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How much money do you want to make Online?

Written by George Manty  · June 21, 2006

Here are the results from my last poll:

How much money do you want to make every month from your web business?
0-100 dollars: 0% (0)
100-1,000 dollars: 12% (10)
1,000-5,000 dollars: 32% (26)
5,000-10,000 dollars: 7% (6)
10,000-20,000 dollars: 9% (7)
20,000 and higher: 37% (30)
Don’t know.: 0% (0)
Don’t Care.: 2% (2)
Total Votes : 81

It wasn’t too surprising that 37% of the vote went to making 20,000 dollars a month or higher. This tells me that a lot of you are like me and have very high aspirations for your web business.

What was interesting is that the choice with the next highest vote total was 1,000-5,000 dollars with 32% of the vote. For most people 5000 dollars a month would be enough money to live off. When you add the two top choices together they accounted for a whopping 69% of the vote! What that tells me is that most of you, either want to learn how to make tons of money on the Internet or you want to learn how to make a living on the Internet.

Nobody chose to vote for 0-100 dollars a month as a goal, which is not surprising. 0-100 dollars a month isn’t going to pay any bills.

This poll gives me insight into your goals, which will help me make this blog into a better resource for you. Thank you so much for taking my poll and please take my latest poll, because it is going to help determine the future direction of this blog as well.

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