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My Exclusive Bonus For Eben Pagan’s GURU Home Study Course

Written by George Manty  · May 19, 2009

Eben Pagan is releasing his new Home Study Course today, and I have special bonus for you.

Before I tell you about my bonus, let me tell you about Eben’s Home Study Course. In case you are not familiar with Eben Pagan, here’s a little background. Eben started online in 2001. He knew nothing about websites when he started, had to learn everything himself from the ground up. Less than ten years later, he dominates several niche markets, particularly in the areas of dating and relationships. This isn’t a guy with advanced degrees in Psychology, so how does he convince people that he is the go to guy to learn about human behavior and dating? In this Home Study Course, Eben reveals his secrets to becoming the guru in your niche just like he has in his.

In March of last year, Eben launched the Guru Mastermind program. A year long training and coaching program, this program was excellent. It filled up quickly, and then the doors closed. Now, Eben has repackaged the Guru Mastermind program as a Home Study Program. You get all the structured learning of the original program at a fraction of the original cost (as much as $12,000, depending on the options that were chosen).

Only you can decide whether the Guru Home Study Course is a good fit for you and for your business. But if you decide to buy through my link, I’m going to do my part to help your success through…

My Bonus

I get a ton of traffic from the search engines. It is highly likely that you found this blog by searching for something related to making money online. If this is your first visit to my blog, then you were probably searching for the best Eben Pagan GURU Home Study Course Bonus that you could find. Am I right?

To help you get awesome traffic from the Search Engines I am giving away the following bonus to those who buy the course from my link:

1. I will provide you with detailed link reports of web sites that you should get links from.
2. I will give you a list of keywords that you should be targeting on your site for the best traffic results.
3. I will review your website home page to give you tips on improving its on-page optimization.
4. You will get THREE Follow-up emails where I will personally answer your SEO questions.

Normally, I would charge over $500 for these services. However, I am giving them away as a free bonus to anyone who pays for (and doesn’t return) Eben Pagan’s Guru Home Study Course through my affiliate link and then sends me an email as specified below.

Here is all you have to do to get my Guru Home Study Course Bonus:

1. Click here to order.
Important Notes: Be sure that the above link is the last link you click before ordering. Otherwise your order won’t count, and I won’t be able to give you the bonus. If you ask for a refund from the course, you will not get my bonus.

2. Forward your receipt to me at info @ mantyweb .com
Use the subject line: “Eben Pagan GURU Home Study Course Bonus”

That’s all there is to it. Once your refund period expires, I will contact you about the bonus.

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