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Internet Marketing Links From Around The Web 2/15/2008

Written by George Manty  · February 15, 2008


Wow, it’s been a while since I have done one of these posts…

Here are some of my favorite Internet marketing articles from around the web this week:

Self-employed in 7months
Co-author of this blog, Monika Mundell, tells her story of becoming self employed in 7 months. Very nice read.

What is good content?
My friend Maki wrote the best post I have seen on the topic of what constitutes good content. My answer to the question “What is good content?” would be His blog is a great example of good content.

28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website
My friend Daniel at Daily Blog Tips wrote a really nice post on different ways to monetize your website.

Dissecting 28 Ways To Make Money With Your Website
Yaro took Daniel’s post a little farther by adding his unique insight into Daniel’s list.

My Rant About This So-Called “Recession”
Perry Marshall wrote an excellent article on the upcoming recession. I completely agree with him. Just how many recessions has the media predicted? Check out his blog for the answer. Very good read for those worried about the future.

Bookmark Bliss: 101+ Stock Image Resources
Last but not least, I came across this post from 2007 that provides a great list of places to get images for your website or blog.

That’s it for this week…

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One Response to “Internet Marketing Links From Around The Web 2/15/2008”

  1. Gaje Master on February 17th, 2008 10:46 pm

    Loved this post. I wish that more bloggers would give tribute to great blogs and post. Speaking of which, I need to do this myself. I enjoyed this post very much and look forward to reading more post like this and all your other thousands of post on this blog.