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What’s Going On With The Business?

Written by George Manty  · October 18, 2007

Hey, I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on with our secret project, what’s going on with this blog, and a few other things.

First of all I wanted to let you know that Jill is expecting again. Child # 6 is due in May. We are both very excited and happy to be having another child (they are blessings). Anyway, the baby news has made me re-think some of our plans and timelines.

I finished working on some free wordpress themes. I will probably release them next week, as I have plans that are going to keep me busy this weekend. While working on the themes, I realized that I really enjoy web design. As a JAVA/web developer I do some web design at my 9-5 job. At one point I was going to start up a web design firm. I changed my mind because I didn’t think there would be enough money it. I may have to rethink that since I do enjoy it.

I mentioned in an earlier post, Jill and I have expanded our target market for the first phase of our secret project because of the market research we did.

Yes, you read that right, I said “first phase”.

I have a plan to come out with a series of helpful products for you. All of which will help you make more money online. Some of them I may be collaborating on with other people, but the details of the next phases have not been ironed out yet. I have to focus on finishing this project and then moving on to the next product.

That is what is currently go on with things.

PS. We are having a lively conversation about the Bionic Woman on our tv blog, for those interested…

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4 Responses to “What’s Going On With The Business?”

  1. Leroy Brown on October 18th, 2007 12:40 pm

    Six kids? Yikes. I can hardly find time to get anything done with ONE.

  2. George Manty on October 18th, 2007 12:51 pm


    Yes, 6! It’s a bit more than a handful…

  3. Aurelius Tjin on October 19th, 2007 3:40 am

    Well, congratulations on your new baby! ūüôā

  4. George Manty on October 19th, 2007 7:08 am


    Thank you!