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7 Causes Of Procrastination Exposed!

Written by Monika Mundell  · August 12, 2008

procrastination Procrastination is like venomous poison for anybody who owns and runs a business. Sometimes it can get so bad, all we do is stare at the computer screen for hours on end while we mentally beat ourselves up to will a clever idea into our brain.

If you fight against this monster from time to time you know exactly what I mean. You might even have felt the urge to throw your computer out of the window because you got so frustrated at your lack of ideas.

I know how this feels and I can tell you, it’s not a good feeling. But over time I have come to recognize certain procrastination causes and I’m going to expose them to you one by one.

By knowing what could be the reason behind your inability to produce kick a** content on time, every time, you might be better armed next time around.

Procrastination cause #1: pressure

Pressure is hardly ever a good thing. Ok, some of you might actually get off on stress, but for the rest of us, we rather have a time and a place for every task we do. Plus, multitasking has been said to be quite ineffective anyway.

By limiting pressure, you will clear the mental head space and make room for the more important aspects of your business.

Procrastination cause #2: clutter

That nasty word! Office clutter is perhaps one of the biggest reasons we procrastinate. I’m sure you can remember times when your office desk was neat, kind of like a Zen style advert for organized media gurus.

This is the situation you want to experience every single day. If you currently struggle with clutter, get organized. Use apps, employ a secretary, or even a virtual VA. It will be worth your time or money; since working in a clean environment is beneficial for our creative juices.

Procrastination cause #3: hunger & thirst

You might be laughing at this, but I have come to learn that on many occasions when I felt lethargic and couldn’t be bothered to work, it was due to not being hungry. I often find myself totally lost in my work and before I remember to eat or drink, some 5 hours have gone by in a microsecond.

Thirst is another major cause for procrastination. If you don’t drink enough, your brain will become sluggish and procrastination will settle in.

Maybe you want to get into the habit of keeping a glass of water at your desk (safely of course) to remind you to drink often.

Procrastination cause #4: loss of interest

If you find yourself consistently procrastinating over the same issues or topic it might be a sign of underlying issues. Perhaps you lost the drive for the subject, or you feel inadequate to fulfill the required job.

Either way, it might be time to look closer at the why and then go about finding a solution.

Procrastination cause #5: lack of quality sleep

While some of us can function perfectly with about 5 hours sleep every night, most people can’t. I’m taking a wild guess here, but I would think that most of you fall into the 7-8 range.

The point is, unless you sleep enough for your body’s needs, you will find yourself consistently tired, moody and hard to motivate.

Procrastination cause #6: lack of adequate rest

You can’t just keep working like a robot. Every one of us needs time off. Time off work, preferably in a total different environment.

Sometimes I get into my extreme mode. I work and work and work….. and guess what? Work some more. While this is great for a while I soon find myself totally and utterly burned out. I do need my time away from the computer (my office) as much as anybody else.

If you think you are superhuman, think again. You too need a break.

Procrastination cause #7: interruptions

These are by far the worst causes of procrastination because they are often outside our control. We don’t know that hubby is wanting to discuss his latest recipe right when you are in the zone. neither can you possibly know that aunt Mary is calling you just as you entered a very creative working spell.

It’s true, we can’t know these things, let alone foresee them.

But what you could do is eliminate the possibilities of distractions while you work. Switch the phone to the answering machine. Tell your family you are working and for gods sake close your email client and chat.

Making small changes and taking control

Rome wasn’t built in a single day and neither will you manage to go from procrastination victim to Zen warrior of GTD. All it takes is small steps, one at the time.

Procrastination mustn’t be something you “just experience“. You can beat it.

About The Author
My name is Monika Mundell, I’m one of the co-authors of Can I Make Big Money Online and I’m the author of Freelance Writing. Learn more from me there.

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5 Responses to “7 Causes Of Procrastination Exposed!”

  1. Corey Geer on August 13th, 2008 4:45 pm

    It’s all too common for people who had just started that they find themselves with information overload and find themselves running in circles on ideas not knowing what to do.

    This is what fuels people and keeps them rifting from website to website buying book after book after book and this is why making money online will never die! Desperation and fear fuels the hungry customer but once they find out how hard it is or once they discover it’s not as easy as they thought it would be, they give up and look for another product.

    It’s a funny world we live in.. everyone wants a money tree, but no one wants to go out there and plant it.

    Until next time.
    Corey Geer,

  2. George Manty on August 13th, 2008 8:14 pm


    You are spot on!

  3. Monika Mundell on August 14th, 2008 2:48 am

    @ Corey: Yep, you are so right. I couldn’t have said it any better. The elusive money tree is a powerful motivator to get those ebook sales rolling and rolling. Focus is really key if we want to get moving in the right direction. It’s definitely not easy, but then if it was would we enjoy our successes as much anyway?

    I doubt it.

  4. George from Loughton, Essex on December 6th, 2008 10:50 am

    Sorry for the very sharp comment but I thing that there is only one real procrastination cause here: loss of interest. The rest are just pathetic. This is because if a person for example needs to eat or sleep, it doesn’t mean he or she delays their work intentionally. Without eating or sleeping we’d die and that doesn’t count as a cause of procrastination.

    In my view, the real possible causes of procrastination are lasyness, disrespectul treatment of customers, irresponsible behaviour and so on. Every person does that some way or another but sleep, eat, drink, get interrupted and pressurised we always will, we just have to be in peace with all these factors of life.

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