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My week – Week of June 18th

Written by George Manty  · June 23, 2006

This week was busy. It started off with Father’s day on Sunday, which was great. We celebrated both Father’s day and Joseph’s birthday (who turned 4 on Monday) by going to Chuck E Cheese’s. It was a nice restful day.

My 9-5 job was busy, which left less time to work on my online ventures than normal.

As I reported earlier I worked on making my wife and her brother’s concrete floor sealer site more search engine friendly. It still has a lot of work before it is ready for prime time (mainly I need all the sales text).

I also did some work with my wife on her new homeschooling wiki. Some influential homeschooling bloggers have found it over the past few days and blogged about it. It is starting to get some decent traffic and good contributions. Next week we plan on revealing something we hope to really get it headed in the right direction.

Have not done much blogging this week, except on this blog (which is one of my favorites to write on).

That pretty much sums up my week business wise. This weekend I will probably take it easy business wise, but there are a couple of factors that could change that.

Hope you have a nice weekend…

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