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The Exception to the Rule – Choosing a Niche

Written by George Manty  · February 14, 2006

Internet marketing gurus will all tell you that you should start a website or blog about a topic that you LOVE. Well, there are almost always exceptions to the rule and this rule is no different…

In general it is good to write about what you love. It is good to sell products that you are interested in, to write about things that interest you. It will help keep you interested in the business longterm, but…

There is almost ALWAYS an exception to the rule.

The blogging mantra “write about what you love” does have exceptions. Let’s take for example, my wife Jill who writes for 4 blogs:

2006 Winter Olympics Blog, Positive Sports News,
My Vegetarian Recipe of the Day, and Natural Family News

Jill loves to research. She loves to search for things on the Internet and learn about things she doesn’t already know about. In Jill’s case, she can start a blog about anything that is not morally offensive to her and enjoy it. For Jill the fun is in the research.

The good thing about this is that the things that most interest her are NOT interests that are easy to monetize. Yes, you could monetize them, but there are things she is not as interested in that are MUCH easier to monetize and that she will have just as much fun researching.

So, if you are like my Jill and love researching, you can create an almost limitless number of topics that you will enjoy writing about. For the rest of us, we have to stick to writing what we love to write about. Otherwise, we will be “short-term” bloggers.

There is an exception to this exception! If you are someone who gets bored easily and tends to be interested in one topic and then lose interest after a while. If you are this type of person, then blogging may not be for you. A better solution would be to create a traditional website with content, promote it, and then move on to your next site.

PS. You may wondering how I had time to write this post? Here’s the secret:

I wrote it last week, before the Olympics started.

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