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What Can You Do With a Report?

Written by Ryan Ambrose  · April 17, 2008

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What can you do with a report? I’m talking about the 10 to 20 page reports that are the tinier cousin of the ebook. Most of you probably already using them with the $7 Report strategy invented by Jonathan Leger. But what else can you do with reports, and what sort should they be? I’m going to throw out some suggestions, and invite you to add your own in the comments.

So then, how can you use a report to make money?

1.) Build lists: You can use them as freebies to build a list. You sell any visitor on how amazing your report is when they come to your opt-in page, then tell them they can get it free just by giving you their name and email address. It’s a classic technique, but I still see it used.

2.) Make them freebies with a product sale: Freebie additions to products tend to become more necessary as that product’s price increases, and reports are great for that. As it is, freebies are a matter of course when you’re selling online nowadays, though I do see some exceptions (like the $7 report strategy).

3.) Driving traffic: You write a report, and then put a link to your web site along with a pitch selling why someone should visit it at the end of your information. Afterwards, you make that report spread far and wide by:

  • Publishing it with blanket giveaway rights, so anyone can use it to list build.

  • Sell it with resale rights, and make some money in the process before others sell it for
    their own profit.

  • Sell it with master resale rights, and watch it go far and wide.

  • Give it to your affiliates with the capacity to rebrand it, and let them drive traffic to
    you with their rebranded affiliate link. If you do this, your site link should be the only
    link in that report.

All of this puts your report in circulation, and can potentially give you massive link exposure.

4.) Affiliate link backsales: You can put affiliate links in a report, just like you can put them in an ebook. Better still, you can do this, and still use it with many of the other theories. If you do, use topically relevant affiliate links for a higher likelihood of making sales. In other words, don’t try to sell calling cards in a report filled with cookie recipes.

Now, given all of the things you can do with a report, what makes a report desirable for the
people who might want to read it? What approach to your information will be so appealing to
a potential reader that the report will actually help you do one of the things I mentioned

1.) The ‘How To’ report: This type of report is just as the name says. It’s about how to do something someone in your niche may not already know. A report-sized topic would be fairly specific, such as “How to Make Scented Soap”, for example.

2.) The ‘Easy Button’ report: I mentioned the appeal of convenience in a previous post, and this is the info product equivalent of it. It’s about how to make something easier, faster, or simpler for someone else. The readers in your niche may already know how to do what your describing, but it’s difficult or annoying the ‘old’ way. An example might be “How to Make Beautifully Scented Soap Affordably”.

3.) The ‘Avoid’ report: This report can be summed up simply as identifying something in your niche someone would want to avoid, why they want to avoid it (if it’s not already obvious), and what they can do to avoid it. Going back to the soap example, it might be something like “How to Avoid Ruining Your Scented Soap”.

Reports are quite versatile, even if you can’t sell them for big bucks. Because of this, it’s worth your time to make and use them.

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4 Responses to “What Can You Do With a Report?”

  1. George Manty on April 18th, 2008 1:25 pm

    Special note: I am going out of touch over the weekend, so if your comments may not get approved until Monday…

  2. nancy on April 20th, 2008 2:01 pm

    One suggestion for the $7 reports is to just sell a lot of them instead of one of the larger reports. Just like having a lot of smaller websites bringing in a little each instead of one large one bringing in a lot. They say one doesn’t take any longer than the other. Anyone tried this approach?

  3. Ryan on April 21st, 2008 9:30 am

    The $7 Reports technique works very well, Nancy. If you want to know more about it, you can get it at I intend to launch a $7 site in the near future myself.

    As for using a lot of smaller sites, you can target different keywords for each one. Since you can hammer out reports quite easily, it’s comparatively easy to set them up.

  4. Jonathan on April 24th, 2008 3:52 am

    Hi Ryan, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, I never actually consider the wide variety of options available, but that the beauty of the internet as you can share information and pick up new ways of working. Thanks again