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Why didn’t I post today?

Written by George Manty  · October 31, 2006

Lately, I have been trying to post daily to this blog. So why didn’t I write a post today?

Well, because:

1. I am working on writing a series of posts for this blog and it is taking longer than I expected.
2. I am working a lot at my 9-5 job.
3. I am working on other business projects and quite frankly they have a higher priority than writing on this blog.
4. I didn’t have the time today to complete any of the posts that are sitting in my drafts folder (there is a lot of them).
5. Ummm, Errr…well actually I did write this post, so I guess this question is no longer valid.

What are some of the things that prevent you from spending as much time as you would like to working on your blog or website?

How can you fix that?

Those are questions you must answer to grow your business.

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