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Re-evaluating My Business Goals

Written by George Manty  · July 19, 2006

Due to some recent reading I have been doing (the Internet Manifesto), the next several weeks I will be re-evaluating my business goals, and plans.

About three years ago I created a business plan and storyboard with a timeline for accomplishing certain projects. I veered way off that path, and have decided it’s time to create a definitive direction for my online business.

If you enjoy reading this blog you don’t have to worry about it going away. Whatever changes I decide to make, I will still continue to write on this blog, because I enjoy it so much and feel like it will definitely help some of you with your business.

I will however, try to focus the business around my strengths and Jill’s strengths. Chances are good that we will keep most of the sites we currently have, but find better ways to make use of our strengths and possibly take on partners in our future and current business ventures.

Oh, also I am going to continue to find ways to make our sites into Purple Cows, by utilizing our stengths.

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