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Blogger Appreciation Day – Some Link Love For You

April 14, 2008

I just found out about something Darren Rowse started today that he is calling “Blogger Appreciation Day“. I found out because I was at the top of Chris Garrett’s list (from leaving the most comments on his blog since it began).

My list is not quite 100 people, because I had to remove a few that no longer exist and there were some duplicates with slightly different URLs. Here is my list of top commentators over the years:

Garry Conn
Leroy Brown
Trent Brownrigg
Andrea Yager
Matt Tutt
Rob Stgeorge
Wendy Piersall
Monika @ The Writers Manifesto
Matt Jones
Sourav Sharma
James Mann
Chris Johnson
Easton Ellsworth
John Wesley
Michael M
Community Building Blog
Affiliate Marketing eBook Reviews
Daniel Gattermann
Ashwin Foogooa
John Morson
Gratefully Rich
Ray Dotson
Jersey Girl
Justin Dupre
Glen Allsopp
Adam Thompson
Madhur Kapoor
Make Cash Online
lady influence
Gayla McCord
Marco Richter
Michael from Pro Blog Design
Robert Hruzek
Gregg Thurby
Sarah D

Thank you so much for contributing and reading this blog over the years. I really appreciate you.

For those interested in creating a similar list, I used Chris Garrett’s method of creating this list:

If you want to see who your top 100 commenters are, run the following SQL on your database:

SELECT CONCAT('<a href=',`comment_author_url`,'>',`comment_author`,'</a>') as commenter
FROM `wp_comments`
GROUP BY `comment_author_email`
ORDER BY COUNT(`comment_author_email`) DESC

I do appreciate everyone who has commented on this blog, and I also appreciate those of you who haven’t. As Darren suggests, I will be sending out emails later today and probably tomorrow to let even more of you know that I appreciate you.

May God Bless You All!

Create Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns At The Speed Of the Light

April 13, 2008

OK, Speed PPC v3 doesn’t work at the speed of light, but from what I understand it is very, very fast.

Version 3 of Speed PPC launched last week and you have until 9am (EST) Tuesday, April 15th to get it at a discounted price.

It’s true that I don’t own Speed PPC. I am currently not running PPC campaigns and I have not needed a product like this all year. However, I will be running PPC ads again in the very near future. PPC is an excellent way to drive targeted traffic that is ready to buy your product to a website. If you don’t run PPC ads, then don’t buy Speed PPC. I don’t advocate buying products just because they are cool. However, if you run a lot of PPC ads or plan to run multiple PPC ads in the very near future, Speed PPC is a product you should check out.

From what I understand (from a friend who uses it) Speed PPC is excellent at creating tons of ad campaigns quickly (not at the speed of light).

They have added a lot of new features to version 3 of Speed PPC, but in my mind the coolest new feature is the additional PPC engines that are now supported. SpeedPPC Version 2.0 worked for Google AdWords and MSN adCenter. Now it also works with Yahoo! Search Marketing, ABCSearch, Affiliate Radar,, Enhance, GoClick, LookSmart, Miva, Search123, and ValidClick. 11 PPC networks in all.

That’s pretty cool!

Anyway, if you spend a lot of time running PPC campaigns then you should click here to go check out Speed PPC v3.

Watch My Friend Andrea Yaeger’s Product Launch

April 11, 2008

My friend Andrea Yaeger is launching a new product under the direct guidance of Mr. Product Launch Formula -Jeff Walker. It should be a smashing success for her and she has invited you to watch the launch of her new product.

Sounds like it should be fun (Andrea is a lot of fun you know). Click here for more details.

A Few Simplified Thoughts on Branding

April 10, 2008

image by jbarreiros
hollywoodHave you ever wondered why actor and actress names are what they are?

Actress names in particular once boggled me to no end. Take for example, Elizabeth Taylor. She must hold a world record in remarriages, but what’s her name, no matter what? Elizabeth Taylor. Why on Earth does it work that way? Because with actors and actresses, their stage names are their brand.

All the fame and star power they earn is represented in their stage names. If those stage names change, they’ve damaged a huge part of their branding and the sellability of any movie or show in which they star thereafter. If you’re an actor or actress, the size of your paycheck depends greatly on whether or not you can get viewers to movies or television shows, so this damage is grievously undesirable. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what their real names really are, or if they change once they marry. They never change their stage names because it would be dumb and costly to them if they did.

Your business can be branded the same way. While your business model may not be dodging paparazzi or walking down the red carpet in a million dollars of jewelery, the end result is the same. A brand can pad your future paydays because it’s recognized and actively sought by customers in your niche.

Branding yourself isn’t hard to do. Find out what you are, then brand it. There are a few things that can help, and possibly have that brand do some of your selling for you.

  • Your company name: Take some time in choosing it, because if it’s catchy (like ‘’, which I mentioned last week), the fact it’s memorable can help put your cash flow in the black.

  • A logo: These are helpful, but not enormously necessary. There are plenty of examples of people who grow wealthy without one (particularly the one-man entrepreneurs working on the Net), but if you have the money, consider getting one designed.

  • A tagline: These usually appear under the company names, and is a catchy sentence you want to represent you. They are usually repeated by the big companies over and over, and if you can think of a company name and hear the ring of the sentence they use to describe themselves, you know what a tagline is.

Once you get them, and they start selling for you, look into trademarking them immediately. You don’t want someone to come along, realize that tagline, logo, or company name that’s making you so much money after all your hard work isn’t trademarked and take them from you or abuse them.

And last but not least, remember branding works both ways. You can become branded to something awful, like Microsoft to its oversized and cantankerous software, if you fail with such consistency it becomes the general perception that you fall short. This is not desirable, so be sure to have your product or service in order before you begin.

I’m not the world’s biggest branding expert, but the basics of branding aren’t hard to understand. Your brand is the something recognizable about your business that can help you sell or make money. It can also chase potential customers away if it become associated with something bad, so don’t let that happen.

Seriously, how do you make a beautiful, sellable ebook? Find your answers today with The Ebook Walkthrough!

My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m one of the co-authors of Can I Make Big Money Online.

How Not To Ask For A Link Exchange

April 9, 2008

Last week I got what I considered to be a hilarious request for a blogroll link exchange. In case you want to know how NOT to ask me for a link exchange, here is the email I was sent the other day (name of said person and sites have been removed):

Hi {find name of blogger and put here},

I am writing on behalf of the blog team at xxxxxxx, which runs the popular xxxxxxx Marketing blog.

We are hand picking a few really great blogs to add to our blog roll. If you’re interested in having your blog recommended on xxxxxx blog, please consider adding our blog to yours.

The name of our blog is xxxxxxxx.


I often get requests for links that I think are form letters. However, in this case it was an obvious form letter. I was laughing out loud when I read the line:

“We are hand picking a few really great blogs”

Really??? Hand picking???

If you ever handpick a blog to exchange links with, don’t start your email with:

Hi {find name of blogger and put here},

It kind of gives the impression that you weren’t exactly handpicking my blog.

P.S. My name is George.

How Branding Can Drive Traffic To Your Site

April 8, 2008


In last weeks post I talked about The Importance of Business Branding and how branding can help you to get more business and higher paying jobs. This week I wanted to follow up on that and show you ways in which your branding efforts can help to send traffic to your site/blog.

The obvious, most expensive option of traffic generation is to pay for advertising. Ads are commonly used for advertising purposes as we all know. Just think back on what I briefly touched on last week in regards to those annoying ads we often see on TV, or hear on the radio.

Generally small business owners shy away from spending top dollar for an advertising campaign, simply because they don’t have the funds.

So what can we do to get that coveted flow of traffic happening and how in the world is branding going to help with this?

Position yourself as the expert

This is actually easier said than done because first of all you will need some experience to pull this off. On the other hand I personally do not peddle products of which I don’t have a clue about. I used to, back in my online greenhorn days, but since then I have learned my lessons and stay true to myself and my experience.

It simply isn’t worth being a hypocrite.

But let’s assume that you are indeed an expert in your field. You have plenty of hands on experience and know your way around the topic. You’ve gone through failures and hardship and you know exactly what others think who first come into contact with your field of expertise, since you have been there before.

If that is the case, play it with all your might. Once you have the expertise you can do away with the humble hat and step into the limelight.

Now is your time to shine.

Just like in showbiz, much of the initial marketing message is lost on your readers. This is mainly due to the fact that most of us have an extreme short attention span. So play it up, garnish your “expertise” with colorful streamers, balloons and music.

Doing this will guarantee to bring you traffic!

It is in our nature to be associated with fame, success and the limelight. Why else are we so enthralled with soaps, Oscar nominations and what not?

After all, it is recognition we crave and what better way to be recognized than to be picked up by any media because of our association with ….(insert your favorite celebrity here).

Use your alternate ego

I bet most of us have an alternate ego within. You know, the voice that says no, when we say yes and the other way round. Since most of us are civilized people, our alternate ego is often “not so MR. nice guy”.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: my alternate ego is a mixture between Jennifer Garner in Alias and Buddha. Kind of like Ninja meeting eternal bliss. LOL

Recently we have seen an increased amount of bloggers who tell it like it is. They are sick of seeing blogging noobies get hurt and have made it their mission to change our views about Internet marketing and the whole make money online industry.

I tell you what. It works. This is branding in its rawest form and although some people are offended by this whole approach, I think it is simply brilliant.

Creating controversy amongst yes sayers always works. While we might be offended to start with, these controversies actually prompt us to think outside the box. If you are an entrepreneur, then you will agree that doing this can only broaden our vision and our knowledge.

I think it is suffice to say that this approach will not only get you noticed, but also funnel a ton of traffic to your site.

A word of warning: you will need a strong resolve to stay the course against all the onslaught of opposition that will no doubt come your way. After all, you will be swimming against the current pretty much alone. Especially when you first start out.

Branding works – get ready for action!

Branding in all its various forms will always bring traffic and business to you if done correctly. You can’t afford to be chopping and changing your brand after you are getting known around “town”. Yes, every now and then we all crave a make over, but before you take this step, ask yourself whether this will be beneficial to your brand or not.

Soft or hard, both work in their own ways

Whether you have a lot of money to burn and feel fine with paying thousands of dollars for advertising every month, to establish your brand, or whether you want to go the soft approach that takes more time but hardly any money is entirely up to you.

If you do take the soft approach, expect to spend a good portion of your time to network with others in your field. Whether this is via social networks, forums, clubs, membership sites or blogs, is irrelevant.

What matters most is that you dedicate yourself to your brand and build it block by block until the foundation is rock solid.

Have you got anything else to add? Please feel free to share your views and thoughts on this post.

About The Author
My name is Monika Mundell, and I’m the author of Freelance Writing. Learn more from me there.

My Thoughts On Dan Lok’s The Death Of Information Marketing

April 7, 2008

I just finished reading Dan Lok’s free ebook, “The Death of Information Marketing“. It’s a pretty good read and I agree with most of what Dan says.

I don’t like that Dan asks for more personal information than just your name and email to download the ebook. I almost didn’t download it because of that. I agree that relying on email alone to stay in contact with customers is a mistake, but I also believe that THE MOST information you should require someone to give you to download a free ebook is an email address and a name.

With that exception, the ebook is filled with solid Internet marketing advice. In fact, some of the advice that Dan gives is the same advice I have received from one of my mentors this year.

All in all, “The Death of Information Marketing” is a good read for those who want to learn how to run a successful information marketing business.

Click here to download The Death of Information Marketing.

The Death of Information Marketing

April 3, 2008

I just found out that yet another “Death of…” book has been released. This time it’s by Dan Lok.

First there was “The Death of Adsense” by Scott Boulch. Next came The Death of Internet marketing by Mike Filsaime, and now there is a new FREE ebook called…

The Death of Information Marketing

Like it’s predecessors affiliates get paid every time someone downloads the ebook.

I haven’ finished reading it yet, but when I do I will let you know what I think of it. You can check it out for yourself and download The Death of Information Marketing by clicking here.

After you read it, let me know what you think!

Seven Tips for Going Viral

April 2, 2008

I just put a new web site on the Net this week. It’s not about making money online, so I won’t mention it here. It is, however, designed to go viral, and that’s what I’m talking about today.

image by Fleur Design
long viral line

Yes, you can design a site to go viral. You can generate traffic through word-of-mouth and linkbaiting, and that’s how I intend to get most of my traffic to my new one. It includes some social techniques mixed with my lessons learned from the last two sites which sadly, no longer exist.

So that you don’t have to watch your best efforts go to waste as I once did, here are some tips to help you on your way.

  1. Be unusual: The Internet is way, way to big for vanilla. Vanilla is everywhere. So, find a topic and either approach it from an unusual direction, be controversial, be humorous, but be different.

  2. Make it a “.com”: I don’t care if your site is a company or not. When I say “Dot Com” to anyone, they know what it is, because the term is a pop culture phenomenon now. My last sites were “.net” because I was trying to be compliant, but it doesn’t matter. If you have to take a pencil and pad and hammer out URL’s until you can get something you can use with a “.com” extension, do so. It makes your URL much easier to remember.

  3. Give it a catchy URL: Another big problem of mine I’ve since fixed, and again, if you have to go at it all day with a pencil and pad, invent a catchy URL. Catchy URL’s are preferably short and memorable in some way. To go viral, they should also be fun. “” is fun, and look what happened to them.

  4. Make it interactive: In Web 2.0, it’s the only way to go. Blog comments, forum postings, and other forms of visitor interactivity are not only expected nowadays, but are a good way to keep your previous visitors returning.

  5. If someone wants to social bookmark you, make it easy for them: Mass bookmarking programs, Feedburner Feed Flares, and other things exist so that if your visitors want to bookmark you on their choice of social bookmarking sites, they can. Find the mass bookmarking tool that works best for you, and use it.

  6. Images: You have to have them, if only in your header. I’m still working on my site’s images, but you’ll need them in the end. And not just any image, but fun, unusual, or interesting images.

  7. Respond to your visitors: Do you have a unique sense of humor, insight, or anything else that helps you stand out from the crowd? Use it to respond to your visitors. Write about their emails. Talk about their issues. They’ll tell their friends about how cool you are, and others will come to visit you.

If you’re designing a site from scratch and want to go viral, remember the tips above. You can get started on the right foot, and will help your advertising efforts go the extra mile with a little viral intent.

Seriously, how do you make a beautiful, sellable ebook? Find your answers today with The Ebook Walkthrough!

My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m one of the co-authors of Can I Make Big Money Online.

The Importance Of Business Branding

April 1, 2008

credit cards

Branding is all around us in many forms and faces. Whether you are shopping, watching TV or browsing the Internet, everywhere we go these days we are directly influenced in our decision making process by the effects of branding.

Most people aren’t even aware that their minds are gently (or in some instances aggressively) influenced by clever marketing. They end up buying this and that because something they heard or saw stuck with them. It could be a tingle that keeps playing every time you switch on the radio, or that huge electrical store who annoys you with their repetitive ads.

I’m sure you’ve had your own fair share of getting annoyed at some of these ads, but when you think about it, we often tend to drift toward exactly those businesses we always get annoyed about when we need something in particular.

This is due to a combination of smart marketing and business branding.

It starts with the look

We too can achieve this by branding our name or business name all over the Internet. So how do we do this without spending thousands of dollars like the big corporations do?

It’s easy. We use a blog. My preferred choice is the WordPress platform because it is the perfect content management software (CMS) to design a WordPress blog that actually looks like a website.

This site can be your very own branding tool and with a bit of money invested ($100-$500+) you will be able to get a unique site that is your face for the world to see.

First impressions always count, whether we meet someone in person or see their works on the Internet and those initial seconds can be the difference between a long term contract or no work at all.

Regardless of the business you own, you need a proper portal (portfolio) in which to represent yourself. While this might be a given for some, many business owners oversee this most important point.

Your vision counts

Try to find a designer who can take your vision and put this into reality with a custom made theme. I recently did a total make over on my Portfolio site and ended up paying under $300. This was well worth the investment because since the changeover I already gained 3 new clients!

In effect the theme has already paid for itself several times over.

Regardless whether you are working for yourself in a one man/woman show, or are the CEO of a huge corporation, if you have a web presence, you need branding!

Here is what you’ll need to consider before contacting your designer:

  • What color scheme do I want for my site (a mixture of 2-3 main colors work best)
  • What kind of navigation do I need (traditional blog design, newspaper design, simple page with no sidebars)
  • How do I portray myself? Is it more with a direct approach, or more subtle with occasional hints at who I really am?
  • Do I want my photograph, a logo, a slogan or all of these combined on the site
  • What is my maximum budget?
  • Is the site going to be stationary (set) or will I actually use it to blog on too?

The more you can work with your designer in regards to the final result, the better he/she can work with you. It really pays to contemplate these things before you rush into any decision as your site/blog will be your online business portal (portfolio) for a long time to come.

Make it last.


Branding my name from early on into my business has helped me to gain recognition from top Internet marketers. Using a professional design has furthered this to catapult me into a bigger league now and this is being reflected by the new clients I attract.

In my next post I will actually go into the second stage of branding and what you can do as a blogger, business owner to draw traffic to your site. This is something that can be done by anybody, irrespective of money or time.

As long as you are aware that one of these commodities will need to be invested, you will be fine.

If you have questions, or like to know how you can get your own theme, feel free to comment below.

About The Author
My name is Monika Mundell, and I’m the author of Freelance Writing. Learn more from me there.

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