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Testing Adsense Placement On One Of Our Blogs

Written by George Manty  · February 5, 2007

I have decided to go ahead and test placing Google Adsense ads in new positions on one of our blogs. It has been a while since I tested Adsense placement on any of our sites and maybe the results will be different now.

Anyway, I moved the ads from inside the posts (like on this blog), to a banner above the first post and a skyscraper ad in the left navigation bar. I actually like the way it looks better, so I might keep it that way. Anyway, you can check the new look on our Positive Sports News blog by clicking here. Depending on the results of the test, I may make more changes and/or change some of our other blogs.

PS. We have a new writer on our sports blog and I will write about that later today.

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