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Ipods – Manifestos – Business Deals – July 14th Weekly Update

Written by George Manty  · July 14, 2006

This past Monday (July 10) Jll and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversery. Jill surprised me with an IPOD. I love it, it is so cool!

I listened to part of Rick Schefren’s interview with Mike Filsame on my ipod on my way into work this morning. It’s a very interesting interview so far.

This week, my brother-in-law’s attempt at buying the sealing business went south. So it looks like the extreme sealers business might be on again. It’s a bit of a roller coast, not exactly the best start of a business I have been involved with.

I also worked on my wife and her friend’s baby site. I am preparing to move it to a new web host. Once I move it to the new web host, I will be redesigning it. After reading the Internet Manifesto I am starting to think we should just hire a different web designer to do the work of updating it. While I enjoy web design, I am not sure my time is best utilized desiging web sites.

Internet Manifesto – One word – AWESOME!

With my wedding anniversery, business discussions, my 9-5 job, my oldest son having science camp this week, and reading the Internet Manifesto, I have been very busy. Next week, I plan on re-organizing my business and coming up with new business goals. I also plan on putting more time into promoting our new homeschooling wiki.

That’s it for this week, hope everyone has an excellent weekend!

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