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How To Stretch Your Advertising Budget By Using Collaborative Advertising

September 5, 2007

Most small business owners, especially some of us work at home moms and dads, don’t have a lot of money to invest in advertising. That is a BIG problem, because advertising is one of the most important aspects of running an online business.

We all need to find ways to minimize our advertising budget, while still running effective advertising campaigns. Effective advertising brings people to your online business.

So how can you get the most advertising bang for your buck?

Well, one of THE BEST ways to dramaticly increase the potential impact of your advertising dollars is known as “collaborative advertising”.

“Collaborative advertising” is also sometimes referred to as an “advertising co-op”.

What you do is find a group of people who run similar online businesses to yours, but who don’t compete with your business. Then you create a business entity, where you pool your advertising budgets together. With this much bigger advertising budget, you can afford to advertise your products in places you wouldn’t normally be able to.

For a great example of collaborative advertising in action, click here to check out this article on a group of business women in Austin who started their own collaborative advertising group.

If you have a limited advertising budget, collaborative advertising may be just what your business needs.

Which Web 2.0 Site Gives You The Most Traffic?

September 4, 2007

I hope those of you in the States had a nice labor day vacation yesterday. To get back into the swing of things, I wanted to find out what web 2.0 social media sites have been giving you the best traffic.

Personally, the best traffic I have ever received from a social media site was when this blog was on the front page of Netscape for over a week. Probably second to that would be my stumbleupon traffic.

What about you?

Let me know by answering the poll below and feel free to leave comments!

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