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Internet Marketing Tips From Around The Net 8/10/2007

Written by George Manty  · August 10, 2007

This week I didn’t read as many blogs as usual, because a large part of my free time was spent dealing with car troubles. On the up side, the blood work that I had done by my endocronologist came back with much better results than my last visit and that REALLY made my week.

Anyway, here are some of the really good posts that I did manage to read this week:

25 Outstanding Links to Help You Write a Compelling Tagline
Liz Strauss published an excellent list of articles on creating a compelling tagline. I haven’t created a tag line for myself or this blog. I am going to put that on my to do list.

How To Launch A Membership Site – Part 1: Build Your Preeminence
Yaro is running a series of posts on launching a membership site, based on his experience of setting up his Blog Mastermind program. So far he has three posts, all of which I am listing in this week’s tips. Yaro’s series is fantastic for those wanting to launch a membership site (like me). In part 1, Yaro talks about how important it is for people to view you as a superstar in your niche.

How To Launch A Membership Site – Part 2: Communication Channels
In part 2, Yaro discusses the importance of having many communication channels.

How To Launch A Membership Site – Part 3: Technology
Part 3 of Yaro’s series covers the technologies that he looked into and used for his membership site.

Expert Bloggers
Garry Conn wrote a really interesting article about blogging on the topic of making money online. Be sure to read the comments, because there is some really good advice in the comments.

Pro Blogger Test: Take it Now!
Daniel of Daily Blog Tips released a pro blogger test this week. It is interesting and probably a bit hard for beginners. Check it out.

Opportunity Costs or How Not Watching TV will Help You Make Money
Maki wrote a good post about personal productivity. He included information about how television viewing affects our productivity. I am not ready to give up watching TV, but I have cut my television watching down quite a bit over the last few months.

That’s it for this week…

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2 Responses to “Internet Marketing Tips From Around The Net 8/10/2007”

  1. Garry Conn on August 12th, 2007 1:24 am

    Hey George!

    Thanks for mentioning the article. I had a lot of fun reading it and I am having even more fun reading what others have written (including yourself) in the comments. Thanks for not only mentioning in this article but also for being of the top contributors within the comments section! ūüôā

    Best Regards,
    Garry Conn

  2. George Manty on August 12th, 2007 10:21 am


    You are welcome. I enjoyed reading the article, and thought others would as well.