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If You Want To Make Big Money Online – You Need An Email List

Written by George Manty  · August 8, 2007

One of the most important things (if not THE most important thing) you should do to have a successful online business is to start an email list. Why do you need an email list?

It Has a Proven Track Record
Just about every Internet Marketer I have ever heard speak (and that’s a lot of them) has said that the single most important thing that contributed to their success is their mailing lists.

To Capture Your Target Market
Your newsletter subscribers are (or should be) your target audience. When subscribers sign up on YOUR website, it shows that they are intersted in what YOU have to say. Having a built in list of people who are interested in your perspective is a great opportunity to introduce them to products that will help them achieve their goals (and put money in your bank account). It’s a win/win situation for you and your subscribers.

E-Mail Lists Build Trust
Additionally, your newsletter subscribers are likely to trust you more than the average stale website because you have been writing to them for a while and building a relationship with them. You want to give your newsletter subscribers more than they expect. In fact, you always want to give people more than they expect—it’s the best way to build a relationship with your readers. And people are more likely to trust someone who takes the time to build a relationship.

It’s the Best Way to Keep Your Traffic
Let’s say that you get a constant stream of traffic to your website from the Search Engines. One day the Search Engines decide to stop giving your site traffic.

Will this ruin your business?

It might if you don’t have a newsletter. However, if your visitors have been giving you their email addresses via a newsletter, then all is not lost. You can still get in touch with the people on your list to let them know about changes to your site, new products, etc. You will continue to have an audience for your online business without having to pay/beg/cheat to get your traffic back.

Final Thoughts
One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started my online business is not having a newsletter for every one of my web sites.

A few months ago I signed up with AWeber because, quite frankly, it has a lot more power than using a free service like Yahoo Groups. Also, some people mistrust the reliability and confidentiality of Yahoo Groups. Additionally, using a service like AWeber makes your business look more professional. It currently costs 19.95/month, and you can have an unlimited amount of lists at this price. The price does go up if you have over 10,000 subscribers. If you have over 10,000 subscribers you should be able to afford the extra cost, because you should be making some pretty good money from your list.

You can go check out AWeber by clicking here.

I researched other services and decided AWeber was the best one for my new business project. If you don’t plan on having a lot of subscribers and you don’t plan on having multiple lists there are other services that might work better for you. Two of the most popular alternatives are Constant Contact and GetResponse. We have friends who own a local organic farm who use Constant Contact, and they seem to like the way it works. It didn’t really suit my needs, but it might suit yours. So far I really like AWeber and I don’t see myself changing services any time soon.

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2 Responses to “If You Want To Make Big Money Online – You Need An Email List”

  1. Glen Allsopp on August 9th, 2007 1:56 am

    I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you on this one. Lists can be a great way to make money as I have found but by no means do you ‘need’ one


  2. George Manty on August 9th, 2007 6:57 am


    You make a good point, you don’t need a list to make big money online.

    However, can you name any online businesses that make big money that don’t have lists?

    Perhaps I should have said, “you need a list to maximize your profit potential online.”