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It’s not about Competition

Written by George Manty  · February 8, 2006

As I mentioned in my last post, Jill got interviewed today by a radio person at the public radio show Weekend America. One of the questions she asked was,

“Who do you consider your primary competitors?”

Her answer was something like this,

“I don’t really look at other blogs as competitors. It’s not like that.”

What she said is SOOOOO true. Bloggers aren’t necessarily competitors. In fact, other bloggers can be your best source for business partners and friends. I don’t really look upon any of my businesses as having competitors, only potential partners. In the blogosphere, most bloggers will link to “competitors blogs” and vice versa, because it’s not about competition. It’s about providing quality information that everyone wants to read. It’s also about networking, making friends with other bloggers and cross promoting like minded blogs.

Now, yes there are some bloggers who don’t view things this way…

But they should!

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