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7 Ways To Keep Your Blog Going When Time Is Hard To Find?

Written by George Manty  · September 24, 2007

Chris Garrett asked a great question today:

Are You Ready For the Unexpected?

The unexpected has been common place for me lately. I have been having car problems, colds, Dr. appointments, back problems, other projects, people asking to buy my blog, etc…

Here are 7 ways that you can keep your blog going when you just don’t have the time to keep it going:

1. Store Up Reserve Posts In Your Drafts Folder
If you have some timeless posts stored up in your drafts folder, you can always publish them when you don’t have much time to write a new post.

2. Answer A Question From Someone Else’s Post On Your Blog
Instead of leaving a comment on someones blog, write a post on your blog to respond to their post. I find this to be an excellent way to come up with a quick post. That’s what this post is!

3. Answer Someone’s Comment With A New Post
Instead of answering a comment in the comments of your post, you can answer it in a new post. I also find this to be a very quick way to generate new content.

4. Rewrite An Old Post
You can rewrite an old post or newsletter from a different perspective or with more up to date information. This can be yet another really quick and easy way to create new content on your blog.

5. A Month In Review Post
Some blogs publish a month in review post. A month in review post highlights some of your more popular posts from the previous month. It is very easy to create a post like this.

6. Invite Guest Bloggers To Write Your Content
More and more blogs (mine included) allow guest bloggers to submit posts for use on their blog. If something unexpected arises you can ask your guest bloggers to take up the slack.

7. Create A Poll
My favorite way to write quick and easy content is to take a poll. Polls usually get a good read response rate and they don’t take long at all to write.

The above methods have been working for me and I recommend them to you as well.

Later this week I plan on revealing another solution to this problem. It is something I was going to announce at the end of this week anyway.

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One Response to “7 Ways To Keep Your Blog Going When Time Is Hard To Find?”

  1. Donald Mckenzie Jr on September 28th, 2007 8:27 pm

    Thanks a lot for this post. I must admit, sometimes I find it seriously hard when traffic goes low. I just feel like giving up. Thanks anyway for the tips.