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Introducing Sandra Parrotto aka @qstreet aka Sam

Written by Jill Manty  · December 8, 2010

Later today, we’ll be posting a guest blog post by one of the UsGuys- the Twitter group that I’ve mentioned in recent blog posts.

Sam, who goes by qstreet on Twitter, is a really wonderful person. She’s warm, she’s genuine, and she’s as open with her feelings in the virtual world as anyone I’ve ever seen. I might feel left out in a conversation or jealous of someone’s “overnight success”, but I tend to hide that. Sam will just say, “I feel lost”, which makes it a lot easier for the rest of us to admit the same thing.

Recently, Sam flew to Atlanta to meet one of the UsGuys founders- Chase Adams. Her blog post is about that experience. But more than that it’s about how to make your virtual experience more real. We hear a lot about “authenticity” in social media. A lot of the time, that translates to “don’t lie”, but I think as you read Sam’s post, you’ll see it means more than that. Being authentic, at its core, means going beyond being honest. It’s not merely “don’t lie”, it’s “don’t hide”.

I know you’ll enjoy reading Sam’s post, and I hope it will help you as you try to figure out this whole social media thing. Be sure to show her some comment love.

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3 Responses to “Introducing Sandra Parrotto aka @qstreet aka Sam”

  1. Sandra Parrotto on December 9th, 2010 3:21 am

    I am honored! I want to say that as I read your intro, tears were streaming down my cheeks. I have been “getting to the bones” of me over the last couple of years and emerged having a much better sense of the essence of me. I was clearer about who I was going to be in the world. Jill, I have never, in all of my life, had someone so “see” me. You clearly understand the nature of true authenticity. And that didn’t start with my post. The gift that you have given, will live in my heart – forever. My toes and knees are feeling a little closer to the ground today, because of you.

    YOU made it happen for me. Your generosity, your support – I was so shocked when you said, “you can post it on my blog”. Your capacity to see the “don’t hide” message in my post suggests that I have now found a life long “no hiding” friend. Wow! now that’s a hashtag…

  2. Raul Colon on December 9th, 2010 1:19 pm

    I have to agree Sandra is great she is always willing to share and communicate via Twitter.

    I think she is a natural on the Social aspect.

    It is great that you are including her in a guest post!

  3. Jill Manty on December 9th, 2010 7:32 pm

    Thank you, Sam, for the sweet response! I’m so glad I was able to offer you a space to post something that has clearly touched so many people.