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Implement Online Social Media Into Your Business Plan

Written by Trent Brownrigg  · August 16, 2011

Social media tools have the potential to expose your business to an endless clientele base. They can operate as indispensible marketing devices to promote your business and your message as a business owner. These social media tools are all about establishing an online identity in hopes that you connect with individuals of similar interests at a steady rate, gradually developing a vast network of people who can rely on each other to share ideas and information. What follows are some pointers to begin and maintain an online identity through these social media tools.

Choosing the right social media tool

Choose a social media tool that you feel comfortable with. If you’re looking for a strictly utilitarian networking approach, you may want to try a website like LinkedIn, which allows you to make in rows with professionals from similar business backgrounds. You can upload a substantial amount of information about your employment history and knowledge in your field, increasing the likelihood that those who want to connect with you would share you interests. However LinkedIn’s reach is limited when compared to the millions and millions of users who utilize more informal social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. These sites tend to attract a much wider variety of followers (professionals and nonprofessionals alike) than those on LinkedIn, which means that you’ll have to work that much harder to establish your unique identity. Ultimately LinkedIn may give you a smaller but more traditionally professional audience, while sites like Twitter and Facebook have a looser feel but a much wider readership.

Update regularly

Once you’ve selected a social media tool, create an account and start posting! Use the site’s searching features to locate users who share similar interests or values, and connect with them. Don’t be afraid of contacting too many individuals — you’re creating a larger network for you business with every new follower. When posting content, share engaging information about your business with a link to your website included at the end. An easy way to reach people is to offer free tips related to the nature of your business. If you’re a financial consultant, give some basic money saving advice for the online entrepreneur. Build trust among your followers by presenting yourself as an affable and outgoing business person.

Separate business and personal personas

Bear in mind that your personal life and opinions should never be advertised on your business’s social media account. You’re trying to gain business contacts, potential clientele, and interested readers on the merit of your business and its ideals. You aren’t creating a social media account to win a popularity contest for your social life; you’re growing a business! In most cases people are following your business online because they enjoy what you have to say about your particular niche, so don’t throw them a curveball by impulsively posting your take on the political issue of the day.

Allow yourself to experiment with social media tools and (if handled correctly) you’ll watch your business thrive, buoyed by feedback and interest of your online followers.

This is a guest post from Carol Wilson who writes for a business insurance site. She contributes articles about a variety of marketing, business, stock market, and small business topics. She can be contacted at: wilson.carol24 @

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2 Responses to “Implement Online Social Media Into Your Business Plan”

  1. Lana Holmes on August 28th, 2011 12:16 pm

    I think that these are main points about social media marketing, especially about separating business and personal accounts in social networks.

  2. Thomas on September 8th, 2011 7:22 am

    I think that one has to be careful with the content being posted to the social network. Main reason therefore is that quality is much more important than quantity. I think it’s more beneficial to post once or twice a month, but have some great insights, than to post daily, but not really say anything.