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Why Blogging Alone Won’t Make You Money Online

Written by Monika Mundell  · January 21, 2008

If you are one of the million bloggers hoping to earn a slice of the big “can I make money online” pie, then you need to get some of your priorities right first. Blogging alone won’t make you money, unless of course you are getting paid to blog for somebody else.

To make money with a blog, you need a plan of attack right from the start. Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t have a plan at all. All they want is to make money – and fast.

Let me tell you, fast doesn’t work, regardless of what the next A-lister tells you. We intend to throw our credit cards at any new offer that is hyped up on the Internet, promising us to be the final answer to our never ending quest to make money. And yet, it never happens.

Partially this is because most people fail to act on anything they hear, whether good or bad and then others who do act still fail if they are being fed the wrong information.

When we see those promising offers of instant riches we are lured into the belief that this will work for us too, despite the fact that most bloggers don’t have a clue on how to market. Those A-lister who peddle their wares and every other marketer that hypes up their product only make $100,000 and more in 24 hours because they own a well established list.

This means that the moment they launch their product they send out the same email to thousands of people via auto responders and given the law of conversion they will make their insane amounts of money in seemingly no time.

A common blogger can never achieve this without owning a huge and responsive list! So before you throw away your money to yet another “great offer”, work with the ones you already possess.

Making money on the Internet is very much possible with the following tools – ideas:

  • Creating your own ebooks

  • Starting a membership site

  • Working niches away from the “make money niche”

  • Creating your own “how to” course

  • Designing WordPress themes

  • Designing software

I’m sure that each and every one of you reading this (who has yet to make any money online) owns an ebook, course or report that delves into these subjects.

My advice is to grab one that appeals to you and follow the steps to build your business.

And let me just repeat this one again: fast doesn’t work!

Believe me when I say that I wasted years online by following the wrong advice. I believed everything those A-listers were preaching. After all, they made it, so they had to know – right?


Most of them are only concerned about their bottom line profits. They don’t give a toss about you or me, and they use us to fuel their insane profit margins. Once you understand how marketing works, how copy writing works and how the human mind works, you will know what I’m talking about.

But to be fair, it isn’t just the A-listers who play unsuspecting newcomers for their hard earned money, there are also many black hatters who do the same.

The sad part of this whole scenario is that making money isn’t really a nice man’s game. It is the game of knowledge and power, regardless of survivors, and the sooner you understand this, the more money you will save (by not spending yours on every new product launch) and make in the long term (by developing your own launches).

About The Author
My name is Monika Mundell, and I’m the author of Freelance Writing. Learn more from me there.

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One Response to “Why Blogging Alone Won’t Make You Money Online”

  1. Matt Tutt on January 24th, 2008 2:08 pm

    Great post. I agree with you, and I find that once you have found your way into a good position as a blogger you will find it very easy to stay there, even if you no longer contribute with posts that reflect your position at the top of the chain.

    It takes a lot of hard, quality work to even attempt to get to the positions that you will see benefit from.