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Do You Really Want to Make Money Online?

Written by Ryan Ambrose  · June 19, 2007

Do you want to make money online? It can be done, and personally I like this sort of work. The question is, do you really want to make money online once you see the fine print?

If you look for ways to make money online, you’ll see a lot of “We’re fast and effortless”, or “Our such-and-so program will get you to the top fast”. Sounds tempting, but it’s not true. Even if these programs can make you money, there’s always something they’re not mentioning. And on top of the actual ways to make money online, there are entire categories of online money-making scams to avoid that won’t do anything but cost you.

But while it’s not fast and effortless, it’s not heavy lifting either. You don’t have to walk five miles uphill in the snow every day (in both directions). You don’t have to spend a lot of money in the beginning as compared to traditional businesses. But there are some practical considerations, and you need to ask yourself whether or not you can deal with them.

What are they?

  • Do you like working on your computer? You’re going to be there a lot until you’re up and going. And even then, you still have to maintain what you’ve created, which involves more computer time.

  • The Internet has it’s own rules. Keywords, search engines, driving traffic, knowing what to do, and knowing what not to do will take some time to learn. Plus, the rules keep changing as the Internet does, and you will have to learn and keep up with them.

  • Once you learn and choose the way best suited to your interests and strengths, you will then have to go out and work it. This will involve creating a plan and the development of enough personal initiative to start it and see it through.

  • You’ll have to develop your personal scam detector. That’s because scams are all over the Internet, and especially when you want to make money online. These scams will wind up in your email, your snail mail, and on your screen. If you’re really unlucky like me, they’ll be on your phone too. Eventually, they’re just funny, but in the beginning it can seem overwhelming trying to tell the good from the bad.

  • Like anything else, there will be surprises, setbacks, and possibly a long haul. You can avoid a lot of this by learning from those who have come before, but only if you can pick them out from the scammers (hence my last point).

Making money online is neither quick and effortless nor raw driving agony. But like any other money-making venture, you will have to take it seriously and work at it to make it happen. Just ask yourself if you can deal with the practical considerations first, and if you can, good luck in your new ventures.

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My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m the co-author of Can I Make Big Money Online.

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One Response to “Do You Really Want to Make Money Online?”

  1. Conor O'Driscoll on June 28th, 2008 2:08 am

    Nice tips. The one about spending lots of time at the computer is very true.