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Is Your Defense System Strong Against Negative SEO?

Written by Trent Brownrigg  · May 23, 2012

When you think of negative SEO, you can’t ignore the negative or black hat techniques in it. As a matter of fact, companies adopt black hat techniques to rank well in good books of Google. But the harm this negative SEO inflicts on search experience of users. But Google is strict on this point. It is not in a mood to pardon who climb the ladder of increased ranking via spam and other unapproved techniques. Google strikes down on the sites that use strategies not listed in Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

Before assessing whether your defense system is strong against Negative SEO or not, it is important to know more about negative SEO.

Negative SEO: Ignorance is Misery and Knowledge is Bliss

It is not an exaggeration to say that knowledge about negative SEO is the only way you can stay shielded from its wrath. Purchasing links in order to increase website rankings via aiming at rival’s site is the essence of negative SEO. Even excess of reviews on the competitor’s site is done intentionally. It will look paid and the site that has these reviews will be penalized. These are just some of the tactics that are judged as negative SEO. There are other similar techniques that are intended to harm rival’s site ranking and thereby improve own.

Defense System Against Negative SEO

After you know that there are no defined tactics used for negative SEO, your task of saving your site becomes all the more difficult. A website bent on doing this kind of SEO will search about your site’s flaws and use it to its own benefits. You need to know the following things to remain safe from it:

• A reputed site that is having robust domain authority might not be affected from negative SEO techniques.
• Getting involved in negative SEO is something very dangerous. It is a better deal to stay away from it.
• Google applies some systems to assess which site has faced the wrath of negative SEO.
• There are some SEO techniques that are easy to alter and affect the rival’s site. You need to have a clear view of these techniques.

The superior defense mechanism against this foul SEO is to constantly monitor your website’s ranking. In this way, you will easily be able to spot out any sudden change in it. Google is pretty serious on cracking a whip on paid links network.

You have to be cautious about not engaging in paid links activity. If you are into purchasing links then the search engine giant will not be able to distinguish whether you have been hit by a nasty competitor or are engaged in these activities on your own. You will attract penalty in any case. This means it is better to stay away from these activities and indulge in white hat SEO.

Guest post by: Cleo is working for seo-peace. She shares knowledge on latest in the SEO field.

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