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Making the Most of Your Download Page

Written by Ryan Ambrose  · August 28, 2008

It doesn’t matter what type of digital product you’re selling, there’s always one place your customers will go after they’ve bought from you: your download page. It’s where your product is, after all. They bought it, they go there and get it, and then they’re done. Yes, you could let it happen that way, or you could make your download page do some more work for you.

Your customers deserve a hassle-free download after purchasing, but I’m not talking about putting obstacles in their way. I’m talking about putting other things on that page besides your download link. Since they will go there after buying, a few extra things on that page might be handy.

  • Banners that generate impressions: If you’re in a banner exchange program, or any of it’s variations (like traffic exchanges or, get a credit with them by putting something that gives you credits on your download page. It’s not as though you’re trying to sell something at that point, and can afford your customer’s distraction. Besides, once they get the product, they’re leaving the page anyway. Why not through a link that benefits you?
  • Cross-sells: You can promote an affiliate program that relates to your product in some way. Not competes directly with it, but relates to it. They’ve already bought your product, because they’re at your download page, so you know they’ll spend money. Why not try for an extra commission with something else your customer might find useful?
  • Freebies: These are things like viral reports, loss leaders, trial memberships, and other things that could lead to an upsell or additional traffic. Your customer is already on your download page, so why not give them some surprise bonuses that work for both of you?

Now, while all this is great, just two words of warning. One, don’t intefere with your customer’s download of their product with new advertising under any circumstances. They’ve already paid for it, and they should be able to get to it easily. Two, don’t try and do too many other things at once. Making your page look like an ad stack won’t accomplish a thing.

Have a use for your download page I haven’t mentioned here? Feel free to comment.

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My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m one of the co-authors of Can I Make Big Money Online.

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