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This coming Week and Last Week – Busy as a Bee

Written by George Manty  · July 24, 2006

Last week was well, err… interesting.

The next several weeks will be pretty busy. For my business, I am re-evaluating my goals and business plans with my wife Jill. The biggest business thing that I have been most disappointed by is that I didn’t have much time to blog last week. I really like blogging (good to know before I finalize my business goals).

Anyway, the next several weeks for me will be interesting, because I don’t think I will be spending as much time as I would like to writing on my blogs. During the week, I am going to be in JBOSS classes all week, which means I will be putting in 10-11 hour days at my 9-5 job, because I won’t be checking my work emaill until night time.

That’s why I am sitting here Sunday night writing a few posts that will go out during the week (this one, I will set to go out Monday morning). I just won’t have the time to write much at all during the week. In fact, I might was well let you know now, that on Wednesday a new post will be coming out in my Ways to Make Money Online Series.

Anyway, I hope to find some time in the evening to finish making business plans with Jill, so that we can get our businesses headed in the right direction.


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