for various items. Just about all of the items people are looking for can be found on eBay.

So all you have to do is go to eBay and use their search function to find the item. Then reply to the Craigslist ads telling them you have found the item they are looking for and give them your affiliate link to the listing on eBay.

Are you confused yet? Don’t be, it’s easy! And I’ll make it even easier for you…

Here are the step-by-step instructions for doing this:

1) If you have done what I said above, you are now in the Craigslist “wanted” section and are looking at a bunch of ads that people have put up wanting various items.

2) Click on and ad that you think would be easy to find on eBay and can be shipped easily. For example, the ad title might be, “Wanted – Apple iPod” and when you click on it the ad says that person wants an iPod with at least 20 GB storage and they might list some other minimum requirements.

3) Go to eBay and use the search feature to find the item they want. Or if you know what category the item would be in, you can just go directly to it.

4) If the item is something like an iPod that can be shipped easily then you can use listings from anywhere. But if it’s an item that can’t easily be shipped (such as a car) then you will want to narrow the listings to the area the person who placed the ad is in.

To do this just look on the left column of the eBay listings. You will see some “search options” and under it them is “location”. You can then narrow the search to items within a certain number of miles of their location.

5) You will now see all the eBay listings for the item you just searched for.

6) Create your affiliate link. Open a new window in your browser and go to eBay’s Flexible Destination Tool. Follow their simple instructions to create your link to the search listings you found in step five.

7) Go back to the Craigslist ad from step two and reply to it. Send them a fairly short email letting them know you found X number of the items they are looking for and they are all within X amount of miles of their location (if applicable). Be sure to include your affiliate link to the eBay listings so you get credit if they buy one.

That’s it! You’re done. How easy is that?

I’ve used this money making method quite a few times and it works very well. I’ve also had a lot of positive feedback from others who have tried it. Of course, most people will not buy but some of them do and that’s where you make money.

I haven’t ever had anyone complain about me emailing them either. They are usually more than happy to get your email because you are doing nothing but helping them find something they have already said they are looking for.

Remember you can do this in any city because you aren’t actually putting up a listing. It’s not something that has to be limited to your own area, so you can find a virtually unlimited number of wanted ads.

There you have it. A very easy way to make money online without spending a single penny. You won’t get rich doing this but you can definitely earn some extra cash.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
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