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Example of a Great Sales Letter

Written by George Manty  · October 11, 2006

If you haven’t seen Joel Comm’s sales letter for Instant Adsense Templates go check it out quick before he takes it down. It’s pretty amazing.

There were two things I noticed that were a bit odd:

1. I don’t recall ever reading the number that he is limiting this too.
Did I miss something? Last time Joel limited the release to 2000 people. This time the sales letter mentions that there is a limit, but I don’t recall ever seeing what the limit is. Either I am missing something or Joel is doing a great job of creating a feeling of scarcity without there being a “set in stone” limit on the number being released.

2. When Joel starts throwing numbers out about the price the sales letter gets a little confusing.
At first when I saw that he was selling them for $1997 I thought that the price was a bit on the high side, considering what he sold his last templates for. I could see how one might get confused at that point and bail out before realizing the REAL price he is selling them at.

That said I almost instantly bought them. You know what makes this offer so hard to resist?

There are two things:

1. The sheer volume of stuff he is giving away makes this offer so hard to resist.
By the time you finish reading the sales letter you think to yourself, “Did he say I am getting a kitchen sink out of this?”

2. The way the sales page answers every question I could ask.
I think Joel answers just about every question I had about his product. He must have recieved great feedback on his first product and used that to answer any objections people might have.

Those are the two things that stood out (to me) in his sales letter. It is a great example of a sales letter that works.

I can’t recall another package that seemed to give away so much value for such a cheap price. That said, I haven’t bought it yet, because it doesn’t fit my current business plans/goals. Which is why I wanted to say:


Lastly, if you want to learn the basics of creating a sales letter that sells, I suggest you take a look at this article by Yanik Silver that breaks down an example sales letter and explains how it works. It includes examples of the two things that Joel is doing that made his sales letter so good (answering objections, giving away bonuses).

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6 Responses to “Example of a Great Sales Letter”

  1. George Manty on October 11th, 2006 11:26 am

    I would also like to note that he gave away bonuses that helped answer objections.

  2. Anna on October 11th, 2006 5:44 pm

    I was initially really impressed with his sales letter too. Then I sat back to check how it compared with what I already have – and decided that there was nothing of real value.

    I created a chart to explain it – it’s posted here for reference.

  3. George Manty on October 11th, 2006 9:59 pm

    Interesting comparison…

    Thanks for letting me know about it!

  4. Anna on October 24th, 2006 8:42 am

    Hi again. Not sure why the website listing is gone, but you should be able to compare Joel Comm through the link.

    Also, if you want a fuller breakdown of my costs vs what he’s charging, you can see for yourself what it costs from on my order page.

    When you compare dollar for dollar, it doesn’t make sense (to me anyway) to put out the extra cash.

  5. Anna on October 24th, 2006 8:48 am

    In case you missed it, you can
    compare Joel Comm to what I already have.

    If you want to see how the costs of my site provider compare, you can see
    what it costs on the order page.

    Compare for yourself and I think you’ll see the bargain too.

  6. George Manty on October 24th, 2006 1:28 pm

    Anna, Sorry about your comments taking so long to get through. Akismet thought they were spam.