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The Secret Make Money Online Project Launch And The Next Phase

Written by George Manty  · December 12, 2007

Our first phase of the secret project (Barter Genius) has been released and I would like to share with you some information about our plans for the second phase of this project. Originally, we planned on creating something much bigger than Barter Genius, but instead we decided to launch our idea in phases.

Here are the two main reasons for the change in plans:

1. Interest
Not everyone interested in barter will be interested in the next phase of the project and vice versa. Our market research showed us that we needed to create a barter site that encompassed more than just online business services (our original idea). That, combined with the fact that the next phase of this project would not necessarily be interesting to those interested in barter, meant that separating the project into two separate projects was the best way to go.

2. Time
We wanted to release a product this year. Combining the barter site with the second phase of this project would have taken WAY too long to accomplish. In fact, I don’t expect to have the second phase done until the second half of 2008.

There were other reasons for the change in plans, but those were the primary reasons for the change. We also don’t currently have an affiliate program for the barter site and didn’t do a major launch. The second phase WILL have an affiliate program and WILL have a bigger launch. There are a lot of reasons that went into those decisions, but I am not going to discuss those right now. However, those decisions are allowing me to test the effectiveness of running an online contest, which I will discuss when the contest is over.

Future Plans
As for the future of Barter Genius. My wife Jill is going to promote it to other markets that have a strong interest in barter. I am going work on some other projects (including a new blog design for this blog), and then early next year I will be getting back to work on phase 2 of this project.

What Is The Second Phase Of The Project
The second phase of the project is totally focused on the make money online niche. Here are some key points about it:

  1. It includes a system to make money online
  2. It will save you time
  3. It helps you utilize your strengths
  4. It will include an option for personalized training
  5. I can’t tell you anymore or I would give away the secret ūüėČ

Final Thoughts

I learned a lot through the process of launching this product. I may discuss that in the future, but in my next post I am going to discuss some of the big changes I am making in my business in 2008.

One final note, I just wanted to remind you that the contest to win 500 dollars is still open through the end of the year. Click here for details.

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