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The Magic Wand Mentality

November 29, 2009

This particular mental hazard can severely harm not only your chances for creating an online business, but your life as well.

Summing it up is very simple. Magic wands are things you just wave around and POOF, instant results. They’re very entertaining…as fictional props in magic shows. In your way of thinking, not so much.

Generally speaking, the magic wand mentality can be defined with two erroneous points:

1.) There is some magical, but elusive, solution that will take you from nothing to prosperity in your online business.

2.) If you don’t know what that solution is, you can’t get anywhere.

This way of thinking serves to cause two hindrances as far as making money online goes. It makes you very susceptible to scams and people promising magic wands, and it keeps you from taking the real, but not so magical steps to make your business grow. In fact, you may get so frustrated looking for magic wands, you burn out and give up on it.

There is no magic wand to making money online. There are things that work, things that work best for you, and things that don’t. The trick is to find what works for you, perfect your technique with it, and then continue to work it until the cash starts to flow. From there, you just keep working it to make more money.

Resist the trap of believing that there is some magic way to suddenly have an online income. It will keep you out of trouble and prevent you from burning out over misspent efforts trying to find magic wands.

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My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m one of the co-authors of Can I Make Big Money Online.

Happy Thanksgiving To All

November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here in the States. This has been a great year for our family and we have a lot to be thankful for with the success of our business. I hope everyone reading this can defy the bad economy and have a lot to be thankful for in the coming years.

4 Steps To Writing Killer Copy That Profits Wildy

November 12, 2009

As an online marketer or business owner, you understand the importance of writing copy that sells and gets your point across. One of the biggest problems with sites that I tend to see is the lack of effective copy which could be losing you a lot of money in potential income.

Today is a very straightforward post as these steps are really very simple in nature. In fact, this formula will help you tremendously in writing great copy while also helping it flow in a much more natural and sophisticated way.

I welcome you to the AIDA copywriting principle.

What does it stand for?

Step number one in writing effective copy is to capture or grab Attention.

This is where most people go wrong and why they wonder no one is purchasing their product or buying their service…they can’t grab attention to save their life. One of the quickest ways to grab attention is to create an effective headline. If your headline does not grab attention, the person landing on your page won’t read the rest of what’s on that page.

From there, keep building the attention with your sub-heads and your intro, which will then get us into the next step.

Step number two is generate Interest.

Once your prospect’s attention has been grabbed and is getting further into reading your copy, you generate interest in the product or service at hand. You talk about the benefits of this, how you used it and got this result, just speak in pure benefits of what it can help them do and how it can help them do it.

A lot of times people confuse generating interest with, “Oh ok, talk about all of it’s awesome features.” The problem is, your customers don’t buy features, well maybe if they’re some geek who’s obsessed with tech, but your customers buy benefits. They want to know how blank can get them blank result. You convey that through generating interest in the product or service.

Step number three is build Desire.

You originally grabbed their attention, built some interest and from that interest, there starts to form a wonderful connection: Desire. They start to see how it can help them, what it can help them do, and so on. The most successful copy does a great job of targeting key desires that people have and conveying that through their message.

Your customers purchase based on emotion and very rarely out of logic. It sounds crazy but it’s just how things work. Building this desire stirs up their emotions and they start connecting your product or service with how it can benefit them in fulfilling that desire.

Last but definitely not least, get them to take Action.

Every effective sales piece has a clear call to action. “Order Now!”, “Get Started Today!”, “Take Advantage Of This Amazing Opportunity!”, etc. If you’re not telling your potential customer what to do next, chances are they won’t do anything. A lot of times people are just afraid to ask for the sale. Don’t be. You’ve laid everything out on the line, they know what they’re getting, and they know the tremendous value of your product or service.

The next most logical piece is for them to take action and purchase. With a clear and precise call to action, you will increase the chances of them doing so.

BONUS: I remember learning a really cool tip from Internet Marketer Frank Kern of Mass Control fame (awesome course by the way) that he learned from famous copywriter John Carlton. It goes like this…

Here’s what I got…
Here’s what it can do for you…
Here’s what you need to do next…

Simple huh? And that’s another important thing to add: Don’t overcomplicate the copywriting process. As long as you follow a simple structure and put great effort into it, you’ll sell significantly better than what you may have in this past or were possibly going to do before having this knowledge.

How important do you think it is to write great copy and what do you think something like this could bring you in terms of increased conversion?

Mike Stenger is a full-time online business owner who has a strong passion in helping others get results. You can find him here at his video blog where he frequently talks about business and life success strategies.

Social Media Strategies To Light The Fire In Your Biz

November 6, 2009

So, if you read last week’s post, I talked about 3 Things You Must Know To Be Successful Online. If you missed it, head on over there because it’ll really get you ready for this week’s topic…Social Media baby!

By now, chances are you have a good idea of what Social Media is. Heck, last year it was called Web 2.0 and like Gary Vaynerchuck, the premier go to guy for Social Media branding says, “It’ll probably be called something different next year”.

In a nutshell, Social Media is just a fancy word for social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Friendfeed, etc., where you can engage and interact with your audience in a more personal and “social” way. It’s been around for several years now and frankly, it’s not going anywhere. I mean it when I say this and I can guarantee you that any business that doesn’t get into the new age of how business is done and continues to stick with the old school methods, is going to be toast.

Point blank, bottom line. There’s a lot of information out there on how to do Social Media right and then there’s people like me who love helping you profit from it. I’m extremely passionate about Social Media and over the course of reading up on a lot of different information, here’s what’s stuck the most…

If all you want to do is sell, you better change your mind…FAST! Social Media isn’t just about selling to and/or getting customers where they’re spending a lot of their time. It’s a lot more than that. It’s about getting into the conversation that’s happening and being there. Sometimes people need advice or help with this. Sometimes they need extra assurance before they purchase something. There’s a number of different possibilities and when you can engage and interact with them, they’ll look to you as a friend, an authority, someone they can trust over time.

If all you do is sell, you’ve already turned them off by just your first tweet or status update. Offer advice, be helpful, and sure, sell from time to time, but don’t stray from the fact that your customers want friends. And when you can be their friend and build that relationship with them, it’s hard telling how profitable it’ll become.

Post relevant, entertaining, and valuable information. You don’t speak politics to an infant, do you? Then find your niche or niches that you love, know about, and/or do work in, and post about that. There’s so many times where I’ve followed someone because I enjoyed their tweets about personal development and they start talking about this dirty scumbag politician. I guarantee you 98% of the people that pay attention to them could give a care less.

Now, there’s times where you post about other things, hopefully positive (Did I mention more than enough negativity can bite you in the butt?). That’s understandable and you should post here and there about other things because it gives people a better sense of your personality, a big factor in why people pay attention to you to begin with. However, when you get way off topic and stray far from your niche, it makes people start to change their minds.

Always stay true to your roots and make sure that you provide some sort of value in everything you post.

Transparency is the new disclosure. Most people can sniff out liars as well as a bloodhound can sniff out a criminal a mile away. Always be truthful and honest in your ventures and activities. There’s been so many people who could of got far in what they were doing but no, they decided to lie about things and worse of all, cover them up. Guess what happened? Things get exposed and when you get marked as a liar and someone who can’t be trusted, that sticks in people’s minds and is hard to get rid of.

By being transparent, you simply be who it is you are and just do you. You’re no one else. You’re not proclaiming yourself to be an expert, guru, master, or wizard. Let others decide who you are by your actions and what it is you bring to the table (jump back to valuable content). We’ve all heard the saying “The truth shall set you free” and it will. It’ll not only set you free but also help you build deeper relationships and make a lot more money in the long run.

Mike Stenger is a full-time online business owner who has a strong passion in helping others get results. You can find him here at his video blog where he frequently talks about business and life success strategies.

How I Went From Disgruntled Chef To Freelance Superstar

November 4, 2009

I do admit the title of this post is a little on the ‘heavy side’ but I’ve chosen it for a good reason. Today (4 November 2009) is the day I’m launching my first ever paid-for info product Freelance Superstar.

Freelance Superstar is a step by step guide for newbie freelance writers or those existing entrepreneurs who currently struggle in their business. It is a labor of love and seasoned with plenty of hardship as everything I had to learn in order to run my own successful business is contained within. Basically, the Freelance Superstar guide will save you weeks of frustrations – guaranteed.

My early days:

When I first got started as a wannabe writer I had one thing going for me – passion to reach success once and for all or face another 20+ years in a job I absolutely hated. This drive was pushing me to work long hours and sacrifice many weekends in order to succeed.

In hindsight I have to say that every single tear I shed, every dollar I spent and every ‘not so lady-like word’ I ushered was worth it.

I got my first long term client while answering an online ad for a paid blogger job. By the time I saw it it had early been published 6 weeks and I figured ‘oh well, what have I got to lose by applying for it.’ So I did. Interestingly enough I got the job!

And guess who my first client was – yep, it is no other than my current partner in crime for the Freelance Superstar product – infamous online ‘guru’ Gobala Krishnan. Gobala employed me as a staff blogger on one of his sites which later lead to being the editor in charge on a couple of his blogs. Plus it also brought me several big name marketers as new clients.

The rest as they say is history – I wish.

My seven months journey to freedom and success:

From that very first job I landed with Gobala it took seven months for me to earn a full time income. Those seven months were perhaps the toughest ever for me because I spend hours online in order to brand my name and my business with my blog and social media. It was extremely time consuming but also very rewarding because by the time I quit my offline job for good (January 2008) I never had to look back.

In fact, from January 08 until March/April 09 I was fully booked at all times without having to seek one single client. You could call this the honeymoon period I guess. Life was perfect.
The suddenly I realized…

... that I had priced myself out of the market. When things started to slow down in those early months of 2009 I didn’t know yet that the GFC had already crowded my style. Only when I got an increased ‘lack of replies’ to my quotes I figured something was seriously wrong. My business was still rolling nicely but the cracks were slowly starting to show due to having bigger gaps in my schedule.

It was time to take action once again:

The first thing I did was to take down my rates and customize them for every single client. This has worked a treat for me ever since. Only later did I make the connection between this sudden loss of bookings and the global recession.

Luckily for me I did act on it immediately and only had to experience two slowish months.

I also realized that unless I got into the info product market I could keep writing forever and never achieve true time freedom. So I wrote Freelance Superstar to help newbies find their feet in the industry.

The supercharge formula:

A lot has happened since and while I normally never talk about my income I can proudly say that I had my first $700 day late last month. Naturally not all days are this crazy but my income has doubled from September to October this year already and things are looking good for the future.

My personal supercharge formula can be accredited to the power of outsourcing. Outsourcing is the way to go in this industry and I will talk about this in detail if you head over to my new site Writing Pod. That site is dedicated to take a freelance writing business to the next level and only my list subscribers will find out how I did this because it isn’t for the faint-hearted or the person scrambling for their last dollar.

What it takes to reach success in business:

If you want to be widely successful in your own business you need to be dedicated to your success. Expect late nights, weekend work, last minute orders from clients and a whole heap of time consuming tasks.

You also need to be passionate about what you do, otherwise it will never work out for you. The magic word is to take massive action day in and day out. Even after you reach acceptable success levels you have to keep on pushing. I’m happy to say though that it beats the alternatives for me every single day.

I LOVE my business, I LOVE my clients and best of all, I really LOVE my life. Do you have it within you to be the next Freelance Superstar?

In success
Monika Mundell