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Internet Marketing Tips From Around The Net 3/30/2007

March 30, 2007

Here are some useful Internet marketing articles I came across this week:

Kurt Vonnegut’s Eight Principles on Successful Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
Really nice list of tips for blogging and affiliate marketing. I also think they can be applied to the art of writing sales letters.

5 Ways to Tap Hidden Money Making Opportunities With Your Blog
Wendy’s guest post on problogger is an excellent look at how to make money with non-product blogs.

5 Tips For New Money Makers
Nice list of tips for people starting up a blog like this one. I would put a HUGE emphasis on the “be unique” tip.

7 Ways to Promote your Site with a Bit of Money
Daniel wrote a nice post about ways you can spend money to promote your site. I spend money promoting some of sites, I just don’t talk much about what I have discovered in that area. My personal favorite method is pay-per-click, because of the control I have in determining the amount of traffic I get.

5 ways to find out what your readers are interested in reading
Nice list of ways to find out what your target audience wants.

Price It Right
Great tips on product pricing for ebay and other auction sites.

A Clear Point of View Is Crucial To Increase Your Blog Traffic

March 29, 2007

Daniel from Daily Blog Tips is hosting a group project, where each blogger is supposed to share a blogging mistake they have made and how they corrected it. Last year, I wrote about my biggest blogging mistake, and I corrected it by following my own advice. So after Leroy took my next choice, I decided to write about a mistake that my wife Jill pointed out to me recently.

I made the mistake of not having a clear point of view!

A point of view is your blog’s personality, or its “voice”. The point of view helps make your blog unique.

When most of us start a blog, we search for a particular niche to write about. Once we find the right niche we buy a domain name and start writing about it. Picking a good niche is important, but…

You also need to choose a point of view for your blog.

The point of view for your blog might be:

  • An expert sharing your knowledge about your niche

  • A newbie learning about your niche

  • An upbeat look at your niche

  • A humorour perspective on your niche

  • A negative look at your niche

  • etc.

One mistake I made with this blog is not having a clear point of view. At first, I started this blog to track my personal journey to making money online. However, sometimes I have strayed from that point of view.

Making money online is a large topic, and there are lots of resources available out there. Why would anyone want to read my blog, instead of one of the countless others out there?

My point of view.

Your point of view is the one thing you have that sets your blog apart from every other blog out there. While I really feel like my blog is a useful resource for thosing wanting to make money online, I think that I need to keep my point of view focused on my journey and not stray too far off that path. Otherwise, I risk losing readers.

I approach blogging with a family friendly writing style. I am not obnoxious, will not write hate posts, will not gossip about others, etc. That is not what this or any of my other blogs (or Jill’s blogs) is about. If I started cursing, talking badly about others, etc. it would cause me to lose readers! That’s not the point of view you expect from me. Even if you weren’t offended, you would probably be confused.

Anyway, I am trying to return to the original point of view for this blog. It’s a mistake to change your point of view (without a very good reason), and it’s a mistake to not have a clear point of view.

Only Three Days Left To Enter The Blog Traffic Challenge

March 28, 2007

I just realized that there were only three days left for people to enter the blog traffic challenge. If you want to join the challenge you need to do it soon! If you are interested, then click here to leave a comment and sign up for the challenge.

Why I Am Going To Treat My Blog Traffic Tips Series Like An Ebook

March 28, 2007

I don’t normaly write a series of blog posts. In fact, most of my blogs cover news topics that don’t warrant a series of posts. However, blog series are fairly common on “how to” type blogs like this one. So, last weekend I was thinking about how to organize my upcoming series on blog traffic. What came to mind was to treat it like an ebook.

If I was going to create an ebook, I would start by writing the sales letter. I would do this mainly because every ebook “expert” I know recommends writing the sales letter first. In this case, I don’t need a sales letter.

My next step, would be to make an outline of the topics (in this case blog posts) I want to write about. So instead of just starting out by writing a tip here and tip there for the blog traffic challenge, I am going to write the tips as if they were part of an ebook. That means I will be starting off with something like choosing your niche, and ending with some more advanced traffic tips.

My last step, would be to write the ebook. So once I have finished an outline for the blog traffic series, I will start writing posts. The series itself will be geared towards beginners, but I expect that some of the tips will be helpful for more experienced bloggers as well.

That said, I am still going to write about the things I am experimenting with on this blog as separate posts, but if they are succesful I may add them into the series somewhere as well.

PS. During this time, I will also be writing about other non-blogging Internet marketing things I am doing. So you don’t have to worry, this blog isn’t going to change into a blogging blog.

Interview With Professional Blogger Gayla McCord

March 27, 2007

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Gayla McCord, a work at home mom, and professional blogger (she blogs for a living). Gayla currently writes for – owns, and/or maintains 12 blogs, including a Work at Home Mom blog and MomGadget.

I am sure you will enjoy the interview, so without further ado here goes…

Q. Why did you get started blogging?

I originally started blogging for a writing gig I was doing that consisted of writing articles. They introduced me to blogging to keep the articles up that way rather then adding them to their website page by page.

Q. What was the first blog you ever read?

The first blogs I read were political. I started getting into reading them more because of the last election. Before that, I didn’t realize they were quite as popular as they were.

Q. What blogs do you read on a regular basis?

I’ve got several in my Google Reader, but the ones I read most often are those found in the sidebar of

Q. What are your favorite blogging tools?

I LOVE Qumana. It’s a blog writing tool that allows me to easily post to all my blogs without having to log out, log in, and out again from the various blogs I have.

Q. How much time per day do you spend on blog related activities (blogging, promotion, design)?

I work in my home office from 7:00 AM until 3:30 PM daily. Once I have all my blogs updated, I then venture out to work on social networking, promotion, etc.

Q. You wrote in this post that you made $4602.00 in February from your blogs. You use quite a few different methods to monetize your blog. What is the best form of monetization that you’ve used on your website?

Google Adsense is actually my 4th top money maker. The strongest performance comes from niche products that I promote on niche sites. I believe if you are passionate about a product, believe heavily in it, it shows. People will more likely purchase from an honest product review then they will from a “store front” website.

Q. Which kind of blogs do you think this form of monetization works best for?

Niche Blogs and Niche Products go hand in hand. As an example – if you blog about vacuums, naturally a dyson ad will do quite well.

Q. What is the best way you have found to bring traffic to your blog?

Commenting on other blogs and joining forums that are similar in topic.

Q. You give a lot of good advice on blogging, If you were to write a formula for blogging success, what would it be?

The most simple formula for blogging is simply to be passionate about what you write. Write as if you were never going to get paid for it. Because most likely you won’t for the first six months to a year. And be consistent. Don’t throw in the towel too early. There really is no easy or quick way to make money on the net – contrary to what some ads might say.

Q. One last question, If you weren’t blogging what would you be doing?

Before I began working from home, I was a buyer for a convenience store chain. I loved it and would likely return to that industry. I just love trying products and selling them. It’s in my blood.

Comedy Relief For Techies

March 26, 2007

My brother sent this this YouTube video to me over the weekend. It has nothing to do with making money online, but I thought this was so funny that I wanted to share it with you. It’s titled “Medieval helpdesk”.

Quick Update To My Blog Traffic Plan

March 26, 2007

I wrote in a previous post about the first steps I am going to take to increase my blog traffic. Last week, I decided that I am not going to follow through on step3 – “Post More Frequently”. I know that posting more frequently will increase blog traffic, because I have seen it happen on my other blogs. However, I am really happy with my post frequency on this blog and don’t want to change it at this point in time.

PS. Tomorrow, I will be posting an interview with a professional blogger that you don’t want to miss. So be sure to come back tomorrow to check it out.

No Marketing Tips From the Net This Week

March 22, 2007

I have been ill with a stomach flu since Tuesday afternoon, so I won’t have my usual Internet marketing tips from around the net this week. When I am well, I will try to catch up on my email, respond to comments, and other stuff.

Next week, things should be back to normal.

Will John Reese Help Me Make Big Money Online?

March 20, 2007

I have bought many Internet Marketing products, listened to many Internet Marketing teleseminars, read many Internet Marketing blogs, experimented with many Internet Marketing techniques, and this past weekend I finally decided to join one of the top Intenet Marketing gurus membership sites: John Reese’s – Reese Report.


After years of listening to him speak and getting to know some of his techniques, I decided to download his free preview of the Reese Report. I was very impressed with his free preview, but it took a recent teleseminar for me to finally decide that I wanted to learn as much as I could from John Reese.

John won’t let me tell you the things I learn exclusively from him, but I will certainly be able to let you know how things work out. I plan on implementing his strategies in my online business and will let you know the results of those changes.

I will still continue to do my own experiments and reveal the details from those experiments.

Anyway, if you are interested in checking out John’s free newsletter, click here to download it. It’s definitely worth checking out.

5 Ways That You Can Make More Money From Your Squidoo Lenses

March 19, 2007

Last week, I recieved my first payment from Squidoo!

I currently have 20 Squidoo lenses, although when I got paid I had 18. My Squidoo earnings for the month were $8.25 and my total Squidoo earnings (what I got paid) were $12.42.

Yes, that is in no way, shape, or form BIG MONEY!

Currently, I think of Squidoo as part promotional tool, part money making tool. I have talked in the past why it is a good promotional tool (click here to read more about Squidoo as a promotional tool). Now I want to talk about it as a way to make money online.

Here are a few observations I have made about making money with Squidoo:

1. Make Lots of Lenses
It seems fairly obvious, but the more lenses you make the more money you should make. This is true of normal websites as well. In general, the more content you have the more money you will make.

2. Join Groups
Typically the lenses that I make that have made the most money have been part of a popular Squidoo group. Squidoo groups are basically groups of related lenses. You can either create your own groups or join other people’s groups. If you create your own group, it definitely takes up more of your time because you have to accept and reject lenses that want to join your group. However, having control over popular groups can be useful.

3. Do Keyword Research

Create lenses on popular topics to maximize your profit potential. The lenses of mine that have made the most money, also happen to be the ones that deal with more popular topics.

4. Add More Tags
When you initially create a new lens, you can enter three tags for the lens. These tags are keywords used to categorize your lens. Your lens and other related lenses have links to these tag pages. The tag pages link back to all of the lenses that use that tag. This means that when you create a new lens your lens automaticly gets links from the tag pages on the Squidoo site. In other words, the more tags you create for your lens, the more links you will have to your lens.

Don’t go overboard with the tags, but add more than three.

5. Create Quality Content
The lenses that make me money, tend to have more content than the lenses that don’t make me money. Also, the lenses with interactive content (allows users to add links, etc), tend to have more traffic. Content is still king.

Also, I found a really good Squidoo lens about making money with Squidoo. It includes information on how your earnings are calculated. You can click here to read it.

For further reading on Squidoo, here are my past Squidoo posts:

My First Squidoo Lens – Big Money from Loan Refinancing?

My Squidoo Results

How Can Squidoo Increase Website Traffic?

Squidoo Results Take 2

The First Five Steps I Am Taking To Increase My Blog Traffic

March 16, 2007

As part of my Blog Traffic Challenge, the first steps I will be taking to increase traffic to this blog are:

1. Update My WordPress Theme (already done)
Last week, I updated my wordpress theme and judging from the comments about my new theme, I think it definitely will help me retain readers. Having a nice, easy to navigate, easy to look at, user friendly design is one of the most important factors in having repeat visitors.

2. Write More Quality Posts
My normal goal is to write at least one really, really good post a week. I now intend on writing more than one really, really good post a week. It will mean I have to spend more time writing posts and less time doing other things, but I expect it to pay off.

3. Post More Frequently
I have found that the more often I post, the more traffic I get. This has been the case with all of my blogs. My current posting frequency is about 4-6 posts a week for this blog. Starting next week, I am going to aim for 6-10 posts a week.

4. Continue to Network
Last year, I wrote that my biggest blogging mistake was not networking with other bloggers enough. Since that post, I have really done a good job of networking with other blogger and have seen a significant increase in traffic. I will continue this practice over the next three months.

This networking has consisted of:

A. Leaving comments on blogs and participating in the conversations.
B. Having email conversations with other bloggers and forming relationships with them.
C. Using MyBlogLog to conact and discuss things with other bloggers.

5. Test Out StumbleUpon
After reading Maki’s post on StumbleUpon, I decided I needed to test it out. I will be doing that sometime this month.

There are many other things I will be doing to increase my blog traffic over the next three months, and I will be letting you know them as time goes on. Additionaly, I will be revealing other succesful blog traffic tips that I have used in the past, both for this blog and my other blogs.

Internet Markeing Tips From Around The Web 3/15/2007

March 15, 2007

Here are some of the best Internet Marketing articles that I read this week:

Good is not almost as good as great
Seth’s blog is always loaded with great marketing advice. This post really hit home for me. It’s something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

What Everyone Ought to Know About Hiring a Web Designer
Good read for those of you who want to hire a web designer.

Bloggers Face-Off: Rand Fishkin vs. Lee Odden
The latest round of blogger face-offs on Daniel’s daily blog tips blog.

Copyright Law: 12 Do’s and Dont’s
As a website owner it’s important to keep copyright laws in mind. Daniel does a good job of highlighting some important aspects of online copyright laws.

Do Pre-made Stores or Pre-made Online Merchant Websites Have Any Value?
Aaron gives an excellent answer to an excellent question. It’s important to remember that it takes hard work to excel in business.

Motivation – Or Lack of it – Is there a cure for Laziness?
Rob poses a very interesting question. Some of which I plan on addressing next week in a post I am putting the finishing touches on.

The Successful Blogger Volume Two
Another excellent post on blogging by Garry Conn. It includes a good interview with Scott Rafer of MyBlogLog.

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