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Apprentice Blog

Written by George Manty  · March 21, 2006

Last night, my wife told me she wanted to set up a blog for the Apprentice. The good news is that we have a domain set a side for our tv blogs, so it didn’t take too long to set it up.

The reason for wanting to set up it quickly is that our friend from Germany has been visiting us and Jill wanted to set up the blog so that our friend (Mareike) could keep up to date on the Apprentice. She has been watching it and American Idol with us the last couple weeks and doesn’t get those shows in Germany.

Anyway, go check out our new Apprentice blog here.

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One Response to “Apprentice Blog”

  1. Chris on March 22nd, 2006 5:50 am

    Excellent blog. I will be back to see your updates.