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Google’s Will

June 29, 2007

I mentioned earlier that on Garry’s blog I participated in this long conversation on pleasing Google. Well, in the comments of a recent post Rob A. just left the following comment on my blog:

I thought you’d get a kick out of this post I did after going through the pains with a friend of getting a site SERPs stricken from Google. Google Redemption

Oh my goodness, is Rob’s post funny or what?

I especially liked step number 3:

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of Google as we understood Him.

and number 11:

11. Sought through prayer (links) and meditation (content) to improve our conscious contact with Google, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for our sites and the power to carry that out

Anyway, the post had me laughing out loud. Check it out and then let me know if you are submitting to the “will of Google” or if you are sinning in Google’s eyes.

Internet Marketing Tips From Around The Web 6/28/2007

June 29, 2007

This week I didn’t do much reading around the net. I did manage to participate in a long conversation on Garry Conn’s blog:

It’s Google’s Way or The Highway
The bottom line for me is that you should NOT rely on Google or any other ONE site for most or all of your traffic. You should focus on building a remarkable site that people will want to tell other people about.

Link Quality: Perception is Reality
Aaron Wall’s
friend found that not all directories are as picky as you would think.

How Do You Add More Heart to eMoms at Home?
Wendy is taking her blog in a very interesting direction. I think it will really help grow her readership.
I came across this new wiki search enginge that I thought was cool. It might help you find some good niche wiki’s to contribute to. I haven’t played around with it too much yet, but I expect it to be useful.

That was about it for this week. Next week, I am taking some vacation days early in the week to celebrate my wedding anniversary. So I probably won’t do much reading next week either.

The Two Biggest Keys To My Success In The Blog Traffic Challenge

June 28, 2007

Without a doubt the biggest key to my success in the Blog Traffic Challenge was…

Networking With Other Bloggers

There is no doubt in my mind that the biggest key to my success was networking with other bloggers.

I have written about this in the past, but because I consider this to be so important I wanted to mention it again.

I have spent a lot of time building strong relationships with other bloggers and Internet marketers. It has paid off, and it has been great making new friends. I will write more about this in my on-going blog traffic series.

The second most important factor was…

Creating Quality Content

I have been consistently trying to create quality content.

Quality content is going to be one of the two biggest keys to this blog’s future success and to continuing to increase my traffic. I want my content to get even BETTER! In my spare time, I have been thinking of ways to provide you with content that is out of the ordinary. The competition for your attention is getting greater and because of that I need to go the extra mile to create content that you can’t get just anywhere. You will need to do the same thing in your niche to keep people coming back. Quality content takes more work, but it is the best way to increase traffic to your blog.

There were other factors that played an important role in my positive results. For instance, my blog has received some extra Search Engine traffic since March 7th (the start of the Blog Traffic Challenge). At the time, my blog was ranked 6th in Google for the term “make money online”. It is now ranked 3rd. I will talk more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for blogs in my ongoing blog traffic series.

However, I’ll be focusing on quality content and networking to take this blog to the next level. These are the two things that I believe every blogger and every online business owner should focus on.

Are You a WordPress Blog Theme Tweaker?

June 27, 2007

Are you a WordPress blog theme tweaker?

I know that’s half the point in going with WordPress. It’s open source, which means you get to do fun things with the themes. And of course, a little bit of blog personalization is a necessity. Otherwise, your potential visitors can’t differentiate your money-making blog from the crowd, which isn’t good for your bottom line.

Now, there’s the obvious:

  • Your own list captures.

  • Possibly your own header graphic.

  • And if you want to monentize it, you had better know how to place ad images and ad scripts.

But how much do you like to improve your themes? Are you satisfied with using a theme as it is and then just adding plug-ins and pages? Or have you modified one so much you can’t even recognize what it used to be?

Here’s the survey from 1-5:

  1. You just use the WordPress Template and add plug-ins and pages as you need them. Fast, easy, and vanilla.

  2. You’ll modify basic things in the CSS file and code to add some personal touches, but otherwise, just like number one.

  3. Themes are a framework where you rearrange all the smaller details until you get what you like. But you can still tell what it used to be.

  4. Themes are putty in your hands and you’ll customize yours to the point it qualifies as a new theme.

  5. Forget the prefab stuff. Your WordPress theme started as a blank Notepad file. Then you added what you needed and built your own personal theme from scratch because you’re a hyperactive supergenius.

Ok, I’m guilty of being a 4 just that one time. My current blog template is a 2. I like prefab themes, but they always seem so basic to me. In my opinion, just using an unmodified theme all by itself makes it impossible to differentiate you from anyone else who’s also using it. And being generic is just not where you want to be.

So where are you on the theme tweaker scale? Leave your vote in the comments below.

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My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m the co-author of Can I Make Big Money Online.

Quick Reminder – Wednesday Is The Last Day!

June 26, 2007

I just wanted to post a quick reminder that Wednesday is the last day you can join Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind course at the discounted rate. If you have any doubts about signing up, you can always take it for a test drive. Yaro is offering a 30 day money back guarantee. Thirty days should give you plenty of time to evaluate it.

If you want to join Yaro’s Blog Mastermind program at the discounted rate, then click here to sign up now.

My Blog Traffic Challenge– What I Learned When I Doubled My Traffic

June 25, 2007

Last March, I started something called “The Blog Traffic Challenge“. My goal was to double my traffic in three months.

How did I do?

As said in my original post on March 6th:

I have averaged 503.33 visitors a day and 1388.67 page views a day. That means that I need to get 1007 visitors a day and 2778 page views day by June 6th.

3 months later, on June 6th I had 1042 visitors and 3006 pageviews.

I did manage to double my traffic in three months (I actually did it under 2 months), but I was hoping to improve my traffic even more. However, I got distracted by the Stompernet trial and some other things. It showed me my biggest business weakness –
“not staying focused”.

Once I joined stompernet, I stopped looking for new bloggers to network with … I stopped doing what was working for me!

The lesson you can learn from my blog traffic challenge results is to “stay focused”.

I am very interested in seeing Wendy’s results. She is one of the first two people to sign up for the challenge and since then she has had HUGE success.

If you participated in the blog traffic challenge, please send me your lessons/quick tips/results and I will write about them with a post to your blog. Alternatively, write about them on your blog and I will link out to your post.

So, how did you do? Did you stay focused? Did you double your traffic?

Does Web 2.0 really drive business?

June 24, 2007

The following is a guest post by Sourav Sharma. Sourav is the owner of, a marketing blog with an essence of blogging, social media and search marketing.

We all know that loyalty pays. It’s widely said that more customer involvement will result in building more loyalty. And it is true as well. But the question remains, does Web 2.0 really bring loyalty and business? When we stepped into the Web 2.0 concept, many started believing that it would revolutionize the internet experience, and the user would have the final say. So, advertisers’ move towards these sites was pretty much expected.

Web 2.0 introduced the concept that users can play around with the content, and many seem to love contributing to and consuming that content. Many advertisers started their Web 2.0 campaigns with visions of generating more revenue than before, but the true picture tells a sad story. MarketingSherpa points out the black hole in the concept. According to the research, ads on a Web 2.0 site don’t convert quite as well as ads on traditional “Web 1.0″ sites.

When we talk about traffic, we can bank upon several 2.0 sites (like YouTube, MySpace, etc), but what we are not looking at is the maturity of an audience. The audience of these sites are still very young, so it’s not fair to draw a comparison. In my article SEO – Sandwiched between Conception and Misconception I showed some concern over the many professionals who have started believing that 2.0 sites rank better then non 2.0 sites. For me, this is also not true.

For me, the 2.0 sites have a long way to go compared to sites like Yahoo or CNN or even MSN, which already have established mature user bases and are doing well by changing and playing with various monetization techniques.

So we should give some more time before directly comparing 2.0 and non-2.0 sites.

Internet Marketing Tips From Around The Web 6/22/2007

June 22, 2007

I had a very busy week this week. It was my five year old’s birthday this week, I worked on the design of my new money making project, and kept busy with a lot of other things. Anyway, here are some of the articles I read this week that I thought would be of interest to you…

The Things That Get You Successful Won’t Necessarily Keep You That Way
Wendy’s post was very interesting for me, because I have been facing this problem. My problem may be slightly different, because I feel like my online business direction was better BEFORE I started blogging. Wendy asked some good questions and because of Wendy’s post I found out Darren had posted some advice for Wendy:

7 Reflections on Scaling a Blog to a Sustainable Business
Darren makes some good points and I think this post will be very helpful for people in Wendy’s situation.

Because of Darren’s post, I found Desty’s post:
The Perils of Owning a Growing Business
Desty’s answer is REALLY good. It is what Rich Schrefen talked about in his Internet Manifesto series, it is what Alex Mandossian has been talking about for years, and just about every other Internet Marketer/business person will tell you that you need to build systems. It’s something I have known about for a long time, but never implemented. It’s time for me to build some systems….

Better Blog Branding: Is Your Brand Breaking Promises?
Chris’ post came at a great time for me. This blog is taking a slightly new direction, because of all the guest bloggers that have been signing up to write guest posts. Chris’ post reminded me that I don’t want to take it easy because of the guest bloggers. You still expect to hear from me and you will. What the guest blogging will do is allow me to make this an even better resource for you.

Increase Google Rankings, Backlinks And Advertise For Free
My friend Garry Conn has a very creative blog link exchange program going on. Go check it out if you are interested in getting more links to your blog.

Never stop experimenting
This was one of several good posts I read this week by Martin Reed. I came across his blog when I was doing some online searching. He mentioned that you could even try changing your writing style. Changing my writing style is something I think about ALL the time on this blog. I much prefer to write stuff like this, and this. I guess I should go ahead and try to be funny more often on this blog. What’s the worse thing that can happen? Google won’t penalize me for having a bad sense of humor, will they?

Is My 8 Year Old Son An Internet Marketer?

June 21, 2007

My eight year old son, Adam, loves games. He has been making up games since he was little. He also loves technology, especially electronics and computers. Well, a few months back on his eight birthday we bought Adam a program (The Games Factory 2) that allows you to make video games without learning a programming language. He has finished going through the tutorials and this week he made his first game.

We bought the version of the video game creator that could only be used for creating non-commercial video games (not for sale), but we did this because we wanted to see whether he would like the program or not. Well, he loves it! Tonight, Adam told me me that he wanted to sell his games on the Internet. I told him we had to wait until we bought the more expensive version of the software, so that we could sell them legally.

Adam thought about it for a minute and he said,

“Dad, I have an idea. We could put the games on the Internet and people could download them for free, but…

we could put advertising on the site. That way we could make money and give the games away for free!”

I am so proud…

So is Adam an Internet Marketer at the age of 8?

Can I Make Big Money Online?

June 21, 2007

Guest post by Matthew Henrickson

This blog poses the question, Can I Make Big Money Online? It’s very possible to make money online, but big money is another subject.

Many bloggers are starting to use other sources, than just blogging, to earn money online. They have multiple revenue streams.

Multiple Revenue Streams

The golden rule in blogging, when it comes to making money online, has become “Don’t put all your eggs in the google basket.” Monetize your website or blog in other ways. Experiment and try new things, they just might earn you some money.

Take that rule one step further, don’t put all your eggs into one website. There are other things you can do to earn money.


I just finished writing a post about making money online with surveys. “Big” money can’t be made here, but it is an option. If you add the 30-100$ per month that could be made here to the total of your monthly earnings, you may be earning “big money”.

Multiple Blogs

I have more than one blog that I can earn money on. Blog about your Blog is getting pretty popular, and after the google rank update, I think it can be a real money maker. Blogging Addiction has become a personal blog for me, where I can do a number of sponsored posts. Finally, Fantasy Football N’ Stuff is a hobby of mine. I am really into fantasy football and the NFL, this has potential to be a money earner.

Online Stores

I have yet to really get into this, though I have seen several bloggers open up their own online stores. At the Million Dollar Experiment, he is ‘experimenting’ with free online stores. In his article, he states he spent 5$ on advertising, and made 12$ in sales. If those figures stay true, he could go bigger and spend 25$ and earn 60$. If he wanted to make BIG money online, try 500$ and 1200$!

To successfully continue to make money online, you need multiple revenue streams. A website that you count on to make money could close down. Or the online store you use isn’t getting sales. Or the blog you run isn’t getting any advertisers.

This post was guest blogged by Matthew Henrickson. You can see which blogs I write for in the body of this post. Please visit them, and I would love comments on this post.

Quick Reminder – Blog Mastermind Program Starts Thursday

June 20, 2007

As you know from reading my interview with Yaro Starak, Yaro knows what he is talking about when it comes to blogging. Yaro is a professional blogger who makes over $5000 dollars a month from blogging. Yaro has just launched a brand new Blog Mastermind mentoring program for people who want to work from home full-time as a part-time blogger.

Considering how much I respect Yaro as a professional blogger, I really think that those who want to improve their blogging skills will benefit by joining his program.

The program is less than $100 a month to become a member. When you join you get direct access to your own blog mentor. Not only that, but Yaro has put together lessons, audios, and vidoes that reveal how to make money from your blog.

If you are new to blogging or you are looking to take your blogging to another level, I really believe that Yaro can help you do that.

You can learn more about Yaro’s mentoring program by clicking here.

Let me know if you decide to join.

Do You Really Want to Make Money Online?

June 19, 2007

Do you want to make money online? It can be done, and personally I like this sort of work. The question is, do you really want to make money online once you see the fine print?

If you look for ways to make money online, you’ll see a lot of “We’re fast and effortless”, or “Our such-and-so program will get you to the top fast”. Sounds tempting, but it’s not true. Even if these programs can make you money, there’s always something they’re not mentioning. And on top of the actual ways to make money online, there are entire categories of online money-making scams to avoid that won’t do anything but cost you.

But while it’s not fast and effortless, it’s not heavy lifting either. You don’t have to walk five miles uphill in the snow every day (in both directions). You don’t have to spend a lot of money in the beginning as compared to traditional businesses. But there are some practical considerations, and you need to ask yourself whether or not you can deal with them.

What are they?

  • Do you like working on your computer? You’re going to be there a lot until you’re up and going. And even then, you still have to maintain what you’ve created, which involves more computer time.

  • The Internet has it’s own rules. Keywords, search engines, driving traffic, knowing what to do, and knowing what not to do will take some time to learn. Plus, the rules keep changing as the Internet does, and you will have to learn and keep up with them.

  • Once you learn and choose the way best suited to your interests and strengths, you will then have to go out and work it. This will involve creating a plan and the development of enough personal initiative to start it and see it through.

  • You’ll have to develop your personal scam detector. That’s because scams are all over the Internet, and especially when you want to make money online. These scams will wind up in your email, your snail mail, and on your screen. If you’re really unlucky like me, they’ll be on your phone too. Eventually, they’re just funny, but in the beginning it can seem overwhelming trying to tell the good from the bad.

  • Like anything else, there will be surprises, setbacks, and possibly a long haul. You can avoid a lot of this by learning from those who have come before, but only if you can pick them out from the scammers (hence my last point).

Making money online is neither quick and effortless nor raw driving agony. But like any other money-making venture, you will have to take it seriously and work at it to make it happen. Just ask yourself if you can deal with the practical considerations first, and if you can, good luck in your new ventures.

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My name is Ryan Ambrose, and I’m the co-author of Can I Make Big Money Online.

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