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Busy, Busy, Busy

Written by George Manty  · May 29, 2006

Aren’t we all Busy?

I have a fairly busy week ahead. The next two weeks I will really be focusing on my wife and her brother’s web site. So much so, that I plan on spending less time with my own websites than with theirs.

I am going to start writing my ways to make money online series for this blog. I have one post for that series already written and will be posting it on Tuesday night or sometime during the day Wednesday. I will be spending a lot less time the next couple weeks with my other blogs, except to brainstorm viral marketing ideas for them.

Speaking of viral marketing ideas… I come up with WAY too many business ideas these days. In fact, the other day I was brainstorming some viral marketing ideas with my wife Jill and she came up with an idea that I think could be the next “MySpace”. Unfortunately, it would take a lot of time to develop! So if we do pursue it we are going to have to find someone to do the programming work involved. We came up with a lot of other web site ideas, unfortunately we can’t do them at this moment time. Maybe we should charge people for these ideas or better yet blog about them. I just can’t imagine giving away ideas like these for free though.

One more thing, I will be on vacation Thursday- Saturday, so you probably won’t see any posts from me during that time.

Anyway, I hope everyone in the US had a happy Memorial Day weekend. Off to bed for me, tomorrow it’s back to my 9-5 job.

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