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Don’t Think With Desperation

May 31, 2009

These are not good economic times. Things are getting bad for some people now, which unfortunately means they’re getting desperate. This makes the lives of vermin like scammers far more profitable, because they have no qualms whatsoever about taking advantage of that desperation.

I spent some time bumbling around the Internet, and have run into quite a few scams. There are more of them out there than the obvious 419 scams that keep appearing in your email as spam. You know, the “I’d like to transfer some African king’s wealth to your bank account because he died, even though I don’t actually know you. I just need some bribe money first…”. Some of those scams play to those wanting to make legitimate incomes from home and on their computer because they’ve just been laid off, want to make their own jobs to help insulate themselves from the recession, or just need more money.

I caught most of them before they bit me, but I had to learn about some of them the hard way. Fortunately, there are a few tips I can give you to help you bypass some of my hard knocks.

  • Massive traffic for next to nothing doesn’t really work. Oh, you’ll get the hits they promised you, but nothing more. You won’t have lost much learning this one the hard way, but you won’t have gained much either. So if you see something like “Tens of thousands of hits for peanuts” or some variation, don’t bother.
  • Data Entry, Home Typing, and Envelope Stuffing won’t help you either. I mention them together because they work on the same theory. Someone trying to sell one of these programs to you infers, not directly states, that they’re a job, and you can start once you pay a fee to sign up. Once you do, you find out it’s not a job, but a “business opportunity”. Don’t touch these at all, because they’re a waste.
  • Online businesses are real work. Anyone who says otherwise may be peddling a get-rich-quick scheme that won’t get you jack. So if you see a promise like “Thousands of dollars as you sit in your easy chair”, think twice.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it very well could be. Do your homework first before you spend anything. If there’s no information on it at all, don’t touch it.
  • And last and most importantly, never make expensive decisions with your desperation or any other overpowering emotion like panic. It’s a good way to get burned for a lot of money.

I know it might be rough if you need money now, but jumping on something because you’re thinking with your desperation won’t help you. You’ll just be burned by one scam after another, because there are a lot of them when it comes to making money online.

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My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m one of the co-authors of Can I Make Big Money Online.

My Biggest Roadblock To Making A Living Online was…

May 26, 2009

I just signed up to be on Rich Schefren’s free teleseminar Thursday night where Rich will be talking with a bunch of big-time gurus about some of their biggest roadblocks to success and strategies to improve your business.

So, in that vein, I decided to reveal to you my biggest roadblock to success.

First, I wanted to let you know that there are A LOT of things that can hold you back from success. I have been trained over the last year and half as a certified business success coach to teach other people how to get past their hurdles. It is often true that people who can help others with their problems don’t take the time to help themselves, and that was the case with me. On a recent trip to Dallas with my wife, I took a look at my business failures and learned that there were several things that really made it hard for me to have the kind of success I always dreamed of.

One of the things that stopped from achieving success was pride. Whenever I learned from my mentors pride would get in the way, and I wouldn’t follow their advice completely. I always wanted to do something differently than what they were teaching me to do. In spite of the fact that they were succeeding, and I wasn’t, I felt certain I could build a better mousetrap. That resulted in one thing – FAILURE!

Another obstacle for me was fear. While I never thought that fear was really a problem for me, when I took an honest look at things, I was afraid of success. Yes, that’s right. Afraid to SUCCEED!

There are other roadblocks I have had over the years, including lack of focus, etc. but the absolute biggest obstacle I found in the path of my business success was…


I was never 100 percent committed to my success!

I would sit back in my cozy job and play around on the Internet. Experiment with different techniques and business models. When I started having some good success with a model, I would switch models and try something new. Or the second a potentially successful idea hit a bump in the road, I abandoned it. I used to think it was a lack of focus that caused this. And while a lack of focus contributed to the problem, a lack of commitment made it EASY to stop doing what worked and move on to something that was new. Plus, if I kept doing what was successful, I just might succeed and have leave that nice, cozy job.

A lack of commitment came close to killing my chances of success.

I no longer have a 9-5 job to fall back. I have made a full fledged commitment to my business success. I use two main business models.

1. Content Network
Content sites that promote affiliate programs and/or make money from advertising systems like Google Adsense, Chitika, etc. This the type of websites I currently make the most money from.

2. Services Business
I will talk more about the services I offer at some future point in time.

Eventually, I intend to expand into offering products, but it is likely that even my products will likely include services. So I leave you with this question:

Are you committed to your business success or are you just playing around hoping to hit the make money online lottery?

Thinking Outside of the Box

May 22, 2009

I have a little gadget called an oil filter wrench. For those of you have never seen this particular type of tool, it looks like a loop of steel hinged to a handle. Mine has grip padding on the inside, though most I’ve seen don’t. Anyway, to make this wrench work, you bend the handle in the right direction, which tightens the loop around the oil filter and helps you to remove it.

I’ve never used mine for that reason. I use mine to remove the larger stuck twist-on lids from containers like pickle jars. As it turns out, it’s just as handy for that as it would be for an oil filter. So basically, I’m a smart wimp that reincarnated a gadget to a new purpose.

I thought outside the box, which is also a good idea in your online business. You might have old work just sitting on your hard drive. You might have a problem which, at first glance, you can’t afford to fix. You have goals you supposedly can’t meet. Any of these call for a little original thinking.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get started on that whole ‘box’ thing:

  • Can you be doing something else with your old stuff? You did work to make it, so if you’re not using it for its intended purpose, could you be using it for a purpose you haven’t thought of yet? Freebies, traffic, and promotional uses all come to mind as good ways to reincarnate old stuff.
  • Is there a cheaper way to solve a problem if you come at it from a different direction? So what if you can’t get a custom web site or blog design, for instance. There are plenty of ways around that.
  • If the obvious solutions to problems are out of reach for you, try and make your own solutions. If you succeed, it might make a good topic for your next tutorial product!

If the normal things can’t help you, remember the lesson of my oil filter wrench. You can do more than the obvious when you think outside the box.

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My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m one of the co-authors of Can I Make Big Money Online.

My Exclusive Bonus For Eben Pagan’s GURU Home Study Course

May 19, 2009

Eben Pagan is releasing his new Home Study Course today, and I have special bonus for you.

Before I tell you about my bonus, let me tell you about Eben’s Home Study Course. In case you are not familiar with Eben Pagan, here’s a little background. Eben started online in 2001. He knew nothing about websites when he started, had to learn everything himself from the ground up. Less than ten years later, he dominates several niche markets, particularly in the areas of dating and relationships. This isn’t a guy with advanced degrees in Psychology, so how does he convince people that he is the go to guy to learn about human behavior and dating? In this Home Study Course, Eben reveals his secrets to becoming the guru in your niche just like he has in his.

In March of last year, Eben launched the Guru Mastermind program. A year long training and coaching program, this program was excellent. It filled up quickly, and then the doors closed. Now, Eben has repackaged the Guru Mastermind program as a Home Study Program. You get all the structured learning of the original program at a fraction of the original cost (as much as $12,000, depending on the options that were chosen).

Only you can decide whether the Guru Home Study Course is a good fit for you and for your business. But if you decide to buy through my link, I’m going to do my part to help your success through…

My Bonus

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Normally, I would charge over $500 for these services. However, I am giving them away as a free bonus to anyone who pays for (and doesn’t return) Eben Pagan’s Guru Home Study Course through my affiliate link and then sends me an email as specified below.

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2. Forward your receipt to me at info @ mantyweb .com
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That’s all there is to it. Once your refund period expires, I will contact you about the bonus.

Breathing Your Passions

May 14, 2009

The other day I read a post by Cris Garrett called “Just like Breathing”. In the post, Chris talks about a short conversation he had with Terry Starbucker, who also posted about their conversation here. In the conversation, Terry asked an AWESOME question that prompted Chris to ask the same question of his readers in a slightly different way. Here is Chris’ question:

What is so natural to you that it is like breathing? What aspect of yourself, which behavior, skill, activity, talent, is so part of you that you could not imagine yourself without it?

That prompted me to brainstorm a list of answers to the question. Here is the list I came up with:

Playing with my kids
Playing video games
Playing tennis, basketball and football (when I was younger)
Being silly
Coming up with funny kids stories
Making kids laugh
Playing games
talking with people one on one

I talked with my wife Jill about the list and one of the things that I realized is that there were two common skills I used in all of the things that are “like breathing” to me:

1. Problem solving
2. Creativity

I love problem solving and I love being creative. You might even say I love creative problem solving.

There were quite a few things that almost made my list because they involved creativity or problem solving but the reason they didn’t get on my list is because they also involved doing things I hate. For instance, writing almost made my list. I love writing creatively, and I love writing about solutions to problems. However, I DON’T LOVE GRAMMAR RULES! I don’t love writing about just anything. So writing couldn’t make my list.

The things that did make my list were things that when I do them I ONLY did them in a way that allowed me to be me. For instance, when I played basketball. The thing I loved doing was being creative. When I was kid growing up some of my African American friend’s might have called me “Bird”, but that is about where the comparison ended. I worked hard at emulating Dr. J’s moves and then adding my own twist. I loved to play a very unorthodox style of basketball, driving to the basket and finding the most creative way possible to score. It was fun. I would never have enjoyed basketball if I had stayed on the perimeter and just shot the ball from long range. I wanted to be creative and solve the problem of getting past all the shot blockers and scoring over people I should never have been able to score against. That was fun.

So, getting back to the list. It’s kind of funny because after I made the list I thought to myself,
“I should write children’s books.” Now where have I heard that before… hmmmm….

If you know of anyone that breathes drawing comic illustrations that would work well with children’s stories then you might want to send them my way… who knows maybe we will both breathe a bunch of awesome books to life.

For now, I am going to take some time to think about this some more, but it was a very interesting answer to a very AWESOME question. I suggest you try answering the question as well. You might be surprised what you find. I was.

7 SEO Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

May 12, 2009

Andy Jenkins and the other faculty at StomperNet have just released a free “7 Deadly SEO Mistakes” course that you can sign up for by clicking here.

StomperNet has some of the most well recognized SEO experts on their faculty like Jerry West, Dan Thies, and Leslie Rohde. I just finished watching some of their free videos and it’s really good stuff. They’re sending out all kinds of unannounced video bonuses as part of this course, too.

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How Daniel Scocco Makes 10,000 Dollars A Month

May 8, 2009

Yaro Starak just released an interview he did with my friend Daniel Scocco. In the interview Daniel reveals how he managed to launch a membership site and make 10,000 dollars a month from it.

You can check out the interview by clicking here.

Daniel’s a really upstanding guy so if you are looking to learn how to launch a membership site with integrity he is the guy to emulate. Go check out his interview now.

Membership Site Mastermind And 3 Reasons Most eBooks Don’t Sell

May 5, 2009

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I wanted to quickly tell you about two cool pages you should check out.

First, Yaro Starak just opened his Membership Site Mastermind training program and he’s taking
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The next thing I wanted you to know about is a FREE video by Eban Pagan that reveals the reasons people have such a hard time selling information products.

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