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November 26, 2010

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So many reasons to be thankful…

November 23, 2010

Today I’m participating in a project from EpicThanks. All over the net today you’ll see tweets and Facebook posts and blogs expressing gratitude for the many blessings that people experience. If you’d like to get on the act, write a blog on the topic and link to it in the comments below. Or send emails to people you’re grateful to. Or write a Facebook post about how grateful you are. Or better yet, head over to EpicThanks or EpicChange and make a donation to support one of their projects, including a school in Tanzania, which you can see in the following video:

So, what am I grateful for? As you know, the past year and a half has been a time of change for the Manty family. I am so very thankful that we continue to make progress towards our business goals, that George is able to pursue his dream of being home with his family while still providing financially and that we are able to make a living doing something we both enjoy. I’m glad that building a business has brought us closer, rather than creating a rift between us.

But more than the financial blessings in life, I am thankful for the gift of health. This week several of our kids have had stomach viruses. While that has been a pain, it is nothing compared to the health issues so many families throughout the world will face today. My children will get past this minor inconvenience. Some families are facing a world where children do not get well.

When my children are ill, I am thankful that we live in a time and a place where I can provide food, clean water and shelter while they recover. If needed, we could take them to a doctor and get medicine for them. We have a washing machine to help in cleaning up messes. We have games and television to occupy them while they’re ill.

I am incredibly grateful that I never need to put my children to bed hungry. Or look at their starving faces and know that I can’t help them. Or watch them grow more ill by the second and face the reality that they’ve simply been born in the wrong place to grow up and live a healthy life.

I’m grateful to live in America, for all of its issues, because I’m free to worry about things like whether too many video games will lower their i.q. or BPA in their plastic toys or even the rising cost of insurance. I don’t have to worry about malaria and starvation and war on my doorstep. I don’t have to worry how I will raise them in a refugee camp or soldiers showing up at my door and taking me or my husband or my children away.

I once read an article that talked about the blessings of many small worries. That is what I am most grateful for- that I have no large trouble to occupy all of my thoughts, just many small inconveniences. And that is what I wish for you as we approach Thanksgiving, dear readers, inconveniences instead of problems and the ability to tell the difference.

If you’re grateful for something, leave it in the comments. If you’re really grateful, head over to EpicThanks and see how you can do something to express your thanks.

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November 22, 2010

Since Facebook is already so huge and growing by leaps and bounds every day, we recently decided it was time to create a fan page for Can I Make Big Money Online. We are hoping this will help us connect more closely with our readers (you) and allow for more useful discussion between us all. We will also be sharing exclusive make money online tips there.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would “like” us to become our fan, friend, follower, or whatever you prefer to call it. Here are a handful of reasons why becoming our Facebook fan will benefit you as well as us…

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We would also greatly appreciate it if you could help spread the word about our fan page. It is a “social networking site” so let’s be social about it.

Here’s how you can do that:

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Yep, it’s that simple!

If you have any tips for us to improve our fan page then please leave a comment on our wall.

Thank you very much!

5 Ways to Increase Your RSS Feed Subscribers

November 8, 2010

Most bloggers want to have a lot of subscribers to their RSS feed. It’s a status symbol that shows the popularity of your blog but also very useful because you have people who come back again and again to read your new posts. Obviously the more subscribers you have the better it is for your blogging efforts.

It’s not very easy to build up a lot of subscribers unless you know how. So, in this post I have given you five solid ways to increase your RSS feed subscribers.

1) Excellent Content

Without a doubt the most important part of building your subscribers is by providing superior content on your blog. This should go without saying but for some reason a lot of bloggers continue to overlook it. Nobody has any reason to be subscribed to your feed if the content isn’t quality enough for them to come back and read it on a regular basis. The better your content is the more subscribers you will get and keep.

2) Get Social

Networking with other bloggers and marketers is a very effective way to increase your RSS feed subscribers. They will tend to send their readers to your blog as they get to know you more and vice versa. The more social you are in your niche the more relationships you are building. These new friends will link to you and tell their own subscribers about you, which builds your readers. You can do this by being a regular commentator on popular blogs in your niche as well as by utilizing social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

3) Guest Blogging

This is great for several reasons. One of them is that you get strong backlinks from blogs in the same niche as yours to help with your search engine rankings. Another is that you are building relationships with other bloggers and readers of their blogs. You are also getting a sort of seal of approval from the blog owners, which helps their readers trust you from the start. All of these things are very good for increasing your subscribers.

4) Exclusive Subscriber Content

Offering valuable content that only your RSS feed subscribers get access to is an incredibly effective way to get many more people to subscribe. You are essentially bribing them to become a subscriber and it works very well if you give them something of high value. Plus, they will probably remember you over most other blogs they are subscribed to because you gave them something useful from the start.

5) Contests

You can very quickly build up your RSS subscribers by running a contest on your blog. This is a very popular method that has proven to be quite successful over and over again. You can offer cash and prizes to contest winners but in order to enter they must subscribe to your feed.

Do the five things above on a regular basis and you should be able to get thousands of RSS feed subscribers relatively quickly. The more you get the easier it becomes to get even more. People tend to follow blogs when they see lots of other people also following them.

Offshore Outsourcing– Solution or Just Another Headache?

November 1, 2010

In a comment on our article about starting a new website, Trevor Harris wrote:

I myself would not hire a whole company to build my websites. I would outsource from the Phillipines, from a quality outsourcing site. But if you do decide to outsource you could pay them monthly, to also do all that other stuff you don’t like to do; like getting backlinks. And people from the Phillipines are very reliable and efficient, and make sure they finish the job. But you could also just hire them for the one job, and be done. It would also be much cheaper as well.

That got me to thinking. Offshore outsourcing for small businesses (especially internet marketing related ones) has been a growing area. Personally, we don’t participate in offshore outsourcing, although we do outsource within the United States. But as I was looking for information to reply to Trevor, I found it difficult to find unbiased information on outsourcing to another country, such as India or the Philipines. So, I decided to gather some links on the sites that I found that offered some of the pros and cons, so that if you are considering this path, you’ll have some resources to read.

Here they are, in no particular order:— a good list of advantages and disadvantages. One advantage listed: Outsourcing can help your organization to free up its cash flow. One disadvantage listed: In outsourcing, you may lose your control over the process that is outsourced.—a lot of the same information as the above list but expanded a bit with more examples.— over 70 articles on the topic, including ones about specific industries or process. Some of my favorites: Pros and Cons of Help Desk Outsourcing, Outsourcing Human Resources – Pros and Cons, and Outsourcing Help: Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing. Please note that while many of the articles are listed under pros and cons, they neglect to mention the cons. Also, many are written by people who own, operate or promote outsourcing services.— a slightly older article, it still contains good information about what, when and why to outsource.— a good forum discussion on the topic.

I’m sure there are other articles and websites that do a good job of addressing the question of offshore outsourcing from a neutral perspective. If you know of any, please be sure to post them in the comments.