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Can I Make Big Money Online?

Written by Matthew Henrickson  · June 21, 2007

Guest post by Matthew Henrickson

This blog poses the question, Can I Make Big Money Online? It’s very possible to make money online, but big money is another subject.

Many bloggers are starting to use other sources, than just blogging, to earn money online. They have multiple revenue streams.

Multiple Revenue Streams

The golden rule in blogging, when it comes to making money online, has become “Don’t put all your eggs in the google basket.” Monetize your website or blog in other ways. Experiment and try new things, they just might earn you some money.

Take that rule one step further, don’t put all your eggs into one website. There are other things you can do to earn money.


I just finished writing a post about making money online with surveys. “Big” money can’t be made here, but it is an option. If you add the 30-100$ per month that could be made here to the total of your monthly earnings, you may be earning “big money”.

Multiple Blogs

I have more than one blog that I can earn money on. Blog about your Blog is getting pretty popular, and after the google rank update, I think it can be a real money maker. Blogging Addiction has become a personal blog for me, where I can do a number of sponsored posts. Finally, Fantasy Football N’ Stuff is a hobby of mine. I am really into fantasy football and the NFL, this has potential to be a money earner.

Online Stores

I have yet to really get into this, though I have seen several bloggers open up their own online stores. At the Million Dollar Experiment, he is ‘experimenting’ with free online stores. In his article, he states he spent 5$ on advertising, and made 12$ in sales. If those figures stay true, he could go bigger and spend 25$ and earn 60$. If he wanted to make BIG money online, try 500$ and 1200$!

To successfully continue to make money online, you need multiple revenue streams. A website that you count on to make money could close down. Or the online store you use isn’t getting sales. Or the blog you run isn’t getting any advertisers.

This post was guest blogged by Matthew Henrickson. You can see which blogs I write for in the body of this post. Please visit them, and I would love comments on this post.

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6 Responses to “Can I Make Big Money Online?”

  1. Matthew on June 21st, 2007 9:28 am

    woo my article is published, drop me a comment

  2. George Manty on June 21st, 2007 2:20 pm

    I liked it a lot.

    Do you think that a site can make BIG money without multiple revenue streams?

    PS. It seems like my blog is back to normal. It was down quite a bit today.

  3. Matthew on June 21st, 2007 3:32 pm

    If you are working on just one site, yes. However you can’t make BIG money with just one program etc. John Chow makes that a great example every month.

  4. Rob Stgeorge on June 21st, 2007 5:49 pm

    Thanks for the mention! I will be posting further results from my online stores in the next couple fo weeks.

    Nice post Matt

  5. George Manty on June 21st, 2007 7:49 pm


    I look forward to seeing your results.

    All the best,

  6. Matthew on June 21st, 2007 10:59 pm

    Thanks Rob, I will be looking forward to those results as well ūüôā