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Kajabi And The Death Of Email Marketing.

Written by George Manty  · October 14, 2010

There are two really interesting launches happening right now that I wanted to talk about.

First, Kajabi just launched and you can check it out here: (my affiliate link)

It should be interesting to you if you want to launch a membership site. It might be overkill for you, especially if you aren’t into video marketing (which you should be).

Next, the “Death of email marketing” is a really interesting read. I am going to be signing up for the program because it fits in well with my current business plans. Click here to download the book. (my affiliate link) It’s written by Scott Boulch who wrote the original “Death of” ebook “The Death Of Adsense”.

So if you are interested in launching a membership site using primarily video marketing, then check out Kajabi. If you are interested in finding out what technology may be replacing email marketing in the not so distant future then check out the Death of email marketing.

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