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Google Adsense Optimization Tips for Blogs

Written by George Manty  · February 3, 2006

I am little late on this story, but I and my family have been ill this week. Google’s Adsense blog recently came up with their optimization tips for bloggers here.

My two favorite blogs dedicated to the business of blogging have posted their thoughts on this optimization chart. Darren Rowse (of Problogger) wrote his respone here and Nick Wilson of Performancing posted his comments here.

My only comment is that most bloggers report the best performance when ads are in their left navigation and when the ads blend in with their navigation (same color background, etc.). I have found the ads to perform well when they are in the content, blend in with the content, and are above the fold. But keep in mind I have not thoroughly tested ads in the left navigation yet.

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One Response to “Google Adsense Optimization Tips for Blogs”

  1. adsense guru on March 3rd, 2006 2:08 am

    I tryed their new advice.
    Not working so great.