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Final Chapter of Rich Schefren’s Internet Manifesto

October 17, 2006

Rich Schefren released the final chapter of his Internet Manifesto the other day. I have only just started reading it, but it looks like an excellent read.

One thing that really jumped off the pages so far for me is when Rich says:

Just like you wouldn’t decide that you want
to get married, and go find the most
desperate person and propose – you shouldn’t
decide you wanted to start a business and
find the most desperate market and set
up shop…

Go check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Funny Blog Post – Marketing with Humor

October 16, 2006

I just saw Jim Edwards latest video blog post and it is so funny. Click here to check it out.

I love humor and have been thinking lately that if I were to ever create another marketing site/product/ and/or blog I might want to mix humor into it. Ever since I saw Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar sales page I have wondered how I could add more humor to this blog.

How would you feel about reading a more humorous Internet Marketing blog? Would you enjoy it? Why or why not?

BTW - I am still working 80 hour weeks at my 9 to 5 job. Hopefully this will end soon!

Ummm, about that last statement I don’t want to get fired or anything, just want work to be a little less hectic.

New way for bloggers to make money – Review Me

October 13, 2006

I just read on Aaron Wall’s blog that he and Andy Hagans have come out with a new way for bloggers to make money. It’s a service called Review Me. It sounds really similar to payperpost, except that bloggers have to make it clear they are being paid to review the product/service in question.

It looks pretty promising. You can check the new service here or go read the Review Me blog.

I wonder if I should Review the Review Me service?

Instant Adsense Templates vs. SBI

October 12, 2006

Anna commented on a previous post about this article that compares Joel Comm’s Instant Adsense Templates with Ken Envoy’s SBI. It is an interesting comparison, but I think it’s comparing apples with oranges.

Ken Envoy’s SBI is a great way to get started making money. It is basically, a suped up web host. Along with web hosting, there are built in templates, tools and ebooks to help you make money on the net. As I have said before, I love all his free ebooks and think they are must read for newbies.

On the other hand, Instant Adsense Templates are templates designed to maximize the money you can make from Adsense. There is a ton of other stuff Joel is throwing in, like private label rights ebooks, 400 pages of content, etc…

The big differences between SBI and Instant Adsense Templates is that SBI provides web hosting and incredible tools. Whereas Instant Adsense Templates provides tons of templates (way more than SBI) and tons of free content.

If I were to buy Instant Adsense Templates it would be primarily for the free content, and the custom templates that I could use with the web host of my choosing. If I were to buy SBI it would be for their custom tools, web hosting, and easy to build sites.

While similar, SBI and Instant Adsense Templates are different and both can be very useful, depending on your goals. They could even be combined, because SBI allows you to upload your own code if you want to.

Great Reads from the Blogosphere – for the week of October 12th

October 12, 2006

I have been ultra busy at work again this week. So I am going to share a couple of posts that I found very interesting this week:

In Over My Head

How hard is it to write clearly?

Transparency Versus Hypocracy


Example of a Great Sales Letter

October 11, 2006

If you haven’t seen Joel Comm’s sales letter for Instant Adsense Templates go check it out quick before he takes it down. It’s pretty amazing.

There were two things I noticed that were a bit odd:

1. I don’t recall ever reading the number that he is limiting this too.
Did I miss something? Last time Joel limited the release to 2000 people. This time the sales letter mentions that there is a limit, but I don’t recall ever seeing what the limit is. Either I am missing something or Joel is doing a great job of creating a feeling of scarcity without there being a “set in stone” limit on the number being released.

2. When Joel starts throwing numbers out about the price the sales letter gets a little confusing.
At first when I saw that he was selling them for $1997 I thought that the price was a bit on the high side, considering what he sold his last templates for. I could see how one might get confused at that point and bail out before realizing the REAL price he is selling them at.

That said I almost instantly bought them. You know what makes this offer so hard to resist?

There are two things:

1. The sheer volume of stuff he is giving away makes this offer so hard to resist.
By the time you finish reading the sales letter you think to yourself, “Did he say I am getting a kitchen sink out of this?”

2. The way the sales page answers every question I could ask.
I think Joel answers just about every question I had about his product. He must have recieved great feedback on his first product and used that to answer any objections people might have.

Those are the two things that stood out (to me) in his sales letter. It is a great example of a sales letter that works.

I can’t recall another package that seemed to give away so much value for such a cheap price. That said, I haven’t bought it yet, because it doesn’t fit my current business plans/goals. Which is why I wanted to say:


Lastly, if you want to learn the basics of creating a sales letter that sells, I suggest you take a look at this article by Yanik Silver that breaks down an example sales letter and explains how it works. It includes examples of the two things that Joel is doing that made his sales letter so good (answering objections, giving away bonuses).

Instant Adsense Templates Take 2

October 10, 2006

Joel Comm will release a new version of Instant Adsense Templates today at noon. Last time they sold out in less than 48 hours. So if you are the least bit interested you might want to take a look at what he is offering in this package soon.

While I have not looked at his new templates (like I did with the last ones), there are two things I would like to point out before you consider buying them.

1. My guess is that you will still need to alter the content you get from him. I wouldn’t just use the same exact content you get with these templates.

2. You will probably need to know a little about HTML and uploading pages to a web server, that sort of thing, before you can use them. It’s not like SiteSell where you can create websites without any HTML or design skils.

That said it does sound like Joel has some interesting features in store. You can check out the details by clicking here.


Holy Purchase Batman! Google Buys YouTube for how much?

October 9, 2006

Oh my goodness, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 Billion dollars.

Yes, you read that right, 1.65 Billion Dollars!

Wow! Google sure has more faith in YouTube’s growth potential than I do. I guess they must think that they can make a ton of money putting adsense all over the site.

I know YouTube was a great idea, but competitors have sprouted up all over the place. This purchase goes to show that Google has got to believe video is the future of the net… something to keep in mind.

Bloggers I would like to Meet – What is a Blogger?

October 9, 2006

Darren Rowse asked a really good question over on his blog, What bloggers would you love to meet in person?

This was kind of a hard question for me to answer, because there are many people who blog that I would like to meet. However, do I consider all of them to be bloggers?

For instance, there are many Internet Marketers who have blogs, Dan Kennedy, John Reese, Dan Lok, Jim Edwards, Michel Fortin, etc. I don’t know if I would consider them bloggers per se. On the other hand, I would LOVE to meet all of them!

Then there are amazing business people who have blogs like Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, etc. I would LOVE to meet them, but I am not sure I would call them bloggers.

Lastly, there are people who have made a name for themselves by blogging or who are well known due in part to their blogs. This group consists of the people I would absolutely consider to be bloggers. For the sake of clarity (or maybe just to be more confusing), let’s call these bloggers “blogging bloggers”.

So here is my list of “blogging bloggers” that I would like to meet:

1. Darren Rowse – I would love to meet him, because of the huge influence he has had on both Jill and I in the way we blog. He has been incredibly helpful to the blogging community as a whole.

2. Jason Calcanis – Jason’s blogging network Weblogs Inc. was the first blogging network I ever came across. At the time, I thought that Google would surely penalize them for interlinking all their non-related blogs. Boy was I wrong! Jason handles business in a very fresh, unique way and I really think I would enjoy meeting him.

3. Scott Somerville – A fellow homeschooling Dad, who I would love to talk with. Scott just started the K-Dad network for helping homeschooling Dads. That is actually a niche I have thought about getting into for the last two years.

4. Aaron Wall – When I found Aaron’s blog I realized I had made a big mistake in trying to write a book about Website Traffic. I will never forget the lessons I learned from coming across his blog. Additionaly, his blog is the BEST SEO blog in the business and I read it regularly. Aaron is the person who first introduced me to blogger number 5 on my list…

5. Seth Godin – Seth is such a brilliant marketer. I would love to meet him if only to say thanks for the great marketing lessons he teaches us all. And yes, I was a bit star struck when he left a comment on my blog last week.

Boy, I could probably go on and on, but those are the people who came to mind first. So why don’t you answer Darren’s question? What bloggers would you love to meet in person?

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Free Teleseminar Monday that Might be Fun

October 7, 2006

Monday, October 9th at 7 pm EST Joel Comm will be a special guest on Mark Joyner’s Simpleology Live Learning Event!

They will be discussing how to earn passive income online. It’s a topic I am always looking to learn more about, so I am going to sign up to be on the call right after I post this.

Anyway, you can sign up for the free telesiminar by clicking here.

Good Reads from the Blogosphere this week

October 6, 2006

This week has been ultra busy for me in my 9 to 5 job. I haven’t read a whole lot this week, but here are two of the most interesting/useful posts I read from around the blogosphere:

Tips From a Top 10 Digg User on how to get to the frontpage of Digg

Google looks for patterns of linking to bad neighborhoods


PS. Next week, I should have a little more time to spend browsing my favorite blogs, so hopefully I will have a bigger list next week.

Underground Online Seminar 2 Released on DVD

October 5, 2006

One of my favorite Internet Marketing “gurus” Yanik Silver, has just released the Underground Online Seminar 2 on DVD.

It’s one of only a couple Internet Marketing seminars that I would really, really like to go to sometime. The people who are giving out advice in the seminar run all kinds of Internet businesses (not just a bunch of people selling Internet Marketing products). Which is one of the things that appeals to me most about the underground online seminars.

Unfortunately, Yanik is limiting the release to 500 DVDs for the next 5 days. Anyway, I think you have to click here and sign up for his newsletter to find out more about the DVDs.

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