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StomperNet Review – What Did I Think Of The Trial Membership?

June 18, 2007

I went into the StomperNet trial knowing that I already had specific plans to grow my online business. I was hoping that whatever StomperNet offered to the trial members would help me achieve MY plan faster.

StomperNet wasn’t exactly what I expected…

Unfortunately, the StomperNet members didn’t have access to ALL of the Stomper material. The advanced materials (which I needed) were made available with limited access. That made it pretty hard for me to determine if I would get anything out of their full blown membership.

That said, they did let trial members test drive a system they call SIMPLE (Specific Instructional Methodology for People to Learn Ebusiness). SIMPLE is designed to help begginners start a web business in a matter of thirty days. As they say on the stomper blog:

StomperSIMPLE is a ground-breaking system to take you from NO idea
to a NEW Internet business in thirty days. All of the StomperNet
faculty are going to pull out EVERY stop to get you up and running.

After looking through most of the SIMPLE materials, I am fairly confident that people who follow every step of the program will succeed at making some good money. One of my Stompernet trial team members, Andrea Yager, is still testing out the SIMPLE program. I am looking forward to seeing her results. However, I really hope her SIMPLE testing gets delayed by making it into the final 12 of the Next Internet Millionare. That would be cool!

The coolest part of the program was splitting up into teams and networking/working with your fellow team members. Even though I am no longer part of Stomper, I really hope to keep in touch with my former team members. I could really see each of us benefiting from each other’s areas of expertise.

I think StomperNet is best suited for beginners who have some prior experience in the online world. I think that people who have an intermediate level of experience might benefit from it as well. However, as a trial member it was really hard to tell how beneficial the advanced materials were going to be.

I think it is very difficult to make a site that appeals to beginner, intermediate, and advanced visitors in ANY market. Maybe even more so in the Internet marketing world.

Before leaving they did give us two options for joining. One was to pay a smaller monthly fee ($97/month) which gave us access to the SIMPLE materials and the SIMPLE forum. The other option was to go with the full membership. For me personally, the SIMPLE program was not something that I really needed. On the other hand, the advanced videos and teachings might prove useful to me.

My suggestion to the Stomper ownership is to split StomperNet into 3 levels. Each level with it’s own price of admission. Each level offering various benefits to it’s membership. The highest price would be for the beginners, who should get full access to the program. That way they can grow at their own pace. Once they feel like they only need the advanced material they can switch to the advanced mode for a reduced price. The advanced mode woudl be the second option. Advanced users might only have access to the advanced videos, but not to the rest of the site (forums, tools, etc). The third option would be gaining access to the SIMPLE program at a reduced price. I am sure there are other ways that StomperNet could split it’s program up that might work even better.

All in all, I think that StomperNet is a solid program for learning how to make money online. Based on the way that the staff quickly responded to the needs of the trial members, my guess is that it will improve quite a bit every year.

I Will Definitely Sell My Blog For That Much Money

June 16, 2007

Back in January of this year, I mentioned this tool that estimates the value of your blog. Obviously, it is just for fun. However, back in January it said that my blog was worth $46,856.82. I came across the tool again this week, and I decided to see if it had changed much.

Well, here are the results I got yesterday when I typed in into the tool:

My blog is worth $318,965.10.
How much is your blog worth?

Anyone that wants to buy this blog for $318,965.10, please feel free to contact me…

Internet Markeing Tips From Around The Web 6/15/2007

June 15, 2007

This week I read less Internet marketing articles than usual. I have been real busy researching my new project. Anyway, here are a few of the articles I enjoyed and/or found interesting from this week:

Increase Google Rankings With Robot Control
Garry Conn is starting a series about the robots.txt file. This article was an excellent start to his series. Go check it out.

Automatically Link Text In Your Posts Using Blogroll Links – WordPress Plugin
Chris Garrett’s friend, Damian, released a wordpress plugin called WP_LinkIt. I think it could be really useful for some of us.

Four Reasons to Write Extraordinary Articles when You’re Starting a New Blog
Maki makes some excellent points in this article. I think when you are starting a new blog you should focus on creating great content from the start. All the blogs that I have seen take off quickly (like Maki’s blog, Daily Blog Tips, etc.) have managed to create great content from the very beginning.

How Long Should a Posts Be?
One of Darren’s readers asked how long your blog posts should be. Which do you think is best? Would you rather read long posts or short posts?

That’s about it for this week. Like I said, I did very little of my normal reading this week.

PS. I already have five bloggers who have agreed to write guest posts! Thanks to all who have accepted so far.

UPDATE: I just wanted to be a little more clear… I am still accepting people as guest bloggers. I have not set a limit on the number of people who can become a guest blogger.

Do You Want To Be A Guest Blogger?

June 13, 2007

UPDATE: If you are interested in sending a guest post please see our new guest posting guidelines page for details.

Due to several factors, I would like to open this blog up to more guest posts. In fact, here is what I would like to do…

My Call For Guest Bloggers

If you have any interest in writing for this blog, then take a look at the guest blogging opportunity I will be providing:

1. You can write about any topic related to making money online (Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, website monetization, blogging, surveys, list building, membership sites, ecommerce, drop shipping, copywriting, etc.).

2. The content needs to be family friendly.

3. You can add a short introduction and link to your blog and/or several posts on your blog (ie. see Garry’s post).

4. My wife Jill and/or I may edit the text of the post some, but only for spelling, grammar, and possibly language.

What You Get Out Of It

1. This blog consistently ranks in the top 10 of Google for the competitive term “make money online”. You get access to that traffic.

2. You get AT LEAST one link back to your blog from the guest post.

3. Plus, I will be creating a new navigation area on my site titled “Guest Bloggers”. If you write 2 or more guest posts a month your name along with a link to your blog will be displayed in the upper right hand navigation for this blog for the following month.

4. At the end of the year you will be up for the “Can I Make Big Money Online” guest blogger of the year award. This award will be voted on by the readers of this blog. There is a yet to be determined prize associated with winning this honor.

I reserve the right to provide additional benefits for my guest bloggers.

Contact Me

If you are interested in guest posting, just contact me at george @ websitepromotionbook. com with the subject “Guest Post” or leave a comment on this post. If possible provide me with a sample of your writing and let me know what you would like to write about, and how often you would like to write guest posts on this blog.

Give Andrea And Cliff A Perfect 10

June 13, 2007

I wanted to let you know that two of the people who have made the Top 50 for Joel Comm’s The Next Internet Millionaire are people that I have recently met online. If you have a chance then go check out their videos.

First, go check out Andrea Yager’s video and vote for her. I met Andrea during the Stompernet trial. Andrea was one of of my team members during the trial. Also, she has a pretty good blog (Get Stated Today Online) about making money online that you should check out as well.

Next, go check out Cliff Hammock’s video. Cliff is someone I met through one of my homeschooling lists. Cliff has a web design business, specializing in setting up DotNetNuke portals.

Anyway, go check out their videos and give them a 10.

Our Official Blogroll Exchange Policy

June 11, 2007

UPDATE: We are not currently accepting new blogroll links. Click here for details.

I have been getting a lot of requests for blogroll link exchanges lately. I have never stated an official policy for exchanging links with our blogs, but since we do trade blogroll links from time to time I thought it was a good time to provide an official policy. This policy applies to all of my blogs and my wife Jill’s blogs.

Blogroll Exchange Policy

Would you like to exchange blog roll links with one of my blogs or one of Jill’s blogs?

Here are the requirements:

1. Your blog has to be family friendly (as determined by us)
2. Your blog has to be at least three months old
3. Your blog has to be on a related topic
4. The link to my blog has to be on every page of your blog. We don’t trade blog roll links with blogs that only link to my blog from one page. This gives our blog less exposure and if I did the same thing to your blog it would give your blog less exposure.
5. Your blog has to have good content (as determined by us)
6. The link has to be a followable link (no fake links)
7. Your blog has to remain active. If it is not updated for 3 or months I reserve the right to remove it from my blogroll.

Reasons I Will Remove Your Link
If your blog violates any the above rules we will remove the link to your blog from our blogroll. The most common reason that I remove blog roll links from our blogrolls is from people removing our link from their blog roll link or changing it from being on every page to only being on one links page (or worse yet to remove their blogroll in favor of linking to the Technorati page of blogs that link to your blog—someone must advocate that practice).

Once, someone exchanged blog roll links with me, and a week later they removed my link. That was probably the most blatant case of trying to get a one way link out of a blogroll link exchange that I have run across.

If I ever remove my blog roll, I will contact the owners of every blog that I remove and let them know. I think it’s the nice thing to do.

How to contact us for a blogroll exchange

You can contact us at george @ websitepromotionbook. com with the subject line “Blogroll Link Exchange” or just leave a comment on this blog or one of our other blogs asking about it.

Those are our general guidelines for exchanging blogroll links.

The Future Of Computing

June 11, 2007

I thought this was cool, so I thought I would pass it along to you. Check out this new technology that Microsoft is working on:

Internet Marketing Tips From The Web 6/8/2007

June 8, 2007

Oh my goodness, I barely did any reading this week. I have been very focused on my new project. Here are a few articles read this week (mostly this morning) that I thought might interest you.

John Chow vs Darren Rowse

My friend Garry just asked some great questions on his blog about Darren Rowse and John Chow. You can see my answer in the comments of his post.

Is Your Blog Truly Valuable?
Chris Garrett’s guest post on problogger about the value of your blog was terrific. Go check it out.

Should We Remove the Timestamp?
Apparently some bloggers are starting to remove the time stamp from their posts. I came across this on one blog recently, and I thought to myself,
“When in the world did they write this? Was it this week or last month?”

It actually bothered me quite a bit. I was planning on adding their post to this list of weekly reads, but when I couldn’t find a timestamp I decided not to add it. Check out what other’s say about it, by reading Daniel’s post.

How to Make Salesletters Interactive
Really great idea for people selling a product. I like that Michel included the javascript code. Since I am currently in the early stages of creating two products, I will keep this in mind when it’s time to create the sales letter page.

PS. In the next few weeks I plan on discussing my blog traffic challenge results. I also plan on discussing my stompernet experience. Plus, I plan on making an exciting announcement about this blog.

Filling A Need – Why Am I So Excited?

June 7, 2007

Last weekend an online friend sent me an email telling me how he thought that this blog was soon going to take off and become a huge success. Needless to say it made me feel good. But it also made me realize that I should take better advantage of this blog’s money-making potential. Instead, I spend most of my time trying to make money with other projects.

After getting the email, my wife, Jill, and I were talking about ways that I could make more money from this blog. Then…

Jill came up with an awesome idea for a site that will probably fill one of YOUR biggest needs.

It is a need that is NOT currently being filled for the Internet marketing community, and it really should be. Now I have a big project to go work on that I will be promoting on this blog. The only thing I don’t like about the new project is that I really can’t tell anyone the details about it.

In the coming weeks, I will be looking for a graphic designer and a PHP or ASP web programmer to do some of the work. Before that, I need to find a good non-disclosure/non-compete contract for them to sign and work on a quick and dirty design document to lay out the basic functionality of the new project.

Anyway, I am really excited about this project. I think it will fill a huge need in the Internet Marketing community, and I look forward to telling you about it when it’s done. If you would like to be on an early notification list for the project, then sign up below:

Remember: I respect your privacy and I will never sell or rent my subscriber lists.

Why Did The Internet Marketer Cross The Road?

June 6, 2007

My kids and I make up jokes all the time. It’s actually part of our bed time ritual. Anyway, my son Adam just got a “Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?” book, and I thought I would share my Internet marketing version of the joke:

Q. Why did the Internet Marketer cross the road?

A. Because that’s where the money was.

Today’s quick lesson…

Go where the money is!

How can you apply that to your online business?

Find a need that is not currently been filled or isn’t being filled as well as you can fill it and go fill it. That’s where the money is.

Pretty simple.

Modern Day Approach: Finding Success With Adsense

June 5, 2007

Introduction: Who Is Garry Conn?

Successful Blogging Tips Hello. My name is Garry Conn. I have been following George’s blog for quite some time now. I own and maintain well over 100 various dot Com ventures. However, my heart and soul gets spilled into my personal blog. I enjoy helping people. I hate to see people down on their luck. And when people, especially bloggers, who work so hard to achieve a goal but can’t succeed, I totally feel for them. I want to see people achieve success. I want to see people reach their goals. And I know from experience what it feels like to be down on your luck and I don’t wish that upon anyone.

Agenda: Why Am I Blogging Here?

George and I have known each other for over a year now. We communicate back and forth between our blogs and through email. George and I have a lot in common and I am here to provide some breathing room for him. We all know how busy of a guy he is… and I am too for that matter. However, in May of 2007, I have set a goal to venture out and make guest appearances on other successful blogs. And after talking with George about this, he invited me to come on board and help pull some of the weight here on his wonderful and highly successful site. It is a privilege to be here, and I want more than ever to see George lead the way in teaching thousands if not millions of people about the many different ways you can make money online.

A Modern Day Approach: Finding Success With Google Adsense

I spend quite a bit of time visiting other blogs. Typically these sites are authored by bloggers who share a very similar interest: Making Money Online. However, on so many of these sites, when I contact the authors and get to know them better, they typically say the same thing: “I want to make money online, I have joined and participate in many programs that are supposed to make money, but none of them do!” 

Because I am such a caring person, I really feel their pain and in most cases I spend time with them and show them what they are doing wrong and provide solutions to help them gain success. The most common rant that people talk to me about is their failures with Google Adsense. And with that being said, this is what my first article is about here on Can I Make Big Money Online.

The root of most failures with Google Adsense is caused largely by the fact that most people who participate in the program also roll out and launch the program on their sites that attract readers who already know about the program. Think about it… when was the last time you clicked on a Google Adsense ad? Granted, it happens, and I click on a few here and there as well. But because I know about the program, it is human instinct for me not to click.

...When Was The Last Time You Clicked On An Adsense Ad?

Why Don’t I Click On The Ads? Well, I am not sure what your reasons are, but for me, the main reason why I don’t click very often is because I know that they are advertisements. They are sponsored links that have nothing to do with the owner of the site. Yes, they are relevant… but they are ads that link to pages outside from the site I am visiting. I don’t do this on purpose… it’s just an instinct or habit.

How Do I Find Success With Google Adsense?

I find success with Google Adsense simply for the fact that I author and maintain numerous dot Com websites that attract people who don’t know about the program. The fun part of this is the fact that most of my sites don’t even generate over 100 visits per day. But because of the time I invest into each of my sites by providing creative, unique and strategic writing, I generate extremely relevant ads. Having all this coupled with well thought out and very strategic placement of the ads in addition to highly micro-managing my content and incoming/outgoing links, I produce an unbelievable click through percentage. And to be honest… I have only been doing this for a few months now. On the flip side, it has taken me three years to discover what I have learned. I have participated in many programs on the Internet that make money online. However, Google Adsense has been my golden brick. And three months ago, the blind was removed from eyes and today, I know how to be successful using Google Adsense. I stand by the program 110% and now that I know how to use the program, I am now starting to reap the benefits.

Successful Blogging Tips Again, my name is Garry Conn. I write primarily about successful blogging tips. I am a guest writer here for my friend George who runs a very successful, useful and informative blog. If this is your first time visiting the site,  or if you are a regular reader and haven’t already done so; I strongly recommend that you subscribe to his feed. Sit back and join the fun and witness George Manty archive his goal of making big money online. He wants to make $1000 dollars a day! This blog documents his progress and also draws you a map so you too can make money online and follow along the way!

Reese Rule Number 1

June 4, 2007

Normally, I would save this for my weekly list of Internet Marketing tips, but this is WAY too good to wait until Friday to mention.

As you probably know, I love John Reese’s teachings. Well, John just came out with a great video post on his blog that you should check out. It’s John’s first “Reese Rule”:

Always Do More Than Is Expected Of You


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