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What Do You Think My Blog Is About?

Written by George Manty  · August 15, 2007

Chris Garrett just tagged me on a new meme he started, called “What is Your Blog About Really?”. Personally, I think of Chris’ blog as being one of the top 3 blogs about blogging.

The meme has two simple steps:

1. Tell me what you think this blog is about
2. Ask your audience what they think your blog is about!

Maybe you think my blog is about something completely different than what I think. It would be very helpful for me to know what you expect from my blog so I can see whether that’s what I’m delivering. If not, I can either tweak the message I’m delivering or the way that it’s being delivered, so that you get what you’re expecting.

I am really interested in your answer to this question, so please let me know:

What do you think my blog is about?

To keep the meme going, I tag:

Matt, Wendy, Garry, Glen, Andrea, and Carl

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11 Responses to “What Do You Think My Blog Is About?”

  1. Glen Allsopp on August 16th, 2007 8:16 am

    Thanks for the tag, ill wrap it all up in a summary post

  2. George Manty on August 16th, 2007 8:25 am


    You are welcome, look forward to reading it.

  3. George Manty on August 16th, 2007 6:00 pm

    I have to admit that I am surprised nobody wants to tell me what you think my blog is about. Maybe that means it’s fairly self explanatory šŸ˜‰

  4. adri on August 16th, 2007 6:51 pm

    Your blog complete information, to make money I will follow your way to make money on my own blog.

  5. Andrea on August 17th, 2007 3:08 am


    Hi… I didnt see the tag.. I am not sure why. I am having a hard time figuring out if my blog works with www or without it, and maybe thats why I didnt see the tag..

    ok, enough rambling.

    I think you and I may fall into a similar category (well.. I aim to be lumped together in your ‘category’) of Internet Marketers who think. Perhaps we both started with the intentions of making money from the blog, or pitching the latest products, and it did not take long to get sucked into the world of ‘blogging’, as blogging is intended (or in the way that it speaks to me) and that took over the original goal, so now you are an internet marketer with panache, humor, and integrity.

    You are probably enjoying the experiencing more, if not earning as much as you would have expected/liked/hoped.

    Am I right šŸ™‚ ?

  6. George Manty on August 17th, 2007 8:04 am

    I am fairly certain I would have been earning a lot more money if I had not been distracted from my original plan by getting into blogging without a real plan. So, I am actually making less money than I would have made had I stuck with my original plan. Albeit, I believe there is a reason for everything, and there is a good reason I took this path. I just don’t know what that is yet.

    More later, I have to go give my youngest kid a bath, before he pulls my arm off…

  7. Matt Jones on August 18th, 2007 8:50 am

    Thanks for tagging me. I’ll see what I can do aboutt writing post (I’ve put it in the maybe pile!).

    It seems pretty obvious to be what both our blogs are about. Yours is about making money online, mine is about blogging. What more is there to say?

  8. George Manty on August 18th, 2007 8:02 pm


    Thanks. And yes, my blog is about making money online, but are my posts focused on that and is that what people come to my blog for?

    I think I know the answer, but it would be cool to see what others think.

  9. Work at Home Blog on August 19th, 2007 5:43 am

    I don’t think your site needs too much tweaking. It is very focused and from the blog posts I read through I would say that you provide a lot of valuable information. You’re posts are detailed and very on target to your blog theme which I assume from your blog title is about making money online. I am just going to head over to your Blogging Tips category and see what I can find.

  10. George Manty on August 19th, 2007 9:33 am

    Work at Home Blog,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  11. Lavorare a Casa on August 20th, 2007 7:46 am

    This is my first time in your blog, i thinking it’s fantastic!