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Quick Business Update for The Last Week in June 2006

Written by George Manty  · June 29, 2006

With a long fourth of July weekend fast approaching for me (at my 9-5 job we have to take the third off as vacation and get the 4th off as a holiday), I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and post about this past business week.

This week has been busy from the start. I have been working on our new wiki, our concrete sealer site. Not to mention, the other day Joel Comm of Adsense Secrets fame, gave me the chance to sneak preview his new Instant Adsense Templates. How could I say no to that? Sure I was busy, but I had to take a look at them.

Anyway, things have been very busy this week. I plan on focusing most of my attention on the new homeschooling wiki and the concrete sealer site for the next couple of weeks.

That’s it for now, for those of you in the US I hope you have a Happy Fourth!

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