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Chitika Audit Complete

Written by George Manty  · January 13, 2006

I just read over at Jensense that Chitika has completed their revenue auditing for November and December of 2005. I was happy to see that my audited revenues were only 9.5 percent lower than my unaudited revenues.

So here are my thoughts on Chitika vs. Google Adsense…

Google Adsense is MUCH better than Chitika. If you are going to use Chitika, I recommend using your prime web real estate for Adsense ads and that you place Chitika ads in other places that make sense.

Chitika has had a lot of bad press. They probably should have waited to roll out their services until their processes were better. However, their ad system is very unique and I like the way Chitika ads work. I just hope that Chitika can vastly improve their services (really soon). Otherwise, they may not stay afloat very long.

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