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Weekly Update – Visions, Summer Olympics, Contests, and a Marketing Course

Written by George Manty  · August 11, 2006

This week Jill and I spent some time working on our business plan and I redefined my monetary goals for our business.

Our homeschooling contest ended last night. We will be announcing a winner soon and I plan on discussing what I learned from running my first online contest.

I have not talked about it yet on this blog, but Mareike (our friend in Germany) is going to be interning for us in Beijing this summer. She is going over there to do some early reporting for our Summer Olympics blog. We are excited about that. This week we worked together on a prioritized list of things we would like her to accomplish while she is there. Mareike is majoring in Chinese and she spent a year in Beijing studying, so she knows the area and she has friends there. It will be fun for her and profitable all at the same time.

Also, early this week I received a full blown Internet Marketing course that costs almost a thousand dollars. It has 11 audio cds and 12 training video cds. I have gotten through some of the audio cds and I am very impressed so far. I am not sure how long it is going to take to get through all the materials. My guess is maybe 2 -3 weeks. It will depend on how much time I can dedicate to it. When I am finished I will write a review of the product. So far, so good.

I look forward to a busy week next week and hope you enjoy your weekend.

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