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Great Marketing Story

Written by George Manty  · May 15, 2006

Darren of ProBlogger wrote this excellent post about an experience he had the other day with an umbrella salesman. There are some great marketing lessons to be learned from his post. I just wanted to quickly touch on a couple of them.

Darren said:

1. Anticipate Needs: The umbrella guy had obviously planned for rain. Maybe not that day, but he had a plan in place for the day that rain did happen (not an uncommon thing at this time on year in Melbourne). He knew what he’d do and how he’d do it when the opportunity came…

A prime example of an opportunity for this happened yesterday where many parts of the world celebrated Mothers Day.

My wife Jill has been anticipating holidays and events on her vegetarian recipe of the day blog by posting a few weeks ahead of holidays and events and we have seen some decent search engine traffic spikes right before and during these events and holidays. By reading her blog you can tell she has been doing this right from the start, with the majority of her first recipes being Super Bowl Recipes. This has definitely made a difference in traffic.

Another thing the salesman did was postion himself where the people looking for umbrellas were. Think about ways you can position your website or blog where your visitors are. Instead of making them look for you, come to them. For instance, if you have a blog or website about knitting, you should belong to knitting forums, mailing lists, associations, etc. Preferabbly you would belong to those places before you create your site or blog. That way as soon as you launch your site or blog you will have instant traffic from your knitting friends (and their knitting friends, etc.).

There is a lot of good advice in Darren’s post, so I highly recommend you go read Lessons from an Umbrella Salesman.

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